Lucid’s New All-Electric Sedan Will Let Owners Send Energy To Their Homes By Mid-2021

Lucid’s new all-Electric sedan will let owners send Energy to their Homes by mid-2021

by Amelia Scott — 4 years ago in Gadgets 2 min. read

Lucid Motors said Wednesday that its upcoming all-electric Air sedan will have fast-charging capability that will let owners add 300 miles of range to the battery in 20 minutes and a home-charging unit that will allow owners to send energy from their car to their home

Lucid stated it can reach this benchmark since the automobile has a 900-volt electric structure when coupled with its own lithium cells, both battery and thermal control system and powertrain efficiency. Most electric vehicles with the exclusion of the Porsche Taycan and prospective Kia EVs — possess a 400-volt structure.

There are limits to this charging; a motorist would have to get the proper DC fast charger, which aren’t exactly abundant right now. But this capacity does assess a significant box for EV owners.

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Though the Lucid Air is going to have an eye-popping assortment of over 500 kilometers — if its quotes are confirmed from the EPA — the rapid charging capacity helps remove some lingering array pressure and make long-distance journey more desired.

The business revealed a range of different details surrounding charging, such as the Air will utilize the worldwide CCS (joint charging platform) connector benchmark, making it compatible to people chargers.

The car will have a summit charging speed of over 300kW plus a 19.2kW AC onboard charger which could support AC charging speeds around 80 mph.
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Lucid also announced a partnership with Electrify America, VW Group’s U.S.-based charging community. Providers of the Air will be given three decades of charging charging in Electrify America chargers, including DC rapid charging.

Lucid has built a number of home based charging attributes, such as a partnership with Qmerit on installment of its attached home charging channel. But maybe the most fascinating characteristic is that Lucid has assembled”vehicle-to-everything” charging capacities in the Air and home charging unit.

This usually means that the automobile will have the ability to execute bi-directional charging between both automobiles as well as in the Air straight back to the operator’s house.
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Lucid especially mentioned that it might enable owners to offer a temporary energy book for their houses, such as”off grid holiday properties,” a specific detail that has to be popular with all the luxury EV proprietor. Lucid told TechCrunch this capacity will become available in mid 2021.

Lucid said it also intends to repurpose old batteries for energy storage. The initial prototype is currently installed in Lucid’s Silicon Valley headquarters, in which a group is working on creating a selection of energy storage solutions.


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