Developers: Use These Easy-to-Use Tools To Improve Your Workflow

Developers: Use These Easy-to-Use Tools to Improve Your Workflow

by Micah James — 2 years ago in Development 4 min. read

Web developers can find their jobs challenging, rewarding, and exciting. It is a constantly changing profession and many developers struggle to keep up with the rest of their peers. It can be difficult to keep their sanity when things don’t go according to plan.

These problems can arise from excessive time spent on a task, team management, or a lack of tools to address new trends in design specifications. There are also concerns about finding a reliable outsourcing company.

There are solutions for each problem. Based on user reviews, site rankings, and overall value, we’ve selected the five best.


It’s easier to manage all aspects of a team’s work from strategic planning and strategizing, to day-to-day tasks. is such a platform. It is a simple tool for team management and can be used by any number of people, from two to thousands.

It is worth taking the time to calculate how much time you spend each day doing repetitive tasks that keep a project on track and a team of project managers on task. will quickly show you how valuable this team management tool is.

It might be a good time to invest in team management software that does more than managing repetitive tasks. empowers users, promotes transparency in team and project work, and increases collective productivity. These are all benefits that are difficult to quantify.

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2. Waypoints


This software library provides a variety of useful programming tools that you can use to integrate certain functionalities into your website or software apps. Waypoints allow you to easily trigger a function of concern when you scroll to an element in a page or layout.

To add Waypoints into your programming toolkit, all you have to do is download it. Once you have downloaded it, you can access the library to choose the build that is most appropriate for your task.

Waypoint’s Shortcut section can be very useful. It contains scripts that can be used to access Waypoint functions such as Infinite Scroll and Sticky Elements.

This valuable programming directory/library comes with no risk or cost. It’s well worth checking out.

3. AND CO by Fiverr

AND CO by Fiverr

AND CO is a free task management and time tracking tool that Fiverr offers to freelancers and small design/development groups. This super-simple task manager app can be used to manage your invoicing and online payments. AND CO is available for iOS, Android, and Web platforms.

With its contract-customizing and proposal features, this task management app can help you win more business. The reporting features allow you to track business operations, give information to stakeholders, prepare for tax time, and provide important information. And CO-generated reports can also be invaluable for invoice preparation.

This task management app is free and can be integrated with other popular apps like Shopify, Slack MailChimp PayPal, Stripe, and MailChimp.

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4. TMS-Outsource


Outsourcing development activities has many benefits, especially when it comes to large projects that require a variety of skills and types. TMS excels in this area. TMS can help you focus on your core business while saving money on overhead, salaries, and training.

TMS developers and project managers possess the expertise and experience that ensures quality work and timely delivery.

These are Three Tips for Becoming A Better Developer

These 3 steps are simple and easy to follow. This will not only help you improve your programming skills, but it will also boost your career.

  1. Learn a lot of code, then continue reading. This is perhaps the best tip of all. This can greatly improve your programming skills. You can learn valuable insight by reading the code of others. This can help you understand how other programmers solve programming problems. These solutions or similar can be applied to your own problems as they arise.
  2. A few personal projects. There are many benefits to writing code for yourself and not for others. It allows you to explore and experiment. Learn from tools that are not applicable to your current assignment.
  3. Now imagine that you have satisfied that your software meets the specifications. Consider this the first iteration. Make it better. It’s what great programmers do every time.


Use these tools and services. It’ll be hard to believe you didn’t use it sooner. You can be proud of your investment and for making an excellent decision.

Are you looking to save time and money? Is it to keep projects on track? Perhaps you are looking to be a more productive and efficient developer. There is something for you.

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