Google’s 46-camera ‘light Field Videos’ Let You Change Perspective And Peek Around Corners

Google’s 46-Camera ‘light field Videos’ let you change perspective and peek around corners

by Amelia Scott — 4 years ago in Gadgets 2 min. read

Google is showcasing one of the most influential efforts of all time, immersing traditional photography and video into something else: 3D video, which lets the viewer change their perspective and even the objects in the frame Looks at Unfortunately, you will probably never make these “light field videos” unless you have 46 additional cameras to sync together.

The newest technique, due to be shown at SIGGRAPH, utilizes footage from dozens of cameras shooting simultaneously, forming a type of giant chemical eye.

These many viewpoints are merged into one where the viewer could move their view and also the scene will respond correspondingly in actual time.
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The effect of high performance video and liberty of motion gives these mild area videos a true sense of reality. Present VR-enhanced video usually uses quite average stereoscopic 3D, which does not actually allow for a shift in perspective.

And while Facebook’s way of understanding thickness in photographs and incorporating perspective to these is smart, it is a lot more restricted, making only a small shift in outlook.

In Google’s movies, you are able to move your mind a foot into the side to glance around a corner or watch another side of a specific thing — the picture is photorealistic and complete movement but actually left in 3D, so even small adjustments to the view are correctly represented.
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And since the rig is indeed broad, portions of the scene which are concealed from 1 standpoint are observable from other people.

When you swing in the right side to the left and zoom in, you might find new features — eerily reminiscent of the notorious”improve” scene out of”Blade Runner.”

It is probably best experienced in VR, however you can test a static version of the system in the project’s site, or examine quite a few presentation light field videos so long as you’ve got Chrome and also have experimental net platform attributes enabled (you will find directions in the website ).

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