Apple Watch Not Connecting To Phone: Here’s The 5 Reasons And Fixes!

Apple Watch Not Connecting To Phone: Here’s The 5 Reasons and Fixes!

by Micah James — 1 year ago in Gadgets 4 min. read

Updated on October 12, 2023

Our expert advice to solve the Apple Watch not connecting to the phone issue.

  • Repair apple watch from paired iPhone.
  • Erase apple watch from the paired iPhone.
  • Reset apple watch without a passcode.
  • Reset Your iPhone’s network setting.

Repairing the Apple Watch is an ideal solution in this case. However, if problems continue, there might be hardware faults.

A bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection is a must need to establish a connection b/w Apple Watch and iPhone.

Your Apple Watch not connecting to the Phone or Apple Watch isn’t pairing with your iPhone because of a number of reasons. Read this blog to know about problems and solutions.

If you are pairing Apple Watch and iPhone for the first time, it requires your iPhone to scan a code that appears in your Apple Watch. A green iPhone icon appears when your Apple Watch is paired with an iPhone.

To pair the Apple Watch and iPhone again, you have to enable bluetooth connection and Wi-Fi function on iPhone to pair with Apple Watch.

Sometimes, your Apple Watch won’t pair with an iPhone because of some glitch between either of these or a disturbance in frequency in the air.

Check if any other bluetooth enabled might cause the frequency to be unstable which causes the apple watch not to connect to the phone.

However, there are some simple troubleshooting ways that can assist to solve your apple watch won’t connect to phone issues in a minute.

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Why Won’t My Apple Watch Connect To My Phone?

Your Apple Watch won’t connect to a Phone because an Apple Watch could only be paired with its family device i.e. Apple. If you have the Apple iPhone(s) above the iPhone 6 you can pair it with any Apple Watch Series easily.

Ironically, it is not possible to connect the Apple Watch with Android, irrespective of whether your phone is from Samsung, OnePlus, or Google.

In case you’ve supported Apple Watch OS and iPhone but still can’t pair Apple Watch, the reasons are different.

Let’s take a look at a few reasons that can cause problems.

Maybe Your Apple Watch On Airplane Mode: I know it sounds silly, but it could be the reason. Maybe unknowingly you enabled Airplane mode on your Apple Watch which shut down wireless signals and so is not able to pair with your iPhone. Switch off the Airplane mode by re-tapping on the Airplane icon on the Apple Watch control setting.

Maybe Your iPhone On Airplane Mode: Also make sure on your iPhone that it isn’t on Airplane mode. To check, swipe up from the very bottom of the screen, find the Airplane icon and if it is enabled, make it disable to pair with Apple Watch.

Bluetooth and WiFi on the iPhone: As you are familiar, a bluetooth connection and WiFi is needed to pair with Apple Watch. So, make sure both are turned on and your bluetooth recognized and connect with your Apple Watch (not with other devices).

How To Fix It When Apple Watch Is Not Connecting To iPhone?

Still not able to pair your Apple Watch with iPhone? This could be frustrating…!

Here are some tested ways to try for a solution. These are easy to execute and won’t affect your Apple Watch or either your iPhone.

1. Power Off and On Your Apple Watch

power off apple watch

The first option you can try without any worry and should be done prior is powering off your Apple Watch and powering it on to make a fresh connection with fresh start.

Steps to power off and on Apple Watch:

  • Take Apple watch in hand
  • Hold down the side lock button for some seconds
  • A “slide to power off” option will appear on the screen
  • To power off, slide right to power off
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2. Power Off and On Your iPhone

Powering off and on your iPhone is another method to solve Apple watch not connecting to iPhone issue. However, it isn’t required. You can skip this method if the above method works. On the off chance, you can skip the above method if you tried this one initially.

Steps to power off and on iPhone:

  • Take iPhone in hand
  • Press and hold the side button for some seconds
  • Leave holding button upon showing a screen “power-off slider”
  • Drag the slider to power off. Wait for complete turn off then power on.

3. Reset Your iPhone’s Network Setting

Reset iPhone Network Setting

Network resetting on the iPhone will help the device to forget previously installed and used networks and VPN settings. WiFi will be turned off and then back on. Additionally, this gives the iPhone a new start to pair with the Apple Watch.

Steps to reset iPhone’s network setting:

  • Open the Setting app in iPhone
  • Scroll to General Setting
  • Find Reset, then click Reset Network Settings
  • Enter the password to continue the process

4. Reset Your Apple Watch

Reset Your Apple Watch

Do you know? You can reset your Apple Watch.

Resetting your Apple Watch is a simple and easy process like the iPhone. This is an alternative solution to power off and on your Apple Watch. You can try the reset Apple Watch option if you’re facing a problem connecting with the iPhone.

Steps to reset Apple Watch:

  • Open Apple Watch Setting Center
  • Go the General setting option
  • Find Reset Option and hit Erase All Content and Settings
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5. Keep Apple Watch and iPhone Closer

Usually people connect their Apple Watch with iPhone keeping the range of both in closer. But if you are in your living room with your iPhone and trying to connect with Apple Watch that is not in range. The chances are you won’t be able to pair your Apple Watch with your iPhone.

Always practice pairing your Apple Watch and iPhone closer.

Can’t Pair Apple Watch: What’s Next?

Still not connecting?

This means there is some technical issue. Visit the Apple Store center near you or you can contact Apple Support. The Apple Support phone number is 800-692-7753.

You can also contact one of the local Apple watch repair services near you.

Good Luck 👍

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