Better User Experience Equals Better Findability

Better User Experience Equals better Findability

by Andrew Burford — 5 years ago in Development 3 min. read

Cluttering interface is a trap that every designer is prone to fall in. Space limitations frequently push the designers to the wall, where they are only left with the option of fitting everything in available tiny spaces. This has become a unique problem that modern designers are encountering in recent times. Be it designing a product or a website; it is becoming more and more challenging for the designers to maintain the highest usability levels while delivering exceptional user experience and fitting all the essential features. All in all, this entire situation brings up the notion of ‘Findability.’

Findability is all about the extent of easiness with which the user can find what they are searching for while using your website. A cluttered interface indicates that the user has to search harder while spending more time, to find what they are on a lookout. This situation is termed as ‘low findability,’ and it could have detrimental outcomes for online business because low findability means that your target audience is unable to find your product quickly. As a result, your potential clients will start abandoning the website, which equals to lost sales and subsequently to the loss in revenues.

The whole discussion indicates towards the idea that factors like a tidy and ordered interface, attractive web-design, easy navigation, and optimized site search can improve your user experience, which in turn can significantly enhance findability. We have discussed here, certain factors that significantly contribute to low or high findability of app and website. If you also want to improve the user experience and findability of your site, then please keep on reading.

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Factors that Contribute to Low/High Findability 

  1. Similarity Between Your Site & Users’ Search Requests

If you want your platform to serve the needs of your users, then everything on your platform ranging from the user interface to the products offered must add value to your users. If users find what they are looking for, there is a higher chance that they will make a purchase and will also return for their future needs too. Site search can be signifcantly improved through effective user feedback management.

  1. Site Exploration

Allowing the visitors to explore your database enhances your users’ interaction with your platform. It is a matter of how fast the user finds what he is searching for. Also, when one source is interlinked or leading to another search, it makes the user stay longer on your site. Recent studies have shown that over 50% of the e-shoppers use the ‘Search’ option on the site to find what they need, and around 35% of them leave the site straight away if they don’t find the desired results.

  1. Relevant Products and Links

An organized list or main menu with all the related products put together along with the integration of their links enhance your user’s convenience and leads to remarkably boost your user experience.

  1. Multi-Device Experience

It is crucial that what experience does your user get when he uses your website and he create own website development on different devices such as a mobile, desktop, tablet, etc. Your site has to offer an equally engaging user experience on multiple devices and must not fall apart on any of them, as this could work as a big turn off for many people.

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Effective Strategies to Improve User Experience & Findability

Findability has become much more than it is seen on the main page of the site. Hence, designers are required to be efficient enough to select the right features that should be placed on the front page and also undertake in-depth research to get better insights into their audience needs and expectations. They must use these insights to offer products that are synchronized with the requirements of their target audience.

If you are also experiencing issues with user experience and findability of your site, then you must hire an experienced web developer, while using the following tactics, as they are found to work on the majority of the web applications.

  1. Don’t be Overly Unique

There is a specific comfort zone, where the majority of users feel familiar and comfortable. An excessively unique interface tends to make the user uneasy and reluctant to use it. Therefore, using an interface which is relatively familiar and friendly (e.g., top-level navigation or drop-down menu) put almost all the users at ease.

  1. Choose A Consistent Theme Throughout the Organization

Your website is the reflection to your organization, and hence, it should depict what you do in the business. Ranging from a chosen color theme (which gives a branded impact) to your organization pattern, and your menu, etc. must all be consistent.

  1. Work on Filtration

Allow your users to use filters to get more precise results in a shorter time.

  1. Provide Complete Information

Most of the users tend to back off when they don’t find the complete product information. Mention all the essential details, including features, payment methods, product comparison, etc. to provide users with sufficient information that is required to satisfy them, and convince them to make a purchase.

In sum, exceptional user experience is crucial for improving findability. If you also want to boost your findability and user experience, then hire our designers today who are fully capable of understanding your findability needs the best.

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