Why Is Air Conditioning A Lucrative Investment For Your Office Space?

Why is Air Conditioning a Lucrative Investment for Your Office Space?

by Alan Jackson — 3 years ago in Gadgets 2 min. read

No one can deny the importance of air conditioning in these times, not just in the summer but throughout the year. We all want a comfortable space where we can work, and we can certainly appreciate suitable temperatures all year round.

As a result, many more businesses are investing in air conditioning, as they know and understand a comfortable working environment can affect productivity in more ways than one. Also repair and maintain of AC is important. This is why many people look for AC Repair Fresno to enrich its productivity.

But why else is air conditioning a lucrative investment for your office space? Here are the answers to your top questions.

How air conditioning can make a difference in productivity

The main question that affects the debate on air conditioning for any office or business space is productivity. According to the FMJ or Facilities Management Journal, almost one-third of office staff or workers in the UK can lose their overall productivity because of an uncomfortable working environment.

On average, about 30% of workers cannot work as efficiently from 10 minutes to almost half an hour each day due to uncomfortable temperatures.

The survey from the FMJ further states that the wrong temperature in the office can cost businesses up to 2% of their office hours. This can equate to around £13 billion lost each year.

It’s therefore clear that your workers’ and staff’s productivity can be detrimentally affected by discomfort in their work environment – hence the increased popularity of proper air conditioning indoors.

Other major benefits

Air conditioning has other significant benefits, besides. Aside from regulating the indoor temperature and allowing for a more comfortable workplace, here are the other advantages you should know:
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1. You can easily adjust and control the temperature

Today’s systems are way more advanced than ever, allowing you to easily adjust and control the temperature with the click of a button. For example, if you set up a commercial air conditioning installation, you can easily adapt to outdoor influences such as extreme heat or even snow.

Air conditioning systems can rapidly respond and react to variations in temperature outdoors, which allows you to conveniently stabilise your indoor temperature according to what’s happening outside.

Go for a more advanced and sophisticated AC system. It can actually ‘recover’ warm air from warm spots or areas and redistribute this air to cool spots or areas inside your office or business space.

2. You can have an energy-efficient system

You can take advantage of more energy-efficient installations, allowing you to save on your electricity bills. The system you choose can also provide heating, and it can provide even better energy efficiency for your workplace.

If you have a larger space, you can choose to have a VRV or VRF system, which can cool or heat individual spaces or areas to suit different requirements.
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3. You can protect your staff (and your equipment) from the effects of humidity

Humidity can be the bane of any office worker, and it’s not good for furniture and equipment, either. A humid workplace can make the indoor space feel too hot, but apart from this, the humidity can result in the accumulation and buildup of mildew and mold. A high humidity level will not only affect your staff – it will also affect your equipment and furniture and lessen their lifespan.

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