Engraving On Tumblers: Laser Engraver With Rotary Attachment

Engraving on Tumblers: Laser Engraver with Rotary Attachment

by Rob Dane — 3 years ago in Gadgets 4 min. read

The Benefit of a Laser Engraver with Rotary Attachment

Laser engraving has become a standard production method for many small businesses and industrial markets. The continuous advancements in laser technology have paved the way for industrial-scale CO2 laser engravers.

In terms of components and materials, it is hard to beat the effective, creative, efficient, and popular highlights of engraving wood, acrylic, leather, and glass.

Now, as much as people love to experiment with acrylic and wood material, tumblers have also become a popular choice for laser engraving.

You can engrave vivid text and images on stainless steel tumblers using a CO2 laser engraver with rotary attachment. From ceramic mugs to Yeti tumblers to Hydro Flask bottles, the level of personalization you can render on tumblers is limitless.

What Exactly are the Functions of Laser Engraver with a Rotary Attachment?

Laser engravers with rotary attachments have an adjustable unit to accommodate offset and tapered objects. Similarly, they have movable rollers. A large laser engraver with rotary attachment usually has a four-pin connector.

These four-pin connectors make it easier for users to set up without much hassle because you don’t need additional power supplies or motor drivers. Instead, it can function completely off of your current laser engraver motor driver.

Other products offer more creative control and freedom to engrave, like bottles, cups, round antique pieces, and various tubes.

Best Practices of Tumbler Laser Engraving

Manual Focus

If you don’t have a perfectly-cylindrical tumbler, you’ll have to choose the thickest midpoint area to focus your target. Consequently, it will minimize the variation between multiple extremes in your range.

On the other hand, you may find some degree of image sharpness variance. Still, you should select a midpoint area to make sure differences are not noticeable.

Avoid Extra Touch

Your goal may be to strive for perfection, but minimalism is the key to laser engraving with a rotary attachment. In fact, the last thing you want to do is overdo it.

For instance, make sure you can spot the coating, and it’s not runny or thick. Similarly, apply the coating in quick and short bursts.

Wireframe Box

Your objective should not be to mark the tumbler mindlessly. Instead, use the live preview through the wireframe to see the image of your finalized engraving. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to place the tumbler in the rotary attachment. Again, use the preview to avoid errors.

Choose the Right Materials

Always select un-coated tumblers rather than polymer-coated that have dye sublimation. It is imperative to understand that the polymer coating will not let the Cermark properly bond with the surface.

Benefits and Limitations of Engraving on Tumblers with a Rotary Attachment

With stainless steel bottle tumblers, you can store drinks at a hot or cold temperature for an extended period.

Engraving on Tumblers: Laser Engraver with Rotary Attachment 1

When it comes to laser engraving with a rotary attachment, you’d be surprised with the results. Here are the main benefits you can expect:


No matter what initial concept you want to engrave, you will increase the longevity of the product. Back in the days, traditional laser engraving was quite common, and you can see those engravings withstand the test of time. Laser engraving on tumblers, after all, cuts down into the main surface.
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Laser engraving with a rotary attachment is as versatile as it gets, benefitting all users and businesses. In fact, unlike other customizable methods like vinyl and printing, laser engraving with a rotary attachment fairs well because of its one-size-fits-all approach.

In retrospect, you can personalize any object or item you can think of through laser engraving with a rotary attachment.


Traditional laser engraving is still thriving, but the rotary attachment makes the engraving process significantly faster.

Even if the desired finish is complex, the level of efficiency laser engraving offers is unprecedented. In the same manner, more efficiency means more cost-effectiveness.

What About Limitations?

As far as the limitations go, individuals need to have some hands-on experience on laser engraving in general.

Depending on your skills, it may take some time to get the hang of the features and functions. But the sooner you understand its possibilities, the more creative you can be.

Laser Engraving on Tumblers: Materials You Will Need

  • Aluminum
  • PLA filament
  • Rubber
  • Rotary Attachment
  • CO2 Laser Engraver

Tips and Tricks for Engraving on Tumblers

  1. Measure your tumbler object and the artwork you want to engrave.
  2. Make sure to rotate your file to 90 degrees and in position with the CO2 laser engraver.
  3. Apply an even-coated and thin layer of CerMark solution on the stainless steel tumbler’s surface.
  4. Let it dry for at least 3-5 minutes.
  5. After laser engraving is finished, you can rinse off the extra CerMark
  6. And voila, now you have your own custom stainless steel tumbler
  7. Don’t forget to utilize the wireframe preview to decrease errors.
  8. If you intend to use CerMark, there is no need for polymer-coated sublimation.
  9. Use a powder-coated tumbler. It would help you save time and create something stylish and unique.

Other Creative Ideas for a Rotary Attachment

You can take up many more project ideas than just Yeti tumblers with your rotary. For instance, you can engrave rolling pins, wine bottles, chopsticks, and even pencils. In fact, any rounded object would work for laser engraving with a rotary attachment.

Laser engraving on tumbler mugs is the tip of the iceberg. You can experiment with different kinds of rounded objects and engrave something that would stand out from others. However, stainless steel tumbler mugs are incredibly popular.

You can even get indestructible tumblers from renowned brands and experiment with multiple laser engravings.
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In hindsight, if you do have a laser engraver with rotary attachment, the possibilities are seemingly endless. And if you need professional help, OMTech offers quality CO2 laser engravers and rotary attachments.

Furthermore, OMTech provides in-depth training and installation for customers, easing the process for new users.

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