Twitter Announces ‘Super Follow’ Subscriptions

Twitter announces ‘Super Follow’ subscriptions

by Amelia Scott — 3 years ago in Future 2 min. read

Twitter hasn’t changed all that much in the last few years. For the most part, people use it the same as they always have — a mostly public-facing microblogging’ platform. But the company today exposed highlighted multiple upcoming features that could significantly change the way people interact with one another on the platform, in many ways making it more versatile — and more like some of its competitors.

Twitter announced its first paid product at an investor event today, showing off screenshots of a feature that will allow users to subscribe to their favorite creators in exchange for things like exclusive content, subscriber-only newsletters, and a supporter badge.

The company also announced a feature called Communities, which could compete with Facebook Groups and enable Super Follow networks to interact, plus a Safety Mode for auto-blocking and muting abusive accounts. On top of all that, Twitter said it plans to double revenue by 2023.

A jumble Patreon, along with a bit Twitch, Super Follows enables Twitter users, well, eventually become super followers’ of their preferred online accounts. A number of those exclusive perks Twitter is teasing include exclusive articles and newsletters, discounts, supporter badges, and super-followers-only conversations.

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It might help founders decorate their Twitter after, without requesting individuals to leave the stage. The business also teased some sort of tipping attribute for founders but didn’t offer much information about how it would operate. It’d have a $4.99 /month subscription cost in a mockup though.
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Rather than eliminating character limitations, Revue is a means for Twitter users to print newsletters to their audiences — those may be free or be behind a paywall. Ultimately, there will be a place that you adhere to your lengthiest tweetstorms.

The attribute was announced a month, as it pertains after Twitter obtained a firm called, you guessed it, Revue.
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This one is not completely new for men and women that follow societal websites closely, but it is basically Twitter’s variant of Clubhouse. To put it differently, it is a place where you can actually speak to people employing honest-to-goodness audio, though it contains live AI captions for discussions also.

There’s no word on exactly when these features will land, but considering some of them are already being tested publicly, I’d guess sooner rather than later.

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