How To Create A Healthy Interior Design

How to Create a Healthy Interior Design

by Alan Jackson — 3 years ago in Gadgets 4 min. read

It’s no secret that the surrounding space has the most direct influence on us. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, work, the accelerated pace of modern life, we may not notice this, but where we live is actually very important and largely determines how we feel.

Hence, by the way, the global trend for ecological design – a person intuitively strives to be closer to nature in order to replenish energy and strength. Recently, more and more people are talking about a new discipline in the field of architecture and design – neuroarchitecture.

This science describes how our mind and body react to different conditions of our habitat, namely being in different architecture and interiors.
In many ways, how we feel, how comfortable and calm we are, how much energy we have, depends on how our house is equipped.

Studying neuroarchitecture, you can find many interesting ideas that are not so difficult to implement into the interior in order to make the house even more comfortable and inviting and ultimately beneficial to health, physical, and psychological.

The first helpful principle is to add tranquility to the interior. We live in a very dynamic world filled with visual and other types of information beyond measure. Then why not make at least your home an island of silence?

To do this, it is enough to equip just one or two zones, free from all distractions, let it be a place where you can be alone with your thoughts or have a pleasant conversation with your family. A good example is a table with an armchair on the balcony or a room where you will be occupied with your hobbies.

Another tip that might improve your well-being in the apartment is choosing materials that are natural. Nature in itself includes an answer to your question:” where to find tranquility and peace?”

So to achieve a really good ambiance for your apartment you should strive to choose only natural materials that have a pleasant texture and colors that are close to the earth, wood, sky, greenery, and animals patterns.

Stone, wood, linen, wool in all their diversity and wide assortment can be a good field for your experimenting in design. These kinds of materials create a feeling of warmth and light, which is essential for a good disposition.

A bed made from wood or some sofa with pleasant upholstery can be a good solution and for this, you can go to Nationwide Furniture Outlet that has in assortment a wide choice of furniture made from natural materials.

When it comes to the decor elements search for those that awake in your good feelings. Maybe some memorable photos or souvenirs, and presents from your family or maybe just a small rock you found on the seashore.

It doesn’t matter what exactly it will be, it is important for this thing to provoke pleasant memories, thoughts, or feelings in you.

Another very important factor for health and a good mood is light, and it better to be natural. Pay attention to the design of the windows in the bedroom: at night you need to ensure complete isolation from the street light, and in the morning, on the contrary, open the curtains and let the sun fill the room.

Complete darkness is necessary for a comfortable and healthy sleep, so it is better to supplement ordinary curtains with blackouts on the windows.

As has already been proven by scientists, light affects how well our circadian rhythms work, which means the phase of wakefulness and sleep. And not only light from a street lamp, but also light from electronic devices can interfere with natural processes, and therefore health.

This is why it is so important to minimize their presence in the bedroom. In addition, pay attention to how the lighting system in the room is arranged. One chandelier in the center of the ceiling is not enough; for harmonious light, local lamps are also needed, perhaps an eaves light, which will create a soft, enveloping atmosphere.

When talking about an interior that contributes to well-being, one cannot fail to mention the noise level. The increased noise in the living space creates discomfort, therefore, in most cases, even before starting the repair, it is worth considering good sound insulation, at least in the bedroom area.

Separately, it should be noted the cases when the apartment has an open plan, for example, as in a typical studio. There is no privacy in the sleeping area and it is difficult to make it quiet. Focus on your feelings, and if you do not have enough peace of mind to relax, then it is better to separate the bedroom with a door.

How to create a healthy interior design

Also, think about the greenery in all its shapes. Plants of all sizes and types can be a crucial moment for the atmosphere in your home.

Lush and vibrant shades of green positively influence your mood and even your attitude toward some situations in your life.

Scientists proved that some plants are calming your nervous system and some have a disinfecting effect, so considering a wide choice of the home plant type you can find the most appropriate for your situation and your problems plants.

A design so relevant today with a bias in eco is actually necessary for everyone, even if you choose a different style direction.

Just add at least minimal notes of nature to the interior, and it will already feel like something more harmonious and inviting. If possible, do not block the beautiful view from the window with curtains, combine the room with a balcony, which can be greened beforehand.

Finally, strive for reasonable minimalism, because free space is always more comfortable like it is filled with air and lightness.

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