White-label Loyalty Platform Features Needed To Build Your Own Product

White-Label Loyalty Platform Features Needed To Build Your Own Product

by Alan Jackson — 9 months ago in Development 4 min. read

If you have your own MarTech product and you want to tie your users to it, then the most innovative solution is to choose a white-label loyalty program. Why spend a lot of time and money, as well as involve technology experts and marketers, if you can just contact a reliable vendor and get everything ready to go?

All you have to do is to buy it, put your brand on top and it will start to bring benefits. The biggest challenge, in this case, is to choose a reliable MarTech partner and obtain a feature-rich solution that can retain customers. So how do you select a vendor? To answer this question we will use the expertise of Loyalno, experts in white-label loyalty software development.

Let’s find out what features a white-label loyalty platform should have so that it can be considered a relevant solution for today’s business environment.

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White label loyalty program: key features

Management toolkit

It is crucial that the solution is equipped with a ready-made toolkit for the provider itself. For example, Loayalno provides a multi-tenant loyalty SaaS management toolkit including merchant management, rate plan management, as well as role&access and payment management tools.

API first approach

API first is an approach to software development where applications are created without writing new code each time, but by combining with external or internal software. This provides a high level of flexibility to the application. With a white-label solution based on this approach, you can quickly and seamlessly integrate it into your products or business processes. The API first approach allows you to quickly adapt the product for many devices such as web or mobile, increasing the touch points. Moreover, with the API first solution, you can easily integrate data sources for personalized campaigns.


One of the main white-label loyalty program features is the ability to customize it to your needs. By default, the white label loyalty platform means a solution that has some functionality but no brand and the point is to just stick the logo on top and use it. However, if you turn to a really good supplier of loyalty software, you will get a lot more. Customer-focused vendors won’t just sell you a loyalty platform, they’ll adapt it to fit your business needs and requirements. You can equip the platform with the functionality you want, and the technicians will do the rest.

Key features for end-business

Additional services integration

Equipping your solution with a CRM, ERP, and a good payment gateway will put you in a win-win situation. Customers will get a convenient and reliable way to pay for purchases, merchants will get a way to receive those funds, and the customer’s attachment to the brand will invariably grow.

Analytics tools

One of the main features of a white-label loyalty program must be the presence of a powerful and multifunctional analytics module. By having all the necessary tools to process information onboard, you’ll be able to plan your marketing campaigns in a truly effective way. Instead of blindly conducting marketing events and promotions, get data-driven insights and track loyalty campaign ROI, so you know exactly what worked and what didn’t.

Multi-country capabilities

One of the benefits of white-label loyalty programs is that it is not tied to a specific country. If you choose this solution, make sure it is able to work in different regions, currencies, and languages. There will be no point in conducting a marketing campaign if the software, for whatever reason, does not support localization to a particular language. Good white-label loyalty programs are initially aimed at the widest possible audience.

No-code loyalty engine

At the core of every good loyalty program platform should be a powerful engine to manage marketing campaigns. This tool will allow you to monitor and control activities, customers, communication channels, and other important functions. It would seem that you need a whole IT department to manage such a powerful tool, but no. The no-code loyalty engine means that most of the elements it contains are graphical and all you need is a tech-savvy user to manage and configure them. Other features of the loyalty engine include:

  • The ability to prioritize campaigns;
  • Setting up action templates;
  • Launch campaigns at a predetermined time;
  • Ability to create personalized campaigns for various holidays or significant dates;
  • Calculate the cost of a loyalty campaign;
  • Calculate expected revenue.


Modularity stands off among the benefits of white-label loyalty programs. The availability of different modules implies the ability to connect new modules to increase the lifetime value of the customer. Modules can encourage the customer to take the actions you want and the marketing campaign to work as efficiently as possible. For example, the following modules can be noted as basic:

  • Discounts
  • Points
  • Cashback
  • Coupons
  • Referrals
  • Coalitions
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So that was a list of key white-label loyalty program features.

Of course, this list is not limited to those mentioned in our article. We listed just a bare minimum. With this information, it will be much easier for you to find a good white-label solution provider for further integration of these marketing tools in your product.

White-label solutions are a great way to avoid wasting precious time and money and get fully working tools equipped with all the necessary features.

Moreover, by joining forces with a good technology partner, you can always negotiate on fine-tuning your white-label solution to fit your business needs.

Contact the experts at Loyalno now and bind your users with unbreakable marketing ties.

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