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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip gets a neat exclusive YouTube feature

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip gets a neat exclusive YouTube feature

Richard Gall
by Richard Gall — 3 months ago in Gadgets < 1 min. read

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip is possibly the sole foldable cellphone worth checking out now, and also a brand new YouTube feature demonstrates why.

Samsung declared a cooperation with Google to create YouTube app better for your phone’s clamshell form element. Now you can fold the telephone halfway, place it down to a level surface, and then devote the whole upper half on the movie. At the bottom half, you can look for additional videos or write remarks.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip phone - Samsung Galaxy Z Flip gets a neat exclusive YouTube feature

The folding point has a much better presentation than cutting the screen in half. Obviously, it will also accommodate various general aspect ratios. The widescreen video will look like the display above, while the square video and vertical video will fill the top half of the screen.

They are calling it Flex manner, incidentally. In accordance with Samsung’s press launch, anyone with a Galaxy Z Switch may find this flexible new variant of YouTube beginning Wednesday.

We do not assume there are a massive number of you awarded the $1,380 cost tag. Nevertheless, our own Brenda Stolyar must play a Galaxy Z twist back as it was okay to go outdoors.

She came off believing it had been an enjoyable, versatile apparatus which was more powerful to other foldable mobiles on the market. If Samsung can find the cost down and keep incorporating exclusive attributes in this way, foldable phones may just have a long time.

Richard Gall

Richard is senior editor of The Next Tech. He studied International Communication Management at the Hague University of Applied Sciences.

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