Why Students Should Choose The Android Operating System

Why Students Should Choose The Android Operating System

by Evelyn Addison — 1 year ago in Development 4 min. read

It can be tricky for students to know exactly where to focus their attention, especially for those considering developing mobile applications in the future. Or maybe even strive to build your own application development company or software product. To date, there are only a few known operating system platforms. The most popular of which are Android and iOS. If it’s also difficult for you to decide what exactly you should focus on, we advise you to read a few reasons why you should choose the android operating system.

Several Advantages for Which It is better to Choose an Android Operating System

Being a beginner developer is not as easy as people from entirely different areas of development might think. Even though programming and technology continue to gain popularity and will not stop, it is difficult for students to choose one thing in such a large flow of information. What can we say about homework, which can take a lot of time and at the same time not give good results if you choose the wrong direction in programming? Astonishingly, students who do not know how to allocate their time correctly can always drive a request on the Internet – do my Android homework online. As a result, they will receive professional help and will be able to continue learning about the operating system for application development. And to understand all the advantages of the Android system, it is best to read our list.

Versatile Possibilities

No other platform can match Android in terms of the versatility it brings to its developers and users. It was Android that provided the development environment that enabled smartphone makers such as Sony, Motorola, Samsung, and others to give free rein not only to their imagination but to users. It is on the Android platform that everyone can easily find something for themselves, regardless of taste and budget. As a student who explores all the possibilities, you should focus on this platform because the technique created with it has different forms, styles, and purposes. In this way, you will provide yourself with versatile work in projects.

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Justified Prices

A wide range of Android phones with different features and designs automatically means they will be available to buyers at different prices. Almost everyone can afford an Android phone, which contrasts with the costs of Apple products that have established themselves in the exclusive segment. As is apparent, accessibility is one of the main reasons Android and Android app development over other operating systems are more popular among professionals. It would be best if you considered how many jobs have been created for programmers who work on this operating system.


Often, people, namely consumers, like to be free, and they also like to be able to make their own decisions regarding the settings of their devices. The Android platform is well aware of this, and this is precisely what it gives to its users. It can be noted that Android’s permission to customize its devices is one of its advantages and explains its worldwide recognition. By comparison, Apple retains pretty tight control over default apps. This happens to maintain the integrity of the same hardware and software capabilities. But Android allows people to decide what to do in their settings. For example, everything starts from live wallpapers, personal ringtones for alarms and calls, and much more.

Multitasking Devices

It is worth noting that multitasking is present on almost all smartphone platforms. At the same time, hardly any operating system can be more versatile than Android. Manufacturers like Samsung make it possible to perform multi-window tasks on their phones and other gadgets. This allows people to view multiple apps of their choice simultaneously. At the same time, Apple has been trying to catch up with this feature for years – multitasking. As a programmer, you will need to take into account more nuances when learning how to work with this platform, but at the same time, you can become a more sought-after specialist.


The widget is another of the many items we have listed that works great on Android devices. This feature works so well that other operating systems for mobile applications are gradually implementing something similar. The widget allows users access to all the information they need from their device’s screen. However, this can happen without the need to run the application. Apple also has similar capabilities that can now compete with Android, and you, as a specialist, need to compare these capabilities when learning.

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Custom ROMs

Only Android allows tech-savvy people, like programmers or students just starting on the learning path, to replace the device’s software with a ROM of their creation or choice. In essence, this means installing a new and separate from the factory operating system on the device. The main reason for the popularity of this feature is the ability to improve performance. It can also give users the ability to access tools or add-ons. You will have to deal with this when studying the operating system, and you need to pay attention to it.

Integration with Google

Very convenient for businesses and anyone who works with documentation, especially Android devices, because they work seamlessly with all Google products; Google Docs, Google Maps, Google Chrome, Gmail, YouTube, Google Music, etc. As we all know, Google is considered the emperor in the Internet world. And this very often becomes the main advantage for most buyers since the presence of the Android operating system gives them quick access to all the essential software for work.

Of course, it is up to you to decide which operating system to deal with, whether you will be a student programmer or just a buyer. Still, there are people who, for their reasons, are devoted to Apple, and this is their choice. For programming professionals and their careers, the study of Android can be a great start in development.

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