Graphic Design Workspace And Gadgets

Graphic Design Workspace and Gadgets

by Alan Jackson — 2 years ago in Development 3 min. read

A graphic designer will hardly be able to do one’s job well without all the necessary gadgets and solutions.

System requirements for a computer change depending on what exactly the graphic designer is doing and what programs are to be run on it. Understanding the hardware components you need will help you get a decent workspace at a fair price.

The configuration for the best computer for graphic design is determined by the type of work being done, budget, portability, and file compatibility.

Graphic Design Workspace and Gadgets

The first step to choosing a workspace solution is to understand what you will be doing, how much you can spend on equipment, how portable it should be, and what the required output format is.
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Step #1 – Choose Between Mac and PC

One of the most important decisions is choosing a platform for your computer. It used to be that Apple computers were the best choice for graphic designers, and some software only existed for iOS.

However, this has changed a lot in recent years; now most of the software is available on a variety of platforms. The best Apple products are mostly for graphic design. In some cases they are not updated, meaning only memory and storage can be improved.

PCs can have a lot of prerequisites for working with graphic design, but in most cases, it is possible to select exactly the components that are needed.

PC components can be replaced as newer devices enter the market. It is much cheaper to buy components annually than to completely update the system every few years.

Step #2 – Consider File Compatibility Issue

File compatibility is a significant issue. When working with clients, it makes sense to use the same document format.

Most programs do not have compatibility issues, but if you need to transfer files between clients, you must deal with the generally accepted format system.
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Step #3 – Check on Storage Drives

Check on Storage Drives

The storage can be a traditional hard drive or solid-state drive. Multiple drives can be used on the same system. Learn more about the differences between hard drives and solid-state drives. SSDs open files faster. This is essential when working with big data regularly.

If you are considering purchasing a laptop, consider purchasing an additional external storage device. You can store completed project files on an external storage device, protecting them from being deleted from your laptop’s current storage.

To work, you must have at least 512 GB of a solid-state drive or 750 GB of a hard drive. When working with many large files, you will need even more capacity.

When choosing a hard drive, you should pay attention to its speed. The faster it is, the better. You need a drive with at least 7200 rpm.

Step #4 – Consider GPU & Video Memory

The GPU can be part of a whole or a separate unit. For most major graphics circuits, a dedicated GPU is a good choice.

If there is a choice between these types of GPU, the single block option is more reliable. A dedicated graphics card has onboard memory commonly referred to as Video RAM. Any memory works as short-term storage of currently open files. It is always better to have more Video RAM. For complex jobs, at least 1 GB is required.
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Step #5 – Get Peripherals

Last but not least, it is crucial to look at the peripherals. All computers under consideration must have wired and wireless connections. Should have different connections and make your equipment more versatile.

Particular attention should be paid to the accuracy of the colors. VA (vertical alignment) and IPS (in-plane switching) monitors have the best color accuracy, so you should give preference to.

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