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Essential Tips for WordPress Beginners

by Shailendra Kadulkar — 4 years ago in Development 6 min. read

WordPress is open-source software that helps general people to create their website without any prior knowledge of programming.

There is a lot of reason that explains why WordPress is the best platform to get started. Interestingly, it is a free content management system under the GPLv2 license that helps its users to modify the software for commercial and individual usage.

But a fully-features packed CMS can be overwhelming for the WordPress beginners.

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Significantly, you want to build your site and make use of it to expand or grow your business. Well, this is where we can help you do that with some techniques that you must follow before and after your site’s setup.

Moreover, you’ll be surprised to know that more than 35.2% of the website is running on WordPress. We have jotted down the advice from WordPress Expert Developers to help you grow faster than others.

Your sidebar isn’t your hall closet

People generally make a mess when it comes to the sidebar section of the site. Adding essential widgets is ok but people add unnecessarily widgets in the sidebar which doesn’t help them add more people to their site.

You can add widgets and other significant stuff like ads, social media icons, your fans’ photos, etc as per your business requirement and audience.

Make it easy to find what’s in your library

Uploading media files to the site is an important part of your website setup. And managing the media file after a certain time can become a tedious task if you don’t manage it now.

For instance, you want to buy two different books but the library is categorized into two building and each building has one book that you want.

So, you have to go to two different building that makes it more time-consuming. In the same way, it’ll be easy for you to manage all your media files in one folder.

To implement it practically, you need to go to the “Settings And Media” section where you’ll need to uncheck the button that says “Organize my uploads into month and year-based folders.”

Clean up your permalinks

Permalinks are URLs that you provide via WP on all posts. Default permalinks are not very attractive and can be too long. By using an option from the side menu bar settings > Permalinks you can adjust the permalink structure to make the SEO easier.

The aim is to create a highly structured permalink that tells search engines about the post and helps the algorithm to figure out significant keywords for which your website is known.

Maximize impact with targeted titles and descriptions

It is one of the most important WordPress tips that most people neglect in the initial stage. These tiles and descriptions are the first things that your site visitors look at when your site appears in the google search query and decide whether to land on your page or not.

Put your images to work for you

Images make your site’s appearance beautiful and interesting for your end-users. But is there a way that images can help the crawler to know about what your site is known for? Yes, adding the alt text to your images helps the search engines to know what this image is about.

Focus attention and spark a response with a landing page

Choosing the right theme helps your site visitor to take specific actions in less time. The landing page plays an important role in the business site.

This focuses the attention of your visitors on the action they are taking and will increase the likelihood of filling in the form, clicking the Add Cart button or following a single link you share.

Don’t forget the lowly footer

The footer section is the most forgotten aspect of the newly developed site. This section is ideally used to show the copyrights detail and terms and conditions of your online business.

Make sure you show your site visitors what they want to see as a potential consumer for your business.

Choose Your Hosting

It is essential for success to find the appropriate hosting provider for your WordPress domain. Your website can not live on the internet without hosting.

Your hosting company needs to supply you with sufficient resources to control your website traffic, prevent failure and downtime, and speed up the site.

Watch Theme Demos

It is a good idea to use theme demos when you choose your subject. So, before you participate in it.

Your theme is the foundation for the design of your website, so it is important to choose one that will fit your project and will be of great interest to you.

Sure, you can fully customize the WordPress site, but it’s good to start with a correct theme unless you’re coding skilled or work with a developer.

Install an SEO Plugin

The success of any website is critical to SEO. Your site is not high in the search results without SEO-it is not ideally suited to increase your audience. You would need an assistant hand with your SEO unless you’re a real tech pro and maybe even then.

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The installation of an SEO plugin can facilitate your life and improve your site. These plugins analyze your content keywords and manage for you all technical things, such as sitemaps and robots.txt.

Just go to the plugin directory for WordPress and find your SEO plugin. It has over five million active plants and more than 25 000 five-star reviews. We can not recommend Yoast SEO high enough. There are many happy customers!

Pick Your Theme Carefully

There are tons of themes available in the market which can suit your business and audience. Our advice is to be wise and look only at themes of price.

Read the reviews always, choose a review appropriate for your project and do not be afraid to pay for a higher price for your subject theme. If you don’t, you’ll have trouble with Google and give your potential users poor online experience. So, It is very important to pick the theme carefully.

Compress Your Images

Rapid websites are like the biblical website grail. Accelerating your time of loading can bring new life to dead pages, and a fast loading site is a love for both visitors and search engines.

Therefore, your photographs and videos must be continuously compressed. You have tons of online tools, for example,, ImageResize, Optimizilla, for compressing your images for free.

You just need to upload the image and then you can download the compressed image.

Put Safety First

When running your WordPress website, protection should be one of your main priorities. We have already advised you to update your site to stop any bad bugs or hackers, but there’s more to it than that. Significantly, it is one of the essential WordPress tips which ensure your site’s security from malicious hacker and script kiddies.

Get an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate

SSL certificates encrypt information, including payment details and logins, passes through your website. Visitors are told not to use insecure websites because Google is going to block those pages without SSL.

Good hosting services like Bluehost can include free SSL security in their plans, If you want more advanced security, you can have a free SSL certificate for which you need to pay for some extra money.

Backup Your Site Regularly

The loosening of data over the web is inevitable. See your website regularly in a safe and secure manner. Some plugins can provide this function to help you with this.

See the plugin list for thousands of choices. If something goes wrong with your WordPress site, backups can have your back – if someone hacks into your site or unintentionally cancel half of your code, you will be relieved with relief that your website has been backed up.

Install a Security Plugin

Simply select and install a trustworthy security plugin on your web. With an all-round security service, WordFence is popular and highly rated on the official WordPress plugin site.

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Use Title Tags and Alt Text

Pictures can make a site. They keep readers engaged, emphasize key points, and usually take a page out of unhappiness and into the light.

But they don’t just look good-behind the scenes.t, they can work hard for your website. Make sure that any image that you upload must contain the alt text. As it helps the visitor know what the image is about

It might sound odd in the beginning, but it should not be too difficult to get hung up. Alt text tells visitors what the image will display if they don’t see the image for any reason – perhaps if the image is not loaded or if they use a screen reader.


What makes WordPress stand apart from other CMS is its evolution from the starting to provide more user-friendly experience for WordPress beginners. We hope the WordPress tips and tricks for beginners help them succeed.

Shailendra Kadulkar

Shailendra Kadulkar is a founder of Movinnza is the most reputed and reliable SEO company in Pune, Movinnza delivers strategies and insights to boost sales and leave your competitors behind. Whether you have a small business or big, you must include SEO in your online marketing strategy.

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