Pokemon Unite Tier List (Best Season Pokémon)

Pokemon Unite Tier List (Best Season Pokémon)

by Neeraj Gupta — 3 weeks ago in Entertainment 7 min. read

Who doesn’t play Pokemon Unite Tier List! I mean it’s a popular free-to-play MOBA game where players team up in 5v5 battles to score points and win.

Exceptionally available for both Switch and mobile platforms, it has surpassed 70 million downloads after the release in April.

Being cross-platform play between Nintendo Switch and mobile devices, players can voice chat to communicate, custom pokemon’s appearance, and evolve unique abilities and evolutions.

So, what are those luckiest pokemon unite tier list that you can go through for customization and unique abilities play?

In this blog, go through detail for the S-tier and A-tier Pokémon for ultimate learning.

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How Many Tier List Pokemon Unite

There are five tier lists of Pokemon Unite ranging from S-tier, A-tier, B-tier, C-tier, and D-tier where ‘S’ being legendary tier pokémons and ‘D’ being the lowest tier Pokémon.

Basis Description
S-tier Dominating force, excel in all aspects
A-tier Very strong, can carry teams
B-tier Solid performers, good choices in most situation
C-tier Average, require specific team comps or strategies
D-tier Struggle to compete at higher levels

S-tier Pokémon

S-tier Pokemon unite tier list

The S variants Pokemon are the best of the best and being said legendary because of having a combination of the most powerful and most versatile moves.

Let’s go through the list of these legendary Pokemon in detail.


Introduced In: Generation IX
From: Pokémon of Pokémon Violet

Miraidon, referred to as Iron Serpent, is an electric type of legendary Pokemon which was introduced in Generation IX of Pokémon Violet.

Speaking of combat magic, its ability to swap between two modes for long-range damage and close-range speed, is incredibly helpful at most.

Playing with Miraidon is tricky but carries you to victory as if you learn and pick the right movesets.


Introduced In: Generation VIII
From: Pokémon of Pokémon Sword

Zacian can be pronounced as Zashian is a fairy-type second best legendary Pokemon, first seen in Generation VIII of Pokémon Sword.

Its combat is worth applause and guidance for victory, as it likes to hit hard and fast, you would love it too! Being fast, you can use one-on-one battles or as a team, perfectly.

Mega Mewtwo X

Introduced In: Not disclosed
From: Pokémon of Pokémon X & Y

Another legendary observed Pokemon is Mega Mewtwo X from the Pokemon X & Y game that holds beneath strong physical attacks like earthquakes and stone edges, making it unique from other legendary Pokemon.

Its bulk and speed allow it to outspeed, leaving its enemy unnoticed shocks of attack and damage. Additionally, it gains more defense and HP compared to Mega Mewtwo Y (its damage and attack speed increase over time), making it more resilient.

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A-tier Pokémon

A-tier Pokemon unite tier list

The A-tier Pokemon are classic in itself and require more strategy and thinking on how to handle and use them for competitive play.


Introduced In: Season 3
From: Pokémon

Blissey acts as a sage, ability to heal and shield plus incubates a passive skill that removes any debuffs every five seconds. It is the best pokemon unite tier list.

Act as a defender Pokemon, providing battle healing combat when playing in a team. As it comes with an insane amount of HP so you can take a lot of abuse from the enemy attacks, keeping your team fighting strong and intact.


Introduced In: Season 9
From: Pokémon (Beginning series)

Clefable resides in the genre of support type Pokemon but with exceptional abilities beyond just keeping your team alive.

Its main attack calls gravity servers as a buff for teammates and debuff the attackers in a single move.


Introduced In: Season 5
From: Pokémon Gold and Silver

If you play like a strategist, this Pokemon you always want on your team to defend your teammates and provide frontend attacking alike.

Its ability to debuff enemies to make them weak, stun them, or completely trap them. You wish for this dark-type Pokemon and it can almost do it all.


Introduced In: Not disclosed
From: Pokémon Journeys: The Series.

With this psychic-type Mythical Pokémon, you can expect to play both offensive and support roles. But training and acquiring a master’s level is difficult.

Speaking of its ability, boosts movement speed of both Mew and nearby ally Pokemon for a limited time can help you chase your opponents or escape danger.

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B-tier Pokémon

B-tier Pokemon unite tier list

The tier-B Pokemon are also supportive and usually require more strategies or team support for better performance. They are strong and versatile, giving an edge on battling against components.

There are plenty of Pokemon residing in this context. See the table for names of their unique abilities.

Basis Description
Buzzwole Boosts Attack & Defense after knocking an opponent
Inteleon Critical hits ignore stat changes
Slowbro Immune to flinching
Leafeon Doubles Speed in sunlight
Zoroark Transforms into opponent’s last used Pokemon
Hoopa Reflects status moves back at opponent
Mimikyu Disguises itself, taking a hit before revealing
Glaceon Avoids Ice-type attacks, gains Speed in hail
Travenant Heals itself when a Pokemon faints
Blaziken Raises Speed every turn
Meowskarada Prevents allies from getting statused
Gardevoir Copies the opponent’s ability
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C-tier Pokémon

C-tier Pokemon unite tier list

At fourth, we have C-tier Pokemon unite tier list mentioned with their unique abilities. Generally, these tier Pokemon fall below average and userful in specific situations or team composition.

As they lack or limit their power, they aren’t good options for competitive plays at the highest level. However, best use for defensive combat.

Basis Description
Lucario Raises critical hit rate.
Absol Raises critical hit rate
Zeraora Attracts Electric-type moves
Wigglytuff Reduces damage from physical moves
Delphox Magic guard and blocks indirect damage
Snorlax Immune to status conditions
Greninja Changes type to last used move’s type
Dragonite Reduces damage taken when at full HP
Cramorant Steals items from opponents
Goodra Heals from Grass-type moves
Mr. Mime Reduces damage from special moves
Tyranitar Summons sandstorm, damaging foes
Cinderace Boosts Fire-type moves in sunshine
Talonflame Flame Body that has a chance to burn opponents
Aegislash Switches between Blade and Shield forms
Garchomp Avoids sandstorm damage, boosts evasion in sand
Tsareena Prevents allies from getting statused
Lapras Water Absorb and heals from Water-type moves
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D-tier Pokémon

D-tier Pokemon unite tier characters

At last, these types of Pokemon are least viable in competitive battling. They often have significant drawbacks that won’t be helpful much.

Considerably, these Pokemon are statistically weak, poor typing, unfavorable abilities, and outclassed by other Pokemon. Below are a few of D-tier Pokémon.

Basis Description
Gyrados Lowers opponent’s Attack
Sableye Priority for status moves
Machamp Attack when statused
Mamoswine Reduces damage from Ice-type moves
Gengar Immune to Ground-type moves
Scyther Boosts power of weak moves
Azumarill Huge Power and Double Attack
Scizor Boosts power of weak moves
Charizard Boosts Fire-type moves in sunshine
Duralodon Reduces damage from physical move
Greedent Stores berries for later use

What Is The Best Pokémon In Pokemon Unite Tier List

Speaking of the best Pokemon unite tier list is without a doubt Miraidon because of its swapping ability between two modes for long-range damage and close-range speed.

Which Pokemon Unite License To Choose

All time favorite and electrifying Pokemon, Pikachu is one of the Pokémon Unite licenses on offer after you complete the tutorial. With its abilities intact from buff, Pikachu has retained its spot as the best Attacker in Pokémon Unite.


How To Link Pokemon Unite To Nintendo Account

For mobile and Nintendo Switch users, here’s a quick guide to how to link Pokemon unite tier list to Nintendo Account.

On Mobile:

  • Launch Pokemon Unite and go to Settings
  • Tap on Account Settings.
  • Select “Link a Nintendo Account” or “Link a Pokémon Trainer Club account.”
  • Log in with your existing Nintendo Account or Pokémon Trainer Club account credentials.

On Nintendo Switch:

  • Launch Pokemon Unite and go to Settings.
  • Select “Account Settings.”
  • Choose “Link a Nintendo Account” or “Link a Pokémon Trainer Club account.”
  • Log in with the same Nintendo Account or Pokémon Trainer Club account you used on your mobile device.

When Is Pokemon Unite Next Update

According to the Game8 article information, the Pokemon Unite last update rolled out on April 25, 2024 that attains Falinks Pokemon character.

Talking about the next update, there is no official announcement made yet. However, rumors suggest that Ceruledge Pokemon would be the company’s next project that it may release in their new update for Pokemon unite tier list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read related commonly asked questions related to pokemon unite character tier list.

Is pokemon unite good game?

Yes, Pokemon unite is intense, role-playing and fun with Pokemon unique magic and power ability. It is very popular among youngsters.

Who should play pokemon unite?

Fans of the Pokemon franchise, casual gamers, and players who enjoy variety should play Pokemon together with their friends.

Which is the ultimate pokemon unite character?

It is hard to say who is the ultimate Pokemon unite tier list because the best choice depends on your playstyle, team composition, and the current meta.

Can I switch characters in Pokemon unite?

Unfortunately, you cannot switch characters in the middle of a Pokemon Unite match.

Where to buy the best pokemon characters unite?

Unlucky, you can directly buy characters. You have to unlock them using game currency called Aeos coins. Once you have enough of that, you can buy any Pokemon unite tier list.

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