CBSE Class 12 Maths Exam: Best Way To Revise Before Your Exam

CBSE Class 12 Maths Exam: Best Way to Revise before Your Exam

by Alan Jackson — 2 years ago in Future 4 min. read

The CBSE class 12thmaths exam is one of the most important exams in every student’s life. They want to score well and move forward in their higher studies, but for all these happen you need to practice and revise all the topics and be thorough with it.

Before the exam students tend to learn new topics instead of revising this causes a  lot of problems during the exam as they forget about the topics that they have studied earlier and start to panic and eventually lose marks. You can follow the below-given steps to revise before your CBSE class 12thmaths exam:

Go through your notes

While preparing for the class 12 maths exam you must have maintained separate notes for each chapter, these notes are not for you to keep in the locker instead use them and take advantage of your hard work.

Study the notes and try to follow what you have written, it will be easier to go through your writing and you will be able to understand and recollect the topics faster. This will increase your confidence and help score well.
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Early Revision

Start the revision as early as possible; the more revisions you can give the more clarity you will gain on the subject and the topic. Students who score above 85-90 generally start their revision 5-6 days before the exam.

Complete your syllabus early and start revising the chapters and topics regularly. You can go through the Vedantu class 12 maths NCERT solutions pdf also for revising and practicing.

Focus on the formulas and equations

Revision before the exam includes practicing and memorizing the formulas and equations related to the chapters and topics. Write the formulas in a note and practice them until you are confident enough.

During the exam, these formulas will be used and if you do not revise and go, you may forget them and as a result, you will not be able to solve the particular question.

Formulas from all the chapters should be revised and practiced and solving few examples related to these formulas, this will help you to memorize the formulas and understand their use. Solving question based on the formulas is a very good habit and every student must do it.
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Stay calm before the exam

Before the maths exams try to stay calm and do not be afraid. Generally, students are afraid of the maths exam, and as the day of the exam nears they start to panic and losses confidence which will hamper their preparation and marks.

Always be confident and give your 100 percent. If you are unable to solve questions related to certain topics there is a need to be stressed out as you can always revise the same topic before going to the exam. Staying calm before the exam will also help you to stay calm during the exam and help you perform better.

Solve extra questions before the exam

The more questions you try to solve the more experience you will gain. Before the exam practice solving questions related to each topic and learn the pattern.

Solve the latest sample papers and question banks as they contain a lot of different types of questions. Every student must try to solve at least 2 sample papers before the exam as it will help you cover all the topics included in the class 12thmaths syllabus and you will be able to revise and recollect all the concepts.

You can also write mock tests before the exam, writing a mock test is also a good revision before the exam and students can benefit from it.
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Chapters that need revision before the exam

You must revise all the chapters but there are some important chapters that students must focus on more and revise 2-3 times before the exam.

These are some of the chapters:

  • Calculus: You need to revise this chapter as many times as possible before the exam. This chapter holds 35 marks. Practice all the examples included in this chapter and you must thoroughly practice the formulas present in this chapter. Solve questions from sample papers and question banks to strengthen your concept. As this chapter contains a lot of formulas you may have difficulty remembering them, so try to maintain a separate small notepad for formulas used in calculus.
  • Vectors and three–dimensional geometry: Another important chapter that holds a lot of marks and you need to revise this chapter properly. Revise this chapter once or twice before the exam and solve few long answer questions from this chapter also. Revise the vector and Cartesian equations of a line in space
  • Linear programming: Though this chapter holds lesser marks relative to other chapters it is a chapter that requires adequate practice and revision before the exam.

Before the exam, what to do and not do

There are few things that every student must avoid doing before the exam, some of the things that you must avoid before the exam are as follows:

  • Try to avoid learning anything new before the exam and instead revise the chapters and topics that you have already learned.
  • Avoid discussion of the subject with your friends before the exam.
  • Small breaks will not hurt your preparation or your revision thus you can take small breaks while revising or preparing before the exam.
  • Study the study material that is your NCERT book. The NCERT book that is provided for the 12th class maths is the best study material you can find and practice revising the question and examples present in it. It also helps you to grasp the concept better and prepares you for the exam.
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Stay healthy

Before the exam revising the topics is an important thing to do if you want to score well, but students tend to revise the whole night before the exam and do not sleep or eat well.

This will only affect your exam in a bad way and thus you need proper food and rest before you go to write the exam. Being healthy is also a part of the revision process before the exam.


Thus revise and practice the entire topic along with solving sample papers and question banks. Practice the formulas and equations and stay calm and positive before the exam.

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