Five Biggest Myths About MacBooks

Five biggest Myths about MacBooks

by Alan Jackson — 3 years ago in Gadgets 3 min. read

A research conducted by “The University of Bursting MacBook Myths” recently concluded that 10/10 Apple users blindly believe that there is no other operating system as great as Macintosh.

Jokes apart, whether you’ve been using Mac for long or have just switched from Windows to macOS, there’s hardly any chance for you to not know at least one person in absolute awe of MacBooks. They think that Mac has the best features and premium setup like no other machines.

MacBook (don’t read graphic designers) users do a lot more than searching how to add fonts to word

Nevertheless, there are many myths about Mac that need to be burst before you decide to purchase one because it is, as described by Mac owners, “an investment of a lifetime.”

Myths only create a vague sense of judgment and before investing in a hefty priced machine such as a MacBook, you should definitely know all minute to massive details, starting from how to add fonts to word in MacBook and ending at how to reboot your Mac without force shutting it while getting accustomed with the biggest myths about Mac in between, five of which are listed below:

Five biggest myths about MacBooks

  1. MacBooks never get affected by Viruses –

This is probably the biggest myth about MacBooks. However, Apple itself has accepted the fact that viruses and malware do affect Macs.

It is safe to say that MacOS is relatively stronger than other OS hence the possibility for a virus corrupting your Mac is bleak, but that doesn’t mean you cannot become the one unlucky guy out of the thousand users. ‘Privilege escalation’ is a type of vulnerability often faced by MacOS due to advanced programs.
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  1. Only artists and illustrators use MacBooks –

This is probably one of the silliest myths about Mac. Sure, it is known to all as a ‘designer machine’ but that doesn’t mean only “designers” use Mac.

It depends on the graphic designer and editors as to what machine he/she wants to work on, there is no such pre-set rule. Illustrators often choose Mac over other PC because it has a large bank of illustrating and virtual painting apps available on their store. In the end, an informed artist should know how to use both systems.

  1. MacBooks are the best for gamers –

Lies, lies and LIES! In fact, finding a proper game with strong graphic features and hundred per cent compatibility with Mac is almost next to impossible.

The Windows market has a huge role to play in the gaming and developing world. DirectX graphics by Microsoft is one of the best available in the market with superb content.

Only a fool compares that with OpenGL. PC offers tons of more games than MacBooks, whereas there are hardly a handful of games exclusively available for Mac.

Famous games like Dota 2, Crusader Kings 2, Rimworld, Total War series, etc. aren’t available for Mac, hence a proper gamer would always settle for PC over Mac.

  1. MacBooks have the best battery life –

Another disastrous myth about MacBooks is that their batteries never run out. Unfortunately, that is completely false. In the end, it too is a battery just like any other and not some angelic crystal which gets recharged by the ocular powers of moon.

Your machine stands a chance to automatically turn off at any point especially if you have upgraded your MacBook version from Mavericks to EI Capitan.

A MackBook with Mavericks can run easily run for 8 to 9 hours whereas the same machine will run for 5 to 6 hours after updating it to EI Capitan. Further, MacBook Pro with the unibody range does not even allow users to replace the battery because it is fixed to the motherboard.

So if your battery has worsened and you want to get it replaced, you’ll have to detach it from the motherboard by removing the bottom panel.
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  1. MacBooks never crash –

They really do. It’s just that, unlike “regular” OS, Mac calls it ‘Kernel Panic’ which essentially is equivalent to system crashing down. The MacOS automatically generates a KP upon detecting errors beyond repair.

It is the same as the blue screen which a windows machine shows when your system dies. Poor plug-in often causes a KP. If you’re lucky enough, your system will start working after a reboot.

It is easy to believe myths when it comes to Apple products, but knowing what is right and what information is incorrect majorly depends on the investor. If he is hell-bent on believing the first thing he heard without doing proper research, then the fault is clearly not Mac’s.

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