Construction Strong Roots Of Living: Reasons To Invest In Real Estate Mobile App Development

Construction Strong Roots of Living: Reasons to Invest in Real Estate Mobile App Development

by Robert Adixon — 4 years ago in Mobile Apps 6 min. read

Gone are the times when people use to head from one broker to another broker and hunt for houses. Searching there perfect space and a place they could call it “home” All the users now need to do is click or swipe on their real estate mobile app and voila they have all the necessary options in front of them.

In today’s era more than one fifth of the population tend to use real estate mobile apps that tends to buy search and sell properties. And there is no surprise to the fact that the search in property on mobile app has escalated by 120% mark in the passing years.

It is not only limited to the buyers, but the mobile app tends to serve a common platform for sellers, agents and other brokers that in turn aids in helping the business. Thus, this clearly explains that having a mobile App for real estate is not only beneficial, but vital too. And that is the reason why to convince our audiences we jotted down all the possible pointer that would help them to make a solid decision on whether to invest on such an app or not.

But Before Building a Real Estate Mobile App: What Features to Include?

Before building a real estate app, the android app creator or iOS developers need to take proper care of the experts and developers that tends to include the following feature:

1. Engaging Designs:

The first thing that tends to draw massive attention is the beautiful design that it consists of. Not only this, but the appealing design tends to enhance the user experience too.

2. Interactive apps:


The app should be offering the user with all the possible options along with the sections.

3. Simple to navigate:

Hassle-free navigation is the key to a successful app. A smooth, flawless app without any hiccups tends to convert new users into loyal customers.

4.Custom Notifications:

The app should give options to the users that tend to receive various notifications concerning the properties that they are interested in. Besides this, the app notifies the users all about the latest information that is in regards to the property.

5. Sort and Filter:

sort and filter

The developer needs to make sure that they need to include and sort filter options. It enables the users to custom navigate a property that is based on his requirement. There should be many other options such as price, range, locality, maps and other similar capabilities.

6. Congenial across various platforms:

This is the mobile app that should be compatible across many platforms that tends to drive more traffic. As users are spread across multiple platforms, the developer needs to verify that the app is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows.

7. Customer Panel characteristic:

The user should be granted with the option to register, property search, details of the property along with the app and subscription of the property listing.

8. Admin Panel:

Admin panel

Panel must introduce a host of a characteristic that enables easy management of properties, management of revenue, user management and whatnot. It should also consist of features that will allow a substantial addition or removal of the properties. Not only this, but it should support customer management also, including currency converter and subscription package management.

9. Advanced features:

The mobile app that you are constructing should involve some of the advanced features that are a lease calculator, heat map, Geolocation, Notifications, lead management, a mail reminder system, interest calculator, and so on.

The Reasons to Invest in Mobile App

Whatever may be the business, technology is critical to expanding the reach of potential customers. If a business fails to adopt the latest technology, it will fail to sustain for any longer.

Real estate mobile app is no exception. Here are some of the reasons that we would like to brief you with on Android App Development:

Enhanced Business Presence

Business person

Searching for information in your desktop PC for the required data and information is the thing in the past. The online platform has to target audience that tends to look for products and services, which is more accurate than the traditional methods and procedures. Incorporation of social media into the platform that you are constructing tends to allow you to share information with your friends and other people. This enhances visibility.

Effective Conversion Rate

In today’s era, whenever we are in doubt, we take the glory light of knowledge either from the internet from apps that have been downloaded. Same is the case with these real estate apps; even when people hire real estate agent, they tend to march towards the app to seek any information regarding properties. Instead of potentially searching for other platforms, the user gets all the information at one place. This leads to a prospective client that later turn into potential customers.

User Experience

User experience

An app that has been designed superbly includes all the technical properties that start from the real estate, including the property details, embedded pictures, location details, legal status, and so on. The comprehensive data that is offered in the app tends to help the user to make potential financial decisions and requests. Provided if push notifications are added in the app, it tends to alert the user about all the information in the app. Thus, it informs the users about all the latest news in the properties that they are interested in.

One Platform for Buyers and Sellers

The mobile app serves a bridge and fills the gap between both buyers and sellers. The buy tends to get a view on the property without the need to physically visit the venue. They tend to view the property from all possible angles before making any decisions. This would help the user to save ample amount of money and time, but would also fetch genuine customers to your app. Furthermost the offer tends to offer options where the user can attach pictures, images, sq. Feet etc.

Updation of the app for feedback

If you are constructing an app then and want to succeed in your ventures, then you have to make sure that you get a solid section where your customers can fill in the review. It tends to bring an active user base that in return, generates a decent about of revenue and ROI to your business. Thus, there is a proper need for you to focus on the user feedback and upgrade the app continuously so that you can feed your customers well.
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Benefits of Building a Real Estate App

Now that every detail and write up and been provided to you on why building a real estate app is not a bad idea, the iPhone Developer and android developer might be wondering that what is there in for you specifically!

Well, the additional advantages that would knock your doorsteps would be:

      • Massive customer engagement and conversions
      • Good coordination between you and the buyer or even with the property owner for that matter.
      • You would be able to stay connected with your potential customer at the very hour of the day, at any time at any place.
      • The user would be able to view the property while sitting at home and saving a lot of time and money. Ps: Additional talks too!
      • The buyer would have every possible data that is related to the property that they wish to buy.
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In the Nutshell

As technology is advancing with the passing years, it is essential for every business out there to adapt to the change even when it means going completely digital, and providing the user with the best experience.

Whatever may be the reason all the buyer needs is a place they can call it home. When it comes to the property owner, all they need is a potential audience that is turned into customers. The introduction of these apps has brought a revolution to the contemporary world. Thus, Hire iPhone App Developer or Android developer that would walk with you on this path.

To fetch more and more ROI, the business owners need to understand that revolution in technology is the very first step which they need to adopt to save up for the future. If you have any difficulties related to the above topic or feel the need to provide feedback, then you can write to us in the comment section below. The professionals would try to answer each question of yours, and present you with a necessary aid too.

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