How To Use YouTube To Market Your Business

How to Use YouTube to Market Your Business

by Alan Jackson — 3 years ago in Development 5 min. read

If you aren’t getting enough customers in the door for your business, it might be time to try a new marketing strategy. Tapping into the growing trend of video is a great place to start.

YouTube is the second largest website on the internet by monthly web traffic, according to data from Ahrefs. This makes it an awesome place to get into video and potentially drive a ton of business your way.

How to Use YouTube to Market Your Business

Start a YouTube Channel

In case you don’t have money to invest in paying for advertisements, you can still do something with the potential to be just as effective. The great thing about starting a YouTube channel is that there are no barriers to entry.

Adding articles to any site typically involves an application procedure. You can not always get opinions if they don’t believe your articles are a match, either.

To begin a channel, all you actually need is the email address. We’ll get to the other items necessary to develop it, however, the most crucial step besides registering is deciding exactly what your station will be around.

Pick a Topic

You’ll have to decide on a subject for your station to concentrate on. It usually makes sense to go with a single connection to your organization, which means that you can market it in every video and add links to a site from the description.

Staying focused on your subject is significant — it would not work really well for constructing an audience in case you had a funded YouTube station where each third movie upload has been cooking-related. Maintaining consistency will make producing each video somewhat simpler and quicker.

Set Up a Filming Space

Based on the kinds of videos you intend on earning, you may want to prepare a consistent filming distance. This may be as straightforward as using your own office and filming at your own desk. It ought to be somewhere that is blocked off by a lot of interruptions and noise.

That may simply mean coordinating with your helper (if you have one) to maintain calls and prevent coming to your office when you’re filming. The same holds for your family if you operate at home.

Get Filming Equipment

The wonderful thing about now is that you most likely already possess a fine camera. A good deal of phones has managed to picture in HD and maybe even 4K for a couple of years already. Besides a camera, then you are going to want a tripod, lighting, and likely a good mic.

If your filming distance has dependable all-natural lighting through a window, then you can stick with this at the start.

The telephone’s mic should also do the job, at least initially. In case you choose to stay with this marketing plan, you can find each the other gear for under $200 after on.

Get Video Editing Software

Depending on your computer, you may already have some video editing software installed. If you use an Apple, iMovie is free and a powerful program for editing. PC users also have a variety of free options that can make high-quality videos.

I use Lightworks for our YouTube channel and it works pretty well on my older laptop. OpenShot is another free, open-source program that works well and can create videos up to 4K in resolution.

Get Comfortable on Camera

It is pretty ordinary if you are feeling somewhat uncomfortable getting on camera. Pretending to speak to somebody when you are talking on a tripod will probably always feel a little bizarre. 1 strategy I’ve found works fairly well for coping with this is to get an audience.

Provided that they do not make a lot of background sound, having someone sit behind the camera can help you concentrate more on creating the movie sound. If you truly can not see yourself onscreen, think about working with somebody who has an established station.
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Work with YouTube Influencers

Working with a powerful YouTube character may be big to your company. When a number of these control crowds in the hundreds of thousands, 1 shoutout on a favorite movie could (possibly) pay for itself several times over.

Every societal system has influencers, however, ones on YouTube are particularly strong. Rather than written articles or graphics, they routinely talk right to the people that you want as clients.

Make A List of Relevant Influencers

There will be a few influencers you can approach that appeal to a niche. They have a fairly broad array of readers and many perspectives in their movies.

It’s possible to produce a list in an Excel spreadsheet or Google sheet and then arrange them in order of greatest to lowest subscriber count (or vice versa). Additionally, it can not hurt that you watch some of their movies. This can allow you to make certain that there is not any material you’d need to prevent linking your name with.

Costs of Paying for Mentions

The price for influencer advertising will fluctuate based upon the number of followers a person has. Everything will continue to be negotiable, but info from eMarketer indicates a couple of normal prices.

Should you approach someone with 500 to 5,000 readers, then expect to pay roughly $315 for each movie. The prices can go all of the ways around $3,857 for stations with 500K + readers.

Measure ROI Before Spending a Ton

If you are not careful, you might wind up putting a great deal of cash into influencer advertising without seeing much in the way of outcomes. Just examine the narrative of this Instagram celebrity with two million followers who could not market 36 t-shirts.

Depending upon your budget, you should take care of paying for videos beforehand or anything like this. Furthermore, think about beginning with a more compact YouTube character.

Statistics from this study prove that micro-influencers are now more effective combined with being less costly. If influencers seem too insecure, you could always examine the conservative (but effective) way of having your company’s name on the market: advertisements.

Getting into Advertising on YouTube

There are a handful of different types of advertisements you can run on YouTube. If you get everything ready for starting a channel and decide you don’t want to do that, you will still be in a great position for making video ads. In addition to video ads, you have the option of display ads, overlay ads (ads that show at the bottom of a video), and sponsored cards.
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The Video Ads

The majority of the other societal programs provide video advertisements today. But on YouTube, folks are hoping to be seeing a movie so that it’s much more probable that somebody will be engaged whenever your advertisement pops up.

You will find a lot of entrepreneurs out there who it is possible to look into for low-budget video advertising ideas. Take the Dollar Shave Club’s movie out of a few Years Back, for instance. They simply filmed their creator walking around the warehouse saying funny things and it was exceptionally profitable.

This along with other noninvasive videos helped propel the 2011 startup to unprecedented (could not help using the term )

Different Types of Video Ads

There are a few different types of video ads to consider using. You will need to decide which one makes the most sense and structure your video around the way it functions for optimal results.

The ones which you may be familiar with are skippable video advertisements, which enable users to jump to their movie following the first five minutes. These could be inserted in the start, middle, and finish of movies. Then you will find non-skippable advertisements, which could go around 15 or 20 minutes in length, based on Google.

The next ones to think about are known as “Bumper advertisements” and therefore are non-skippable, running for up to 6 minutes. All these are compatible with mobile and desktop devices, optimizing your reach.
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Tying it all Together

YouTube is not showing any signs of slowing down, especially with the current stay-at-home state of the world. You can leverage a few different strategies to get your business known on the platform.

It’s worth dabbling in all of them a bit to see if one really stands out as effective. Consider starting your own channel, working with influencers, and making video ads to reach the masses.

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