Everything About Uber Pro, One Of The Best Reward Programs

Everything about Uber Pro, One of the best Reward Programs

by Vishal Virani — 5 years ago in Mobile Apps 5 min. read

Like me, many other people appreciate Uber every day for making our life simple. But there is one group of people, who were not happy with the Uber until Uber launched one of the best reward programs for them. 

Yes, we are talking about Uber drivers for whom Uber has recently launched a reward program named Uber Pro. However, it is the beta program and so, it is available only in a few cities of Mexico, India, and the USA. But sensing how well it is going to help drivers to recognize their commitments and efforts in the future, we have to discuss it, now. 

In this blog, you will get to know why Uber suddenly started thinking about the welfare of its drivers. But first, let’s talk about Uber Pro service in a very comprehensive way. 

What is Uber Pro? 

According to Uber, they are aware of the fact that a few drivers work full time as the Uber drivers and Uber is their only source of income. But, since they are independent contractors, Uber can’t offer them all the benefits which they are giving to hired staff. 

Thus, to help drivers with financial sustainability, Uber has finally launched a very impressive reward program for the drivers. According to this new reward program, Uber will now pay up to 6% more to the drivers. They will also provide other benefits like 25% off on car maintenance, priority support, airport priority rematch, free roadside assistance, free dent repair, 5% cash back on gas and trip promotions.    

But don’t get excited now. Uber’s reward program comes with two major catches. 

This reward program is only available in a few cities of USA, India, and Mexico. And, in order to nab all the benefits which we have just discussed, drivers have to earn points by performing in a way Uber wants. 

So, now let’s discuss possible ways to earn points and get rewarded with a few scarce benefits. 

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Uber Pro Point System 

The only way drivers can make them accessible to Uber Pro reward program is by earning sufficient points. With the points, drivers can unlock any reward level from the available three rewards levels – gold, platinum, and diamond. 

Here it is worth to mention that all these reward levels offer different benefits which we will discuss later in this blog.

But, to unlock a Gold Reward level, the driver needs to have a minimum of 600 points. 

The platinum level can only be unlocked with the 1200 point. Whereas, 

1800 points are needed to get the Diamond Uber Pro driver tag.

To count the points, Uber has described a few methods. 

  • Drivers should have a high rating (minimum 4.85) and low cancellation rate(lower than 4%). 
  • To earn points, drivers are advised to work at certain hours and at a certain time in a week. 


  • Uber counts driver’s earned points after every 3 months. 

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Uber Pro Reward Levels 

Time traveling to the last paragraph, Uber puts drivers into one of three different reward levels based on how many points they have earned in the period of 3 months.  And drivers will then get benefits based on in which reward tier Uber has put them. 

Following is the list of different benefits a driver can acquire from different reward levels. This list has been documented after studying Uber’s official press release.  

Gold ( 300 to 600 points) 

  • Priority support 
  • Roadside assistance
  • Discounted car maintenance service 
  • 3% cash back when drivers use Uber’s visa debit card at gas stations 
  • Trip promotions 
  • See trip duration  

Platinum reward (600 to 1200 points) 

  • 3% more earning 
  • 4% cash back at gas stations with Uber’s debit card 
  • Priority support 
  • Free roadside assistance 
  • Better quest promotions 
  • Discounted car maintenance service 
  • 100% free enrollment to Arizona State University’s online classes. If the driver is aged, his son or daughter can avail of this benefit. 

Diamond reward ( 1800 and more)    

  • Earn 6% more 
  • 5% cash back at gas stations when drivers pay using Uber’s visa debit card 
  • Discounted car maintenance 
  • Trip promotions 
  • See trip duration 
  • Priority support 
  • Complimentary dent repair 
  • 100% free enrollment to Arizona State University’s online classes. If the driver is aged, his son or daughter can avail of this benefit. 
  • More airport pickup requests 

Wondering how much a Uber driver, having diamond status can earn more than a regular driver? Let’s calculate. 

Suppose, he is working 40 hours in a week and completing 120 rides. Since he owns a diamond status, he will get 6% bonus on the earning. That bonus will add around $75 in his one week earning. Multiplying it with the 52 weeks in a year, it would be more than $3000. On top of this, if he spends $100 on fuel each week, he would save $250 in a year as he also gets 5% cash back on fuels. 

However, if a driver fails to maintain high rating and low cancellation rate even after getting awarded with any one of three reward levels, Uber can discontinue the benefits he is getting. Thus, Uber encourages Uber Pro drivers to maintain a minimum of 4.75 ratings with 10% cancellation rate. If it drops, drivers lose all earned points and they need to earn it back from scratch.  

But a very important question is still unanswered,

Why all of sudden Uber starts caring its drivers?

I have been writing on Uber and its business strategy for a quite long time, but I honestly didn’t get any chance to applause Uber for its efforts to please drivers. But Uber’s Uber Pro reward program reached me on cloud nine; I finally get something good of Uber to write about. 

However, when we dig deep inside into the reason of Uber’s sudden affection to drivers, we come to know that Uber launched this feature to keep itself alive in the cutthroat competition of taxi booking apps industry.   

Currently, drivers do have a lot of choices for different ridesharing companies to work. In fact, many drivers are registered on more than one ridesharing company. In such a situation, keeping the flow of supply in terms of drivers becomes a crucial challenge to overcome for ridesharing companies. Thus, they are offering many programs for the welfare of the drivers. Uber’s Uber Pro program is one such program which was launched just to make sure drivers won’t join some other platform. 

In the nutshell 

While Uber’s Uber Pro reward program is very purposive for the drivers who work full time in a big city and earn well, drivers from the small towns can raise questions about their welfare. So, there is no doubt that Uber will soon have to start thinking about them too. But for now, with this reward program, Uber revealed its ambition to keep the throne of number one ridesharing company with them. Many other ridesharing companies have also started paying more heed to the drivers may be because the gig economy is becoming more stronger than past few years when gig workers weren’t treated as an ‘employee’, even though he is the major resource of the company. So, don’t be surprised if, in the future, a gig worker will earn more than a hired employee.  

Vishal Virani

Vishal Virani is a Founder and CEO of Coruscate Solutions, a leading Uber-like taxi app development company. He enjoys writing about the vital role of mobile apps for different industries, custom web development, and the latest technology trends.

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