6 Online Platforms To Help You Edit Your Essay

6 Online Platforms to Help You Edit Your Essay

by Joshua Brainy — 3 years ago in Mobile Apps 4 min. read

Writing an essay is probably what all students hate the most. It’s a tedious, nerve-racking, and boring process. But the assignments still need to be done, right? The good thing is, we live in times when there are helpful sites and applications for almost everything. And of course, for writing and editing essays too.

If you’re asking yourself “what could I use to help me compose, edit and proofread my paper?” then this article is for you. Because here we listed some interesting online platforms that will certainly come in handy.

6 Online Platforms to Help You Edit Your Essay

Hemingway App

Hemingway App is what numerous professional writers use. This site analyzes the text and gives a breakdown of how readable it is. It notices, highlights, and suggests things that could be improved:

  • The number of adverbs
  • Excessive passive voice usage
  • Phrases with simpler alternatives
  • Hard to read sentences
  • Very hard to read sentences

Also, it rates the text, with the lowest grades being awarded the easier it is to read. Also, the statistics on the whole composition are provided, stating how many words, sentences, and such are used in the text.

The goal is to give one an understanding of how readable the writing is so that you could adjust it to achieve the best result.

And of course, the ability to write, edit and receive feedback on the complexity without leaving the site is a huge advantage. Nobody likes to switch between 7 different tabs.

OneLook Thesaurus and Reverse Dictionary

There are plenty of different dictionaries and thesauruses on the web, so what makes this one special? The first and the most important point is obviously the database. The secret is, OneLook uses DataMuse API to provide you with as many results as it can.

What it does is combines some word analyzing software and linguistic resources to search for and choose different variations of word usage and its meanings all around the internet and its databases.

That’s why whenever you need to find a synonym for a certain word, OneLook will give you almost 100 variants and words that could replace it.

Also, it’s not limited to words only. One can find synonyms for a few words or even whole sentences. And of course, for the best experience, the developers also made a plugin for GoogleDocs, so that now it’s not even needed to visit the site itself.


Online Platforms

You may have heard about this one already. Grammarly has become one of the most popular apps for writers lately. And its fame is well deserved. Grammarly automatically reads what you’re writing in real-time to give some feedback on what can be improved and what is wrong.

Unlike Hemingway App, which is aimed at improving readability, this online platform targets grammar and syntax. It checks misspelled words, typos, punctuation, wrong sentence composition, and so on. But it doesn’t simply highlight them, it also suggests a better option, while also providing short 1 or 2 sentences of explanation.

What is even better, the basic version of Grammarly is completely free. And that’s a perfect example of when “basic” really means “everything essential for writing”. You absolutely don’t need to buy the full version to receive decent feedback.

However, some more advanced suggestions like ones about unclear sentences or more precise word choices are only available through premium subscriptions.


The name speaks for itself. ClicheFinder is a very simple site that has only one goal. To find cliches and highlight them. Because if you want the essay to be unique, cliches need to be avoided as much as possible. Right, sometimes they might be useful to add some tone or realism to the writing, but in most cases, it’s not relevant to your essays.

The interface couldn’t get any more simple than this site. Just paste the text into the box and press “find cliches”.

It will highlight them but that’s pretty much it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t provide automatic corrections, but not everything has to be automated. And the lack of analogs for such service still serves as a huge advantage.
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Almost all essays have to be checked for plagiarism. Not only that, but you should be personally interested in composing a unique text. Any similarities to other essays or well-known resources won’t be accepted by most teachers. And Quetext is the perfect platform to prevent that.

Quetext runs through the writing, compares it to hundreds of thousands of articles, essays, and basically any texts available on the internet.

It pretty much stands out from all the similar resources, because its search engine can go much deeper than its rivals.

But, as you could guess, it’s not limited to just that. This plagiarism detector finds all the sources with similarities in writing and highlights them in your text. That way you’re easily able to change the sentences accordingly to keep the essay as unique as possible.


While writing an essay about a certain topic, sometimes it’s needed to use professional jargons that are related to the subject.

For example, composing text about software engineering or any other complex processes may require professional terms. But the mistake many students do is that sometimes they use jargon excessively in addition to these professional terms.

Of course, that results in poor readability of the whole paper writers. That’s where De-Jargonizer comes to help.

It finds the issues and just like any other service, highlights them. An additional short breakdown is also provided, along with some statistics and the score for “suitability for the general audience”. Overall, this is a perfect service to achieve the best readability of the text.
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Final Words

The best part of this list is that all of these platforms are free. But even more important is that any of these online platforms would be useful not only for students but for anyone willing to improve the writing skills, check themselves, or receive feedback, be it a professional writer or blogger.

Joshua Brainy

Joshua Brainy is a literary Writer. She was born in San Francisco and has lived most of her life in Los Angeles. She believes that poetry can change the world, and she uses it to inspire and empower young people.

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