12 Facebook Application Stats Every Marketer Should Know In 2020

12 Facebook application Stats every Marketer should know in 2020

by Pooja shah — 4 years ago in Top 10 5 min. read

Facebook application, as a social networking rostrum continues to spring up, develop and expand in its term of active utilisers, customization, style, revenue any many more. The time spent on this rostrum from global utilisersis increasing since its establishment from 2004. ­­­

Although the data might vary from different sources, still from an average point of view it has a 2.45 Billion monthly active utilisers.

In order to build various marketing strategies, digital marketing strategies, plans and programs it is important for the marketers to gain insight upon who is utilizing the rostrum for what purpose, which in the order shall help the marketers to concentrate on the target audience.

That is why for the purpose of ease and acquired simplicity we have divided the Facebook applicationStats into four segments which are respectively; 1) Facebook application Demography 2) Facebook application  UsageStats 3) Facebook application  Advertisement Stats and lastly 4) Facebook application  Video Stats.

The rostrum is upgraded and evolved very quickly that is why it is important or any marketer to stay updated about the various Demography, usage, and brand trends of the rostrum. It will eventually assist them in creating the best operation and strategy.

Facebook application Demography or stats

It is very common to conceptualize allutilisers are utilizingrostrum but having a good understanding of the very social media Demographycould help in providing the original insight about key usage of the rostrum by which kind of persons. The appropriate utilizerDemographyare mentioned below;
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1. The age range of 65 years and more are rapidly growing utiliser type on Facebook application

The most astounding transformation in the year 2019 amongst the utiliser Demography of Facebook application was that the people who are born in the year 1945 or before have shown a massive increasing shift. They are otherwise known as a silent generation. The emergence of the rostrum was from 26% in 2018 to nearly 40% in 2019.

On the other hand, the millennials plus boomer generation has increased their usage by a maximum of 2% whereas Generation Xers have successively reduced their usage.

WhatsApp rapidly growing utiliser

2. The teenager usage of Facebook application is comparatively less than the previous years

According to the Stats, in the year 2015, 71% of teenagers were active on the Facebook application, now the usage has decreased down to 51% by American teenagers. It can be helpful in keeping track of the target audience for advertisements and content.

WhatsApp and facebook yearly

3. The US and Canada hold only 10% of Facebook application utilises

Pacific Asian utilisers constitute approximately 41.3% of monthly active utilisers on Facebook application whereas the same goes about 10.1% for US and Canadian citizens. The proportion although looks less but it is important to remember that almost 48% of Facebook application ’s advertisement revenue comes from the US and Canada itself.

The businesses which serve the purpose of an international audience have a greater chance of reaching here through lower competition than North American markets.

monthly active users

4. 74% of Facebook application Utilisers fall under the high-income group

Facebook application usage is very significant amongst the high-income group which also exceeds LinkedIn where there is 49% of people from the high-income group.

12 Facebook application Stats every Marketer should know in 2020 1

Facebook application Usage Stats

Having proper knowledge of how the utilisers are getting involved with the Facebook application is an important criterion.

5. 1.62 Billion Utilisers visit Facebook application on a regular basis

Amongst the well active utilisers of the US, 74% of people visit this rostrum every day. The altogether active utilisers are continuing to increase every year on this rostrum.
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6. 88% of Facebook application Utilisers utilize this rostrum to stay in touch with their family and friends

According to the census made by Statista, all the Demography use the Facebook application as a rostrum to stay in touch where they state that they maintain a better relationship.

facebook usege reasons according to users

7. Facebook application witnesses the highest traffic in the mid-day of Wednesday and Thursday

The engagement of someone’s post matters according to the date and time they post the content. The report shows that the best time to post on the Facebook application is between 11am to 2pm on Wednesday and Thursday to reach the highest audience.

The maximum engagement times can vary but it can help you in creating the social media content calendar according to the optimal times of posting.

facebook global engagement

8. The average daily time of usage on a Facebook application tends to remain medium in 2020

According to an eMarteter study, it was discovered that social media usage was declining. Among the USutilisers, Facebook application usage was decreased by 2%, thus essentially the forecast says the usage will be the same in 2020 also.

social networks

9. Facebook application Stories possess over 300 million active utilisers every day

Creation of Facebook application stories requires a separate marketing strategy where it was found that Facebook application utilizes spend a lot of time in it that is why investing in creating content on that particular story medium is worthy.

10. 53% of the adults are still unable to understand how their newsfeed display posts

59% of utilisers between the age group of 18-29 have a good understanding of the Facebook application algorithm. On the other hand, 38% of utilisers over 50 years know the reason for seeing certain posts but the older public doesn’t have an understanding of their news feed appearance.

majority of older facebook users

Facebook application Advertisements Stats

Facebook application releases its quarterly earnings reports. The primary revenue of the Facebook application is obtained from advertising. Thus the advertising landscape will become competitory but the following are the ad Stats to focus on relative issues.
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11. 94% of Facebook application Advertisement revenue is obtained from mobile

Only 6% of ad revenue comes from desktop, thus it is very important to target the mobile utilisers and make all the social media content mobile-friendly.

of Facebook application Advertisement revenue

12. The average price of Facebook application ads declined by 6% in 2019

There is a 37% increase in advertisement impressions which is good news for the marketers but the decrease in ad prices is constituted of a mix of stories and geographies for ad targeting.

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