Starfield PS5: Is Starfield On PS5? [Common Q&A - Answered]

Starfield PS5: Is Starfield On PS5? [Common Q&A – Answered]

by Alan Jackson — 3 months ago in Entertainment 3 min. read

Will Starfield come to ps5? Unfortunately No! Get relevant details and answers of common starfield ps5 questions.

Starfield, from the creator of Skyrim and Fallout 4, the bethesda community, released its new, next-generation role-playing game for various platforms excluding PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

That’s right… Starfield is not available for the ps5 and ps4 console, until official verdict has not changed by the company.

Starfield Release Date PS5

Officially there is no planning by the video game company, Bethesda to release Starfield for Sony hardware systems such as the ps5 and ps4.

This certainly had given PlayStation fans a stun for enough time, as they had waited for this – long time.

As per officials, Starfield is available on GamePass, Xbox series, Windows, and Steam.

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  • Why is Starfield not on PS5?
  • What consoles will Starfield be on?
  • Was Starfield meant to be exclusive to the PS5?
  • Is there any way to play Starfield on PlayStation?
  • When will Starfield come out on PS5?
  • How popular is Starfield PS5?
  • Games like Starfield for PS5
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Why Is Starfield Not On PS5?

To put it simply, Starfield is an Xbox exclusive game project, so the Starfield ps5 won’t happen.

Another scenario for this could be that the company does not want to release the game for Sony hardware due to any unofficial reason.

This perhaps reflects the latest concern, explaining, because Bethesda Softworks is a worldwide reputable studio under ZeniMax Media, which was acquired by Microsoft in 2021.

What Consoles Will Starfield Be On?

Starfield is not just a game but it’s a Bethesda Game Studios first new universe in over 25 years that is a rocket-off for Xbox series X and S including Desktop OS, Windows only.

The game has substitute editions to enthral gamefans! You may have premium and constellation editions other than standard versions to purchase.

If you have an Xbox game pass (basically a subscription service for Xbox users) you can benefit from several bundled offers in colloid.

Was Starfield Meant To Be Exclusive To The PS5?

“Starfield for ps5” is not exclusive, in fact it was never destined to happen. The game, Starfield, is exclusive to the Xbox console.

Since the game was released at a glance, Sony tried at making Starfield exclusive but Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda’s parent company – ZeniMax – put a stop to that possibility.

Thus in the end, the tail cathed by the Microsoft owned platform Xbox.

Is There Any Way To Play Starfield On PlayStation?

No, there is not even a single-window chance to play Starfield on the PS system. However, you could do something like wrapping a PS5-style console skin around your Xbox (funny isn’t it?)

When Will Starfield Come Out On PS5?

If you are in search and hope to play Starfield on your PS5 system. I feel bad saying that you have to keep waiting and waiting for decades, but officially Starfield won’t come out for PlayStation 5 and 4.

The game has been released and available to play for Xbox users and Windows fandoms.

How Popular Is Starfield PS5?

Based on the tweet from the community, they have stated that over 6 million total players played Starfield across all platforms.

This also concludes that it is more popular and surpasses Skyrim, Fallout 4, and Fallout 76 as the best-performing Bethesda launches ever.

Games Like Starfield For PS5

Trying to play Starfield lookalike games? Here’s the top games like Starfield featuring intense graphics, RPG strategies, and lethal companionship.

  • Baldur’s Gate 3
  • Outer Wilds
  • Star Citizen
  • The Outer Worlds
  • Fallout 4
  • Kerbal Space Program
  • No Man’s Sky

These games offer much relevant experience to Starfield and are worth playing right now.

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