Case Study: Mobile Playable Ads As The Tool To Boost Conversions

Case Study: Mobile Playable Ads as The Tool to Boost Conversions

by Amelia Scott — 5 years ago in Gadgets 2 min. read

Leadbolt, the top performance mobile service platform for consumer acquisition and program monetization, has established cellular targeted advertisements — a new tool for the strong mobile advertising format alternatives toolbox. These interactive in-app advertisements are readily available to iOS and Android app developers through Leadbolt’s SDK.

Leadbolt was testing and developing the Playable Ad Insights since ancient 2017 conducting historical trials with key partners to maximize functionality, stream, quality, track-ability along with other characteristics of the innovative advertising format. Playable advertisements now are officially provided by Leadbolt on a worldwide scale.

For advertisers of mobile programs, Leadbolt Playable Ads have shown to provide 8X success across conventional campaign metrics when measured against static full-screen interstitial advertisements, attaining:

  • As much as 4X progress in Conversion Rate (CR)

Playable advertisements demonstrate exceptional post-install involvement performance when used with Leadbolt’s real-time predictive viewer targeting platform.

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Playable Ads link to program users:

Leadbolt Playable Ads are a powerful advertising format to create meaningful links with end consumers such as:

1) Educate — Educate users along with your program

2) Preview — supply a first appearance experience of program or game

3) Engage — Instant customers to participate with your program through the program Shop

“Playable Ads are excellent vehicles for driving three quite important success metrics for consumer acquisition campaigns: Link, Conversion and Engagement. By previewing encouraged games and programs right in the advertisement itself until a download happens, we are essentially offering a user-engagement encounter with no-strings attached.

Strongly Suited for Promoting Games and Apps

While Playable Ads are acceptable for advertising a selection of mobile programs, Leadbolt data indicates that Playable advertisements are reaching for popular sport categories including game 3, 5, bubble shooters, word puzzles and games with easy flows. Playable advertisements made for Entertainment orientated programs are particularly effective since they’re more effective in linking with the ideal audience and easily onboarding them to set up and participate.

Around Leadbolt

Leadbolt is a high performance mobile marketing platform, helping advertisers and program publishers achieve exceptional outcomes. Powered by direct connections and lively ad-serving engineering, Leadbolt enables program entrepreneurs to reach and obtain quality customers at scale.

For programmers, higher impact mobile advertising solutions and our award winning Immediate Deals Marketplace maximize stock and effort partner matching to induce maximum program yields.

Amelia Scott

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