How To Make A Website Popular For Free?

How to Make a Website Popular for Free?

by Amelia Scott — 2 years ago in Development 4 min. read

One of the easiest ways to make money online is to make your website popular. You can easily make money online by making a website popular enough to sell a product or service.

To attract visitors to your website, you can always make a payment. You can attract as many people as you want using strategies such as paid advertising and maybe even bribery. This is not an option if you don’t have a large budget.

What if you don’t have much money? Can a website be made popular without spending a lot of money?

What is “Free”?

We need to first look at the semantics. It is important to understand what “free” means. You may be able to create a strategy to increase your website’s popularity without spending much money. However, this usually means that you will have to spend a lot more time doing it.

You could, for example, go door-to-door introducing people to your site one at a while. However, this would waste your time and not result in any new visitors.

If time is considered a cost, it’s impossible to make a website famous for free. It is possible to make websites popular by reducing the costs of both time and money.
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Creating Website

Your ability to create a website is the first step in everything. If a website doesn’t exist, it won’t be popular. You can create your own website with a variety of free website builders. This is misleading. Although you might be able to build a website for free, there are some drawbacks.


As a payment, some website builders may require that you host your advertising. It is possible that you will be restricted to a specific domain and not be allowed to host your advertising.

Limitless templates

Sometimes, you may have to choose from just a few templates for your website. This could limit your creativity and make it difficult to realize your vision for the site. Your site will look unoriginal because so many webmasters and business owners will choose from these templates.
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Limited security and hosting options

Website builders that are free also offer limited security and hosting options. Your site could also have significant security holes. It might not perform as expected.

Limited builds

The majority of free website builders won’t work if you are creating a website that is just a blog or informational website. You will need to build something more complex if you don’t have any other options.

You can build your website from scratch and not rely on templates. Spend at most a few thousand dollars. Although this is a fair price and a worthwhile investment, it does not prevent you from creating a website without paying for it.
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Free Marketing Strategies

Let’s say your website has been created already and you don’t have to worry about startup costs. Is there a free way to increase traffic to your website?

Content marketing on-site

Onsite content marketing is one of the most powerful tools you have. This is where you create high-quality content that will make your website more authoritative and trustworthy, while also drawing new visitors to your site.

Start small by creating a blog and writing articles that are relevant to your audience. You can build a reputation and increase your blog readership.

Then you can develop white papers and ebooks to attract more subscribers. As we will see, onsite content marketing can also work well with other inbound marketing strategies. Although you can hire someone to plan and write your content, this strategy is something you could do for free, so long as you are willing to put in the effort.
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Search engine optimization (SEO)

Optimizing a website for search engines can be a free way to increase your site’s visibility if you are willing to spend the time.

Google and other search engines will prioritize websites that they consider trustworthy and relevant to user queries. You can increase trust in your website by creating keyword-optimized content, making it more functional and secure, as well as linking with trusted publishers.

Although it is a long-term strategy that can take many months before you see results, it is not difficult to master. To increase your chances of success, you can always consult an agency if you have difficulty getting started.
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Social Media Marketing

Social Media marketing is somewhat free. You can set up your profile and create business pages without spending anything.

Although it can be difficult to gain organic reach on social media platforms with paid advertising options, if you are consistent in posting, engaging with others, and getting involved in local groups, you will have a better chance of building a following.

Offsite Content Marketing

Offsite content is the perfect complement to onsite content. You can publish articles with offsite publishers if you have the right strategy.

You’ll be more visible as a brand and can build valuable backlinks to your website. These links will allow you to generate referral traffic to your site and higher authority which in turn will help you rank higher in search engines.

As an author, you will build a stronger reputation and be able to collaborate with larger and more influential publishers. This will allow you to expand your audience. It takes time and effort, but it doesn’t have to be expensive.
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Email marketing

Email marketing is still one of the most powerful digital marketing strategies. It is also very affordable. An email marketing platform allows you to create an account for free and send out regular emails to thousands.

If your content is engaging and you are actively building your subscriber list, you will be able to generate significant recurring traffic to your site and increase its visibility.

Referrals and networking

It’s easy to meet new people, talk with them, and although it may be time-consuming, it can pay dividends. You could reach hundreds of people if you just introduce your website to a few people, and they all share it with their friends and colleagues.
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Reaching Peak Popularity

Your success will be affected by factors beyond your control like your industry, timing, and economic conditions. Your success is largely up to you. You can make your website more popular even if it doesn’t have a large budget.

However, if enough time is invested, you could attract thousands to tens of millions of unique visitors each month. Although it won’t happen overnight and it won’t be free, it’s possible and easily understood, and suitable for most websites.

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