Seven Significant Attributes Of A Perfect Logo Design

Seven Significant Attributes of a Perfect Logo Design

by Frank Borg — 5 years ago in Development 4 min. read

A logo is essentially created to represent your brand. By using icons, images, or symbols, logos typify companies in a particular way. By looking at a company’s logo, the audience can identify the particular brand associated with the logo. In this day and age, there is a tough competition regarding the greatness of a logo. The question is, “what makes the difference between a great logo and a not-so-great logo?” You have to take some considerations to create an effective and perfect logo.

Here is an account of 7 attributes of a perfect logo design, do keep these in your mind while getting your business logo crafted.

7 attributes of a perfect logo design

  1. Simple

To harmonize your logo design and try to avoid making it complicated. Since the purpose of a logo is to be readily recognizable, you have to keep it simple and straightforward. It should be so smooth for the audience to notice it and recognize it. A complex logo design will not only be hard to remember but it will also be ineffective in engaging your potential customers. The logo is your brand identity and it has to be efficient in conveying your brand message.

Try to make your logo plain and see whether your potential clients would be able to understand it or not. If you find it hard, then make some changes and bring more simplicity into the design.

  1. Flexible

An ideal logo needs to be flexible enough to adapt to different applications. While designing a logo, do bear in mind multiple applications for various mediums and sizes.

A fine logo can be imprinted at various sizes, across multiple mediums, and in diverse applications without dropping its effectiveness. Graphics and icons have to be flexible enough that these can be utilized in different media. A great logo has to perform well on the letterhead, on the web, in the video, and print advertisements. For this purpose, you can hire the services of professional designers. A professional designer is fully aware of the fact that a design that works well on the website might not perform properly in the print, so he can craft a design that would be as effective in print as on the website.

You have to be careful and consider that is a particular logo design performing its function properly in different mediums? Professional designers propose to create a design in black and white at first and then transfer it to colored design.

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  1. Well-defined & Unique

Your logo needs to be unique and it should stand out among its competitors.It appears to be quite challenging to distinguish your logo in the presence of so much competition. But you can make your mark by being distinct from others. If you don’t have a well-defined logo, you will find it hard to make your potential customers recognize your brand. They would confuse you with your competitors and in the end, you might lose your potential clients.

Therefore, it is necessary to develop and create a logo design that is distinct and well-defined.

  1. Relevant

Keep in mind your industry. Do not just try to be obvious. A powerful logo has to be relevant, but that does not necessarily mean it should be as patent as you expect it to be. As Patrick Winfield states, “McDonald’s … could have gone with a juicy burger next to the name, but instead they took the first initial ‘M’ and created an icon that was both simple and visually pleasing to look at as an asymmetrical element.” Whether you take into consideration the example of McDonald’s or its counterpart Burger King, you have to ensure that your logo design is relevant to your brand.

Do consider that does this logo design convey the appropriate style and tone? Does it effectively represent your business?

  1. Focused

Focus on your target audience and design for them. For any business to succeed, understanding the target audience is crucial. Whatever your company is producing, it is significant to connect with the folk you are marketing to. The essential function of a logo is to communicate with potential clients. If you are running a toy store, it is not essential to add an image of a toy in your logo, you just have to be careful to use a color scheme that appeals to the children i.e. your target audience.

  1. Unforgettable

To create a memorable design. Try to be impressive. Crafting a memorable logo design may appear challenging but it has a lot of significance. An ideal logo is unforgettable and the target audience finds it easy to remember and recall the brand even after looking at it for once. For a logo to be memorable, it is vital to keep the design simple and distinct. It is not easy at all to impart this quality to a logo, yet it is worthy enough to make your business excel and prosper.

Do ask yourself; is our logo able to leave a lasting impression on the target audience? Is it memorable? An important suggestion in this regard is to undertake thorough research and then create your design.

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  1. Everlasting

Try to create a logo design that is everlasting and doesn’t try to be trendy only.

Trends come and go, don’t just follow the fashion. Your logo needs to be timeless and everlasting if you want to thrive in the long run. Your logo is your brand identity; therefore, it has to be durable.

When considering a design, do bear in mind whether it would stay relevant in the next years to come? Carefully create a logo that would be able to withstand the changes in the industry.

In the end to sum up, your company logo is your brand identity and it has to contain some essential attributes to be an ideal representative of your brand. Do not compromise on the quality of your brand identity and hire the services of professional logo designers.

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