5 Things To Help Make Your Office Space More Client-friendly

5 Things to help make your Office Space more client-friendly

by John Moran — 3 years ago in Development 2 min. read

If you run a business that necessitates the need for lots of face-to-face client contact, then your office space must look the part. The more professional and comfortable your set-up is, the more likely your clients will feel like they are in safe hands.

If yours isn’t the most attractive or you feel that it’s missing a certain appeal, then keep reading. We’ve put together a list of 5 things that could help make your office space more client-friendly.

5 things to help make your office space more client-friendly

Have someone there to greet them

The last thing you want is a client coming to your office and there being no-one around. Not only can it be annoying, but it’s also unprofessional, so make sure someone is always there to meet and greet. A dedicated reception area is always a good idea if you have regular visitors.
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Make sure your reception area feels welcoming

First impressions count, so your reception area must look neat and tidy at all times. Clients may spend a good ten minutes waiting, so the more relaxing and professional it is, the better the impression they will have. If it is looking rather worn out, freshen things up with some new decor.

A coat of paint can make a big difference to any space and doesn’t have to cost a lot. Add splashes of contrasting color by using art on the walls, or another great option is to use commercial grade planters and have an array of plants on display. Have some magazines available to read and make sure your furniture is comfortable and well laid out.

Accessible meeting space

If you are looking to allocate space within your office for meetings with clients, make sure these rooms are easily accessed. If clients have to walk through a busy office filled with staff to get to the meeting room, they may encounter some things along the way that are best left unseen.

Whether it be colleagues chatting about what they did at the weekend, desks covered in paperwork, or a general feeling of disorganization, it could all change a client’s perception of your business. Accessible meeting rooms located as close to reception as possible will help keep things client-friendly.

Make sure it’s clean

Cleanliness is crucial, so if you don’t already have commercial cleaners coming in, it’s worth hiring someone. If a client walks into a meeting room or reception area and bins are overflowing, coffee cups are dirty, or dust is everywhere, they are unlikely to find it very appealing.

A clean and tidy space will make them feel more comfortable and help them believe that you take pride in everything you do.
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Client-friendly technology

Making an office client-friendly can also be done via technology. Technology that allows you to have video meetings, for example, may make things far easier for your clients.

Good, reliable IT systems will help when it comes to communication too. If a client can make contact whenever necessary and knows that there will be no delays in giving or receiving information, it could make a big difference.

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