Google Apps Will Get Privacy Labels In Apple's App Store Soon

Google apps will get privacy labels in Apple’s App Store soon

by Amelia Scott — 3 years ago in Mobile Apps 2 min. read

Unlike to reports, Google isn’t delaying updates to its own iOS apps as it doesn’t wish to comply with Apple’s recently declared App Shop Privacy Labels coverage.

The new policy, part of the organization’s bigger privacy drive, needs developers to disclose the way that information is gathered from App Store users and utilized to monitor them.

Google isn’t taking a stand against the labels. It’s, in actuality, preparing to roll out solitude tags across its large iOS app catalogue when this week or another.

Google’s apps after a narrative by Quick Company now that theorized that Google’s downturn on releasing iOS app upgrades could be since it wasn’t prepared to be transparent regarding the information that it collects from its customers.

The report said that “not one” of Google’s apps were upgraded since December 7, 2020 — coincidentally, only 1 day prior to Apple’s new solitude tag demands went into effect to the App Store.

It went on to indicate the late November to early December time period when a lot of Google’s iOS apps were upgraded was another sign that Google was hoping to squeeze in several last updates prior to the app solitude tag deadline.

There are a couple issues with speculation, however.

For starters, Google really did upgrade two of its own apps following the deadline — but these upgrades did not consist of privacy labels.
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Google Slides, the slideshow demo app and a few of Google’s more important apps in the productivity area, has been updated on December 14, 2020. And Socratic by Google, a homework helper and also the No. 7 free app from the Education group, was updated on December 15. (We fact-checked this information using Sensor Tower’s help, as Google’s iOS catalogue is nearing 100 iPhone apps!)

While it can look Google is skirting Apple’s new rules, we have to also be cautious about reading too much into the upgrade time.

A lag in December app upgrades is not uncommon by any stretch. Nor can it be suspicious to see app modifications pushed from the general public in the weeks prior to Christmas and New Year’s since the Apple’s App Store itself shuts down on the holiday season. This season, The App Store closed from December 23 through December 27, 2020 because of its yearly break.

And like other big businesses, Google proceeds a code freeze in late December through early January, in order to not cause big apps with its services and products over the vacations if staff is out.

Google also is not the only significant app publisher that postponed a direct embrace of app solitude labels. Amazon and Pinterest have not yet upgraded with solitude labels at the time of writing, such as.

Obviously, none of this would be to state that app privacy labels are not an issue for Google, given its principal business is marketing. In reality, they are being taken very seriously — with execs attending meetings to talk about this kind of thing.

Apple might have given Google a few leeway on the topic, it appears, as it enabled Google’s apps to upgrade after the deadline without even submitting the solitude tag details. (That probably will not make happy smaller programmers who worked to comply with the deadline, yet.)
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Reached for comment, a Google spokesperson confirmed that the company has a strategy to add privacy tags across its app catalogue.

They also verified the labels are expected to start rolling out when this week or next week, even though an specific date isn’t yet available.

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