4 Common Truck Accident Injuries You Might Suffer

4 Common Truck Accident Injuries You Might Suffer

by Susan — 3 years ago in Health 3 min. read

Truck accidents happen sometimes, and when they do, they can be so much more dangerous than regular car collisions. Commercial trucks are gigantic vehicles, so you can imagine how much damage they can do if one of them runs into you. Sometimes, driver error can cause such a crash, but other times, brake failure or some other mechanical issue can cause it.

If a truck accident happens, many different injury varieties can occur. Let’s talk about some of the more frequent ones and how they can impact your life going forward.

4 Common Truck Accident Injuries You Might Suffer

Road Rash

For this article, let’s say that a truck’s brakes failed, and that’s why it collided with your vehicle. That’s relatively rare, but it does happen.

Tractor-trailer brakes need to be able to stop up to 164,000 pounds. The federal weight limit is actually 80,000 pounds, but some states do allow trucks to tow up to two trailers at once.

If a truck carrying such a massive load can’t stop in time, it can cause catastrophic damage even if it just gives you a little nudge. Road rash can occur if that happens, but generally not if you’re in a hard-top car or truck. If you’re in a convertible or you’re riding a motorcycle at the time, that’s when you might have to deal with road rash.

Road rash happens when you slide along the blacktop, and it takes off some of your top skin layers. It’s difficult to even think about such a thing happening.

If it occurs, you might have to undergo skin grafts. You also might have permanent scarring.

You may have to take weeks or months to recover, during which you might not be able to work. You may have to bring a lawsuit against the trucking company to recover your lost wages and cover your various medical bills.
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A Traumatic Brain Injury

You might also sustain a traumatic brain injury, which some medical professionals abbreviate as TBI. A concussion is one TBI variety, though not all TBIs are necessarily concussions.

The brain is one of your most crucial body parts. You cannot function correctly without it. Depending on which section of the brain the truck accident injured, you might need to relearn how to walk and talk.

You might not be able to understand speech as well as you once could. You might even hit your head and lapse into a coma, which can last for days, weeks, or even years in some cases. Also, brain injuries are problematic because even if you sustain one that seems minor, it makes dementia much more likely when you’re an older adult.

Broken Bones

Truck accidents can break your bones. You might have a fracture or a compound fracture. With this second variety, the bone protrudes through the skin.

If a truck accident breaks multiple bones, the recovery time can be months from that as well. You might have to wear a sling or a cast. You may need a wheelchair to get around for a while, or you might require a walker or a cane.

You might need surgery to reset the bone if it’s out of alignment. You could have months of painful physical therapy ahead if you have to relearn how to walk and do other essential tasks.

You might require strong pain meds during the recovery as well, so you’ll have to be careful not to do overdo it. Opioid addiction is always possible, and you must take care to avoid it.
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Pulled or Torn Muscles

A truck accident can pull or tear a muscle. Some of these pulls or tears are not too serious. You might be able to recover with rest. You can deal with the pain with over-the-counter medication and cold compresses.

If you tear a muscle more severely, you might need to have an operation to repair the injury. For instance, a torn rotator cuff that’s worse than fifty percent often requires surgery. That’s a 4 to 6-month recovery time, and you’ll have to attend plenty of physical therapy classes.

These are a few of the myriad truck accident injuries that you can suffer. You might also sustain a face or eye injury, spinal cord damage, or burns. It all depends on whether the truck hit your vehicle squarely or if it tapped you.

In either case, if you’re sure that the truck driver or their company caused what happened, you can hire an experienced lawyer and take legal action against them.


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