How To Find Affordable Phone Plan In Singapore

How to find Affordable Phone Plan in Singapore

by Alan Jackson — 3 years ago in Gadgets 3 min. read

We all live in a generation whereby we are connected by phones regardless of where we are. These devices bring us close to our distant loved ones and friends. Though far, phones make us feel like they are here, though not here. Phones have also played a key role in improving communication, making it way easier, unlike the ancient times.

However, these phones have service providers which must be paid for to stay connected and allow you to surf the internet for your favorite news, blogs, and music.

Pay as you go, prepaid and postpaid are the most common methods of payment. The service providers play a key factor by offering you transmission services through radio frequency signals.

This reminds me of a common question that has been blowing my inbox for the past few weeks. “What is the affordable phone plan in Singapore?” Well, picking one would be honestly unfair, since phone users vary from each other.

Nevertheless, there are factors to consider when selecting a phone plan that would suit you best.

Key factors to consider when selecting a phone plan

  • The reputation of the Service Provider

Putting the cell phone service provider’s reputation into consideration is a basic factor. This would allow you to know the kind of service they provide. Service providers who have been longer in the industry are mostly recommended. This would be because they would have been kicked out long ago if they had a bad reputation.

  • Cost of the plan

It would be fair to point out the fact that many of us live our day-to-day on a tight budget, and that would include our phone bills. Setting the overall amount you would be looking forward to spending on the phone bills would be well advised. Checking the service provider pricing structure would allow you to know if it fits within your budget.

  • Coverage

Looking out for their service services would be important to figure out if they would only offer you awesome services regionally or across all parts of the country. It would be hectic getting stuck out of town without any signals.
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  • Customer Service

Good customer service that prioritizes customer satisfaction in any organization makes them adorable. Once in a while, you would be having trouble with your phone service and you will be bound to contact customer services. Checking out for the best service providers who have good and friendly customer service policies would be essential.
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Top 3 Affordable phone plans in Singapore

  • Circles.Life

Circles life offers 100GB data with a 4G rollover, 100 talk time minutes, and 25 free SMS. Circles life offers no contract, free caller id, and the unused data are rolled over to the next months. The subscription cost is $18 monthly.

  • Zero 1

Zero provides you with unlimited data, free caller ID, and 450 outgoing minutes with 450 free SMS at $24.90/month.

  • MyRepublic

Subscription at $39.00, MyRepublic offers 4 GB data a day with 1000 outgoing minutes; free incoming calls, free caller ID, and 1000 SMS.

Phone Plan

Final thoughts

We all love phones because they keep us connected and entertained. However, buying a phone plan varies from one phone user to another. This mostly is because we all have different budgets. Putting the cost, customer service, coverage, and reputation of the service provider would be important in selecting the best one.

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