Cybersecurity: IoT Devices That Are The Most Targeted By Hackers

Cybersecurity: IoT Devices That Are The Most Targeted By Hackers

by David Smith — 4 years ago in Mobile Apps 3 min. read

The Internet of Things has possibly become a fundamental target for cybercrime. There have been a number of security threats on IoT App Development in the last few years.

The proliferation of various interconnected devices across the organizations and their potential vulnerabilities have created a blindspot for the cybercriminals.

With this security loophole, they can launch cyberattacks to compromise the connected devices. Let us follow through the IoT segments prone to cyber-attacks:

Major Threats To security for IoT devices

More than half of the IoT enabled devices are potentially vulnerable to low or high-security risks and attacks. Even the hacker can easily use all these devices to wreak havoc.

The IoT App Development Company has to be vigilant about the top risks associated with the IoT devices. This includes-

Botnets –

They can combine various systems to hold control of the victim’s system or device remotely. The cybercriminal from here can easily harvest personal and confidential data and execute attacks.

Man-In-The-Middle Attack –

During this type of attack, the hacker can intercept active communication by compromising the communication channel. Once they gain control over the channel, they start transmitting illegitimate messages.

The IoT App Development-based devices can share confidential information or data in real-time. Man-in-the-middle attacks can threaten the industrial equipment, autonomous vehicles for other devices and can have disastrous consequences from it.

Smart Security Camera –

We all have seen it in the movies, and we know exactly how it works. Breaching the security camera is the first step of a serious cyber attack. When exploited further, the attack also allows hackers to easily view the footage and accept the audio and video remotely.

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Smart TVs –

Various IoT application development companies have addressed it to be an overlooked or neglected security threat. But the cyber attackers can not only monitor the unsecured Smart TV for shuffling the channels or volume controls, but they can also stalk your every movement and conversation. The cyberattack here is executed with a microphone or a hidden camera.

Smart Home Highly Vulnerable –

A recent case has been reported where a couple offered when unknown intruders hacked their smart home setup. Whenever smart homes are hacked, at first, people often confuse them with a technical glitch.

This is potentially mentioned by various IoT mobile app development companies. However, slowly and progressively, the hackers can corrupt the home set up within a few minutes.

Coffee Machines –
Various smart coffee machines are connected to the internet through IoT-enabled applications. This makes them an easy target for hackers to steal information from the owner or their card details.

The fact that coffee machines are not designed keeping security concerns in mind, which makes them more vulnerable and easy targets for hackers.

Printers –

The connected printers in the company premises are potential threats of cyberattacks. It is obvious that the printers are connected to the admin panel, employee panel, as well as part-time interns or other professionals. Hence the bridge at any segment can corrupt the entire setup of the company.

How To Secure The IoT Devices

It is one of the questions that have remained unaddressed by the IoT App Development Company. In spite of the risks associated with the cause, the prevalence of IoT enabled devices is never stopping.

Considering the growth and acceptance of IoT solutions, various organizations are improving their security measures and catching up with the latest means to prevent cyber-attacks. 

There are a number of steps that can be taken by users as well as businesses to secure the IoT. For example, keep the connection between the devices encrypted by all means.

It can be done like encrypting the computer connected with the help of a virtual private network. Encrypting the devices creates a tunnel between the internet and the connected devices.

Hence it will remain unreadable for an attack, and it is also one of the easiest ways to create a secure and private network. Some IoT application development company relies on virtual private network services.

This option is worth considering because of its multiple features and price models. You can also combine this with a number of access management control tools in order to bolster security.
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Over the last few years, IoT mobile app development has grown exponentially. These solutions have become more common in workplaces or houses and smart speakers, thermostat, light, and a number of IoT enabled devices are found almost everywhere.

The connectivity and prevalence of these devices have also developed an inherent risk of security attacks upon them.

It is equally true that anything which is connected to the internet has vulnerabilities and is prone to cyber-attacks. By undertaking preventive measures and investing in the anti-cyber-attack policies, you can possibly prevent such threats in the future.

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