5 Trends That Changed Graphic Design

5 Trends that Changed Graphic Design

by Eisele Candace — 3 years ago in Development 4 min. read

Graphic design has long stopped being about traditional styles used to capture viewers’ attention and relay information. Nowadays, graphic designers need to keep up with new and emerging trends and maybe even tweak them a little to create original content.

It is essential to remember that graphic design is largely influenced by what is trending on social media, advertising, pop culture, and even in the financial world. As such, whether you are a stickler for rules or more of a free spirit, it is vital to appraise yourself with the latest trends so that you can cater to your clients sufficiently.

Companies throughout the world have been using graphic logos and designs to present their brands to the public. Their need for new designs has kept graphic designers in high demand but that is not always the case.

Clients keep up with news updates and new creative designs in the content creation industry. If a graphic designer is still offering exhausted designs from five years, they can rest assured that they will be no match for more up-to-date designers. Graphic design is not the most important thing in mobile app development but still, it is a good thing for brand awareness.

In this post, we are going to elaborate on 5 of the most efficient trends in the graphic design world right now and why they are so popular. Feel free to try out those that appeal to your creativity and add them to your portfolio. Take a look.
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Color Gradients

Graphic Design

Have you seen the Instagram icon? That is the best illustration of the color gradient: two or more colors blended perfectly to produce a masterpiece. You get a unique design that the public can relate to your brand or business every time they see it.

Most color gradients are formulated from a bright color coupled with a pale, subtle one. That does not mean that there are any rules. You are free to play with color combinations as long as you satisfy your clients and capture the attention of your target audience.

If you want to revamp a company logo or even product packaging, you can choose to create a captivating color gradient instead of going for totally different colors. Your customers probably already relate you to these colors and you do not want to lose that. A color gradient brings a new feeling for the brand but with the same reliable face.

Flowing Lines and Shapes

Most graphic elements comprise shapes and lines. They are the easiest way for a graphic designer to stay oriented on a pattern until it is complete. Lines and shapes are also an excellent way to entreat certain feelings from the viewer or direct their attention to a specific part of the display.

You can use geometric shapes that comprise regular circles, squares, rectangles, triangles and diamonds. There are also abstract and organic shapes in graphic design. It is impossible to define abstract shapes with simple words. That is because they are not based on “real” objects. Organic shapes, on the other hand, relate to natural objects like a tree or a flower.

Graphic designers can use illustrator tools to create and curate shapes to create complex and fascinating designs. There is no rule book to designing shapes and lines so each designer must tap into their creativity to design the perfect shape. You can use several shapes to create a pattern or manipulate the white space to add to your design’s final appearance.
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Genuine and Authentic Stock Photos

If you have not caught on to the trend, we would like to assure you that you can use stock photos for graphic design. These photos are a great choice because they portray scenarios that are very rare to photograph in real life. Of course, your job as a graphic designer does not entail you downloading photos and sending them to clients.

You need to design such a photo and modify it to create an authentic piece that suits the purpose for which it is intended.

You can find free and affordable stock photos on platforms like Pexels, Adobe Stock, and Shutterstock, just to name a few. It is essential to analyze the license agreement so you do not land in any legal trouble.

You can also check who else has used the image to avoid duplication, especially if you haven’t purchased exclusive rights.

Feel free to add or remove certain aspects of a stock photo to make it more your style. You can also incorporate logos, backdrops, colors, anything that will transform a mere photo into a uniquely captivating design.

Mixed Media

Mixed media may very well be the most basic yet efficient form of graphic designers out there. You must incorporate more than one medium to create this design. One may think that mixed media crafts and paintings are put together haphazardly but in fact, a lot of thought must go into each medium to bring out the perfect design.

This trend allows graphic designers to incorporate old and new materials that best communicate an offer or introduce a new product for a company.

You can also decide to go all out and come up e-with a 3D mixed media design! Mixed media are highly creative and impossible to ignore whether they are online or on a poster by the roadside.

Three Dimensional (3D)

3D has become an integral part of the design, especially in media, architecture, and Information Technology. That is because of how well 3D designs pop out of their spaces and interact with the viewers’ minds. Designers have the liberty to use their creativity limitlessly and come up with striking ideas.

The 3D effect ensures that whether it is an image, illustration, or set of letters, they will stand out from their surroundings and relay your message.
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The best way to keep informed about the new ways designers are using to grab people’s attention is to check your social media. Apps like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest are rife with creative content you can borrow from or even use as an inspiration to create a unique design that will catch on.

Eisele Candace

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