What Is Manufacturing & Technology And How It's Use?

What is Manufacturing & Technology and how it’s use?

by Alan Jackson — 5 years ago in Future 3 min. read

Manufacturing engineering provides the resources which enable production of manufactured goods. These master resources of business magnify the attempt of individual employees and provide an industrial state the capability to turn raw materials to the cheap, quality products necessary to modern society. In a nutshell we make modern life possible.


Manufacturing technologies provides effective tools that electricity a growing, stable economy and an increasing standard of living. These instruments produce the ability to give effective national protection. They make possible contemporary communications, cheap agricultural goods, efficient transport, innovative health care processes, space exploration… as well as the regular conveniences we take for granted.

The production of different products is performed at several scales which range from humble domestic manufacturing of state candlesticks into the production of enormous machines such as boats, airplanes and so on. The term manufacturing technologies is principally utilized for the latter assortment of this range of manufacturing and describes the business industrial production of products for consumption and sale with the assistance of gadgets and innovative machine tools. Industrial production lines entail altering the shape, composition or form of the primary products called raw materials to products match for final usage called completed products.

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The Automation technology, tools, and leadership/workforce practices round the rising drive toward mill automation. The track was created for manufacturing leaders throughout the business and across areas that are attempting to balance robotic inventions and human ability. Particular topics of interest include (but Aren’t Limited to):

  • Implementing and Scaling in Automation Technology
  • Mobile Robotics
  • Picking the Right Integrator
  • Automating SMEs
  • Continuous Improvement:

Continuous Improvement:

In confronting both novice and seasoned individuals/work teams progressing their narrow and constant improvement journeys. Therefore, sessions in this course should engage attendees in handling particular plant flooring difficulties or focusing on particular gear to help them accomplish this. Issues of interest might include:

  • How to Launch a Lean/Continuous Improvement Initiative
  • Learning Lean Tools
  • Making Kaizen Work for You
  • Lean Training


Leaders–from C-suite to plant control –that is charged with directing their organizations and facilities through this disruption-rich, transformational period in U.S. manufacturing. It will provide expert insights on dealing with innovative technology and leadership practices, in addition to the brand new and business models the modifications present. Suggested topics include:

Leading through Digital Transformation:-

  • Reimagining Your Company in an Age of Disruption
  • How to Create a Culture of Empowerment
  • Lessons Learned from Crisis

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Supply Chain:

The Supply Chain is curated to get M&T attendees in the front lines of this fast shifting international and national supply chains. It covers best practices for developing a sustainable provider base and for handling a network that may endure rapid shift.

Supply chain includes:

  • Managing through Tariffs / Trade War
  • Blockchain Applications & Potential
  • Warehouse Automation
  • Combating Counterfeits


At a time of skills shortages and generational changes, provides best practices and approaches to build a better work and handle the varied requirements and challenges it demands.

Particular topics of interest include:

  • Utilizing Tech to Satisfy the Skills Gap
  • Assessing the New Conditions of Employment
  • Training Strategies
  • Capturing Knowledge in the Retiring Workforce

Technology & Smart Manufacturing:

This very important track aims attendees seeking the most recent technology instruments, implementation strategies, and intelligent production strategies essential to survive and flourish in the electronic transformation. Suggested topics include:

  • The Way SME’s Could Take on the Digital Transformation
  • Blending 3D Printing to Conventional Manufacturing Operations
  • Retrofitting Brownfields with Smart Tech
  • Cutting Edge Tech: Drones, Wearables, Exoskeletons, 5G

To Obtain Preference from the Review Procedure, Proposals Must:

  • Involve a real-world execution
  • Engage the viewer at an Extremely interactive or creative manner
  • Be applicable to a broad Assortment of manufacturing leadership and businesses
  • Provide practical takeaways attendees may implement instantly or that induce strong discussions about new techniques to enhance operations.

Advantages of Discussing

  • Each presenter will receive one Free full-conference pass
  • Your title will be printed on conference promotional materials, site, and at the attendee app
  • You’ll Be recognized as a pioneer in your field and also to the IndustryWeek community
  • Your organization will be given a discounted conference pass speed.
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