Call Center Software Pricing: The Complete Guide

Call Center Software Pricing: The Complete Guide

by Dhruvi Kanabar — 3 years ago in Development 5 min. read

The modern call center software has come a long way. However, it is no longer limited to fulfilling your calling needs. With many advanced features and integrations found in call center solutions, you might feel that these tools are expensive. However, this is far from reality.

With a variety of software in the market, you can easily find a solution that fits your budget and needs. This blog will take you through the various aspects of call center software pricing and help you make the right choice.

Factors Influencing Call Center Software Pricing

Here are some of the factors that affect call center software prices.

1. Number of Users 

Call center solutions specify the number of users that can use their tool for a given price. Thus, it is suggested that you know about the number of users before you search for available tools. However, if you need to add more users, most call center solutions can easily scale with your team.
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2. Available Features 

While you can find some core call center software in multiple tools, different solutions often have different integrations and features. Determine your needs and requirements, then pick out a tool that can meet your expectations.

3. Additional Costs

While searching, you might find that many call center tools have additional charges for text messages and outbound calls.

4. Billing Method 

Call center software offers different billing methods. These include monthly, quarterly and annual payments. The longer the “contract,” the lower the price. This is something to keep in mind if you don’t like switching tools constantly.

5. Currency 

Some call center software vendors offer pricing in multiple currencies. For example, the solution may accept payments in euros and dollars. When you check the call center software prices, make sure you check this parameter.
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Types of Call Center Software Pricing

Here are some call center software pricing plans offered by vendors.

1. Fixed Pricing

This method is one of the most viable options when it comes to choosing a call center software. You can get an overview of the necessary budget and expenses with no hidden costs. Moreover, you can also choose the Pay-as-You-Go payment model. It is ideal for startups where any long-term contact may be difficult to handle.

2. Quote-based

This pricing involves connecting with the sales team of the call center solution you are interested in. It depends on the size of your business, your negotiation skills, and of course, the features you need. This method helps you personalize your buying experience.

3. Tailor-made Plan

Some vendors offer a highly customizable plan for companies that require a lot of licenses. The plans include more unlimited options like custom dashboards, international numbers, and more integrations.

List of Top Call Center Software and Their Pricing 

Here is a list of some of the most affordable call center software.

1. CloudTal


CloudTalk is a cloud-based call center software that offers 25+ integrations with sales and management tools. It even provides a power dialer and call tagging options.

The pricing starts from $ 15/user/month for the Basic plan. You can also choose advanced plans. These include the Essential and Expert plan.

They are available at $20 and $35 respectively. CloudTalk offers a custom-made plan with pricing depending on the chosen features and the number of users.
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2. Aircall


Aircall is a well-known and flexible call center solution. It offers three different pricing plans. These include:

  • Essential- $30/user/month- billed annually
  • Professional- $50/user/ month- billed annually
  • Custom Plan- built as per your needs

Besides that, all your inbound calls are free and unless you have toll-free numbers. When it comes to outbound calls, they are charged monthly, per number type, per minute, and by geographic region.

3. Twilio


Known for its customization capabilities, Twilio offers some great plans. All you need to do is choose the features you need and pay for the calls you made.

The pricing starts at $0.0085/min for receiving calls and $0.013/min for making a call. For SMS messages, the price is $0.0075 for both sending and receiving.

The price structure is dependent on your spending. This means the more you spend, the less a particular message costs.

4. NICE inContact

NICE inContact

NICE inContact uses AI and automation to improve your customer experience. It offers advanced features like workforce optimization, call routing, and interactive voice response (IVR).

It offers a quote-based pricing plan, so you will need to contact the NICE sales team to get the exact prices. It is an ideal choice if you are looking for a tailored solution with modern features.

5.  RingCentral


RingCentral offers both traditional and cloud-based phone systems. It offers an in-depth analysis of your call center performance with its robust reporting and analytics features.

The pricing starts at $20/user/ month. However, it is available for 20 users only. However,  you can always choose to upgrade the plan.

6. CallHippo


If you are looking for a call center solution that acts as a business partner, CallHippo is a perfect choice. Skill-based routing, gamification, voice broadcasting, multiple third-party integrations, and call analytics are just a few features offered by CallHippo.

It offers four pricing plans, these include:

  • Bronze- $15/month/user
  • Silver- $30/month/user
  • Platinum- $45/month/user
  • Enterprise- tailor-made for you

Wrapping Up

With a wide variety of solutions, the final decision depends on the price. A lot of parameters are involved when it comes to calculating the final call center software price.

Prices range from  $15- 75/ user/ month. Thus, it is important to thoroughly check what is included in the call center software price in the end.

Did we miss out on any aspect? Share your views in the comments below!

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