4 Apps That Greatly Boost Your Quality Of Life

4 Apps that Greatly Boost Your Quality of Life

by Alycia Gordan — 4 years ago in Mobile Apps 4 min. read

Can you claim that your whole life is in order? Do you feel like there is no space for improvement in your living, and everything is under control?

As per our evaluation, only five to ten percent of the population can make such claims. The rest feels like their life is a mess. They fail to keep a balance between essentials and luxuries. It results in chaos, and consequently, the person feels under pressure.

Luckily for us, technology is here to the rescue. It offers meaningful programs that will help us to upgrade our life quality. Take social apps, for instance. The basic motive of these apps was to help people connect.

However, these apps also have the potential to throw users into stress and anxiety. When it hits you that some other person has all that you can only dream of, you may feel outcast and angry. On the flip side, there are many other apps in the market that work to enhance the overall quality of life through varying interventions.

These days, Google Play Store is home to 3.5 million apps, while the App Store has over 2.2 million applications. Given the numbers, it is apt to state that finding a relevant app to improve your life’s quality is a tough deed. You need to make sure that the app you choose is appropriate and aligns with your priorities.

We sifted through hundreds of these apps and rounded up the following list for our readers. So let’s get down to it:

  1. GoTribe

Available on: Android and iOS

GoTribe is the fitness app that gives you the power to control your health metrics. Typically, you work out with a trainer. And the app allows you to store your fitness results related to Heart Rate and Training.

Its CEO and Co-Founder, Chris Hodges, launched this app intending to give users better control over their fitness. By connecting it to the Tribe Trainer, you can read live heart rate streaming, measurements, workout results, and many other things.

There is also an option to share your results with other people on your team or “tribe.” Plus, you can choose to share your results on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. This option of sharing your numbers drives other people on the tribe to work harder.

Constant support from the trainers and cheering that you receive on incredible numbers is indeed a motivation. And we are all aware of how a consistent exercise pattern brings countless benefits to our health.

  1. Tasty

Available on: Android and iOS

What is more exciting than satisfying your taste buds, right? But laziness might take over the best of us. We would rather order online than cooking food for ourselves.

There is no need to spend those extra bucks anymore. Tasty is an app that contains mouth-watering dishes. A single tap on the screen, and you can learn how to make delicious food in little time. There are more than 3000 recipes on this app, and they lead you at every step of the way. Not only that, but there are useful filters where you can enter your requirements. For instance, you can ask for recipes with five or fewer ingredients.

Tasty is the fastest growing sector of Buzzfeed. It successfully reaches 500 million people per month. Its secret sauce to success is the fact that it has a friendly user-interface, and it contains thousands of recipes for people of all age groups. It’s the number of recipes that enable it to take the lead among all other cooking applications.

  1. Instead

Available on: iOS

Instead is an app that motivates you to make money-saving choices. Then it asks the user to take some of their money and spend it in welfare or contribute it to an organization. There is a competitive component integrated into this app. It helps to spread the message and encourage more people to participate.

When you have this app on your phone, you will learn how to cut off the clutter from your life. Consequently, a minimalistic living will bring more peace to your life and mental wiring.

Bear in mind that you must check the authenticity of the developers before you install an app on your phone. Scrutinize the developing company and find out if there is any corruption associated with its programming.  Thankfully, there are many developers in the digital landscape who work to promote security and optimum performance. They are trying to deliver highly secure apps like AirG spam free apps and the likes.

  1. Headspace

Available on: Android and iOS

You feel more productive and lively when your heart and mind are at peace. Yet the hustle of the current day steals away the harmony from your life.

Headspace is a meditation app that targets novice meditators as well as those who recently learned the concept of mindfulness. It targets the entire universal audience, and they can practice mindfulness in daily activities like cooking or while walking down the street. Also, for the beginners, there is a ten-day free program that features ten sessions of ten minutes each.

Founded by Andy Puddicombe and Richard Pierson in May 2010, this app tends to uplift the people who are close to burning out due to monotony. Special soundtracks help you loosen up. Emma Watson also endorses this app to be an ultimate soother for a turbulent state of mind.

Final Word

Maintaining a good quality of life is vital for all human beings. It enables you to confront difficult times like illnesses with a brave face. Apart from using all the apps and tech toys to upgrade your life, you must also possess strong willpower. All efforts will fail if you do not have enough courage.

Bringing about even a minimal change in your life is not simple. Sometimes, you may have to sacrifice the luxuries. So wake up the digital ninja in you and transform your living in unimaginable ways!

Are you ready to join this tide and improve your quality of life? Share your views. We would love to hear you out.

Alycia Gordan

Alycia Gordan is a freelance writer who loves to read and write articles on healthcaretechnology, fitness and lifestyle. She is a tech junkie and divides her time between travel and writing.

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