The Most Awaited DevOps Conference

swampUP: The Most Awaited DevOps Conference

by Pavan Belagatti — 4 years ago in Development 5 min. read


swampUP is JFrog’s annual DevOps conference, and this time it is happening in a virtual format with two days full action-packed DevOps talks and training.

The conference has a remarkable set of visionary keynotes and thought‑provoking DevOps sessions delivered by industry experts. 

Leap into DevOps, DevSecOps, and cloud-native best practices with practical training by experts delivered virtually!

Sessions are experimented and thoroughly designed for developers, administrators, and managers. This is regarded as one of the industry-recognized conferences of all time. 

swampUP: The Most Awaited DevOps Conference 1


wampUp is going to happen on June 23rd and 24th online in the American time zone and again on June 30th and July 1st in the European time zone. So you will be able to attend it wherever you are in the world.

The first day is all about training with great training sessions that are all things JFrog. And the second day is all about the conference.

The talks are divided into four broad categories, respectively. 

Cloud-Native, DevSecOps, Enterprise DevOps, and Digital Transformation.

Cloud migration:

There are no reasons not to attend, and there are a lot of reasons to participate in the swampUP this time. Not just because it is virtual, but some of the topics are pretty exciting—the talk such as ‘Lessons Learned from Cloud Migrations.

Planning is everything’, this is a disaster story from Chris Short from Red Hat. The story highlights all of the things that could go catastrophically wrong while moving towards the Cloud and how to avoid those things.

Cloud automation:

Another not to miss talk is the one by Robert Reeves on how to automate your database schema change process, the talk is all about automating database schema changes, and it is super interesting for DevOps peeps. 

It is regardless of what you feel about a SQL; this is a crazy important topic because still, the majority of the databases in the world are SQL. And dealing with them in DevOps environment, in automated pipelines, in migrations that we do when we upgrade…all these facts make this talk an exciting one.

Software delivery:

This is one more talk by Anton Weiss, Software Delivery Optimization Expert at Otomato, and his talk is on, ‘Managing Chaos – Software Delivery in a Decentralized World.’ 

The more we try to smooth things over, the more complicated our systems actually get. We have abstraction layers on top of abstraction layers to make legacy systems easier to integrate.

Now, we have all of these different pieces of the computing puzzle trying to work together in an easily maintainable way. He’s talk is about how we can accommodate all of these changes smoothly and, even with some legacy systems, provide more transparency and measurability across the entire system.

Whether you’re an engineer, or a program manager or whatever your title is, this topic seems to resonate well. Well, if you are working in cloud computing technology today and not relying exclusively on legacy tech from 30 years ago, this is a valuable talk for you.
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Software updates:

You cannot miss this talk by Kat Cosgrove if you are a fan of edge devices, because she is going to talk about updating software on edge devices. There are something like 20 billion Edge devices on the market today, and most of them actually can’t be updated wirelessly.

The overwhelming majority of them can’t be updated at all. So they expect to run the same piece of software that they ship with until they break, which is incredibly dangerous because nobody is writing bug-free code ever.

Last year, Kat was a part of the IoT team at JFrog, and they built a proof of concept demonstrating fast, over the air updates for an Edge device. They used the most tangible example of an Edge device they could think of, a car.

So they built a scale model of a self-driving car. It did really drive. There was a whole bunch of cool stuff that went into making that part of the demo interactive, and the aim was to show how seamlessly we can update software over the air. 

The IoT team took software updates on a car from something that could take eight hours to something that takes anywhere between 35 seconds and five to 10 minutes, and it happens over the air without interrupting the user. So, the talk by Kat is about how did they accomplish this. Interesting, right? Don’t miss it then. 


Other than these talks, we also have our all-time favorite, Jessica Dean, and she always gave some best talks at SwampUp and, she is all set for this year as well. Her talk title is ‘Kubernetes meets a real world, the DevOps edition.

This is going to be a power packer edition with a lot of interesting learnings around Kubernetes in a deep dive mode. 

Also, Tsofia Tsuriel, JFrog DevOps expert, is going to talk about JFrog experience with Kubernetes. Obviously, all JFrog’s SaaS applications run on Kubernetes on all the three big cloud providers, AWS, GCP, and Azure.

And the people working closely with these obviously learn a lot about what works and what doesn’t. You definitely should not miss this talk. 

GCP Anthos:

Ayrat Khayretdinov, yet another great speaker, is going to talk about Anthos, which is a very important product on GCP and how it works with JFrog artifactory.
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One of the fathers of DevSecOps, John Willis, is going to talk about DevSec automated governance, taking governance and automating it.

And we will also have other stories, like, the vulnerability history, databases, and statistics of vulnerability from DevSecOps “historian”, Brian Martin, who works with risk-based security, VulnDB. JFrog’s DevSecOps advocate, Sven Ruppert, is going to talk about how to get up and running with JFrog Xray. 

Another talk by Dan Lorenc, an engineer at Google, focusing on open-source cloud technologies is worth your time. The title of the talk is ‘Open Source is Under Attack.’

It’s about what software supply chain attacks are, what you need to know about them and how you can start to protect yourself. Well, supply chain attacks are something that we experience more and more in our lives.

It’s a massively growing issue in cloud computing hence makes it a highly recommended talk and not to miss. 

Enterprise DevOps: 

In the Enterprise DevOps stream, you will get a chance to hear some customer stories from Capital One, like, how JFrog Enterprise+ helps them to scale DevOps to the entire enterprise.

Kafka implementation stories from Viktor Gamov of Confluent. New and exciting capabilities in distributing Docker images across your enterprise by JFrog’s Gal Marder and Shimi Bandiel.

Valarie Regas is going to talk about how their DevOps agile adoption brings us back into the waterfall, especially in the big enterprise settings.

Data-driven DevOps:

The Creator of Jenkins, Kohsuke Kawaguchi, is going to talk about data-driven DevOps. Jayne Groll, the co-founder of the DevOps Institute, is going to talk about what it takes to do DevOps in our new normal. 

Another interesting talk is from Ravi Lachhman; it is about getting to yes for our changes.

Lightning talks:

Other than all these mainstream talks, there are so many lightning talks lined up during lunch hours. 

Pavan Belagatti

Pavan is a DevOps influencer, advocate and a contributing author at various technology websites. He talks about the recent improvements in the cloud-native space and much more.

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