Busting Top 6 IOS App Development Myths

Busting Top 6 iOS App Development Myths

by Akshit Chaku — 3 years ago in Mobile Apps 4 min. read

An app for your business! I think it is not something extraordinary am stating or asking for here, because this is one of the most ubiquitous aspects that we can’t avoid.

Every business has a goal to meet and to increase the company’s revenue and expansion to larger geographies, and indeed here an app solution changes the game for every business.

However, in this run, there are few points that make you grow reluctant to commit to having a mobile app developed because there are myths that are obstructing the way.

Let’s give it a look with this post…

Myth 1- A pile of the functions is all that you require

The more the merrier! Ahh, this statement doesn’t suit the app category. Well, most of us live with a misconnection to give benefits to the user in abundance, but what we fail to understand is the excess of everything is bad, and brings more harm than any good. 

A mobile app has to offer a clear and defined purpose, and that can be served with the lesser and much-advanced way of features and functionalities.

If you provide users with too many functions then your main aim behind the app gets lost somewhere, and you fail to find out what exactly your app has got to offer.

Give them a balanced taste of every but required functionality to start with, giving too much can only destroy the app, so keep it minimal and required.
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Myth 2- Custom app development; will burn a hole in your pocket

The concept of making an app on the iOS platform has really much more to offer than meets the eyes. But app owners have a constant fear in their mind to increase the cost out of the limit, and this creates a huge barrier to enter their business in the app world. 

But you are wrong, the advent of technologies has led to a much-improved way of trying your hands at different methods to build an app that fits budget constraints.

Yes, you got me right. I am referring to the React Native and Flutter framework that helps businesses to build a scalable app solution for iOS and Android together, which costs them millions.

Myth 3- Graphics determine success

Yeah, animation and graphics are the two most prominent factors that decide user engagement and results in a successful app. Here the role of visual appeal has a lot to do to retain and trigger initial app downloads. 

But giving a high-end dosage of graphics to attain success is not a valuable idea. As there are many aspects that help users to stay engaged with the app and depending solely on graphics is a bad choice. 

Myth 4- iOS app development goes well with mid-process changes

To be honest, the mid-process changes in the app development journey have got nothing to do with iOS or any other platform, but the chosen app builder.

The agility of an app development company comes into practice then it handles the ebbs and flows of the app. But going too far with this approach can create a mental block, as you don’t get to see your vision getting executed well, and somehow gives an impact that you are not sure of your own requirements. This spells out several other issues as well, as a minor change can alter the entire process, and break the rhythm. 

Hence, it is very much important for your business to get a hold of the concept much before initiating the app development journey. Making the changes in between will not just hamper the flow, but consumes more time and money you have planned for your app.
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Myth 5- iOS app development is an expensive journey

This point could go valid a few years ago when new technologies or frameworks were still in their nascent stages.

However, now frameworks like React Native and Flutter have broken the taboo, leading to a much seamless journey for the developers and business owners alike. You can get a scalable yet affordable app solution built just for your business needs.

And no prize for guessing but this also leads businesses to make their apps available on other development platforms as well, without increasing the cost.

Myth 6- An iOS app is all about coding

I agree, iOS is more rigid towards the precision to quality and impeccable app performance, where you cannot compromise with any element related to the app.

But here you should know that an iOS app is not all just about coding, but there are other significant elements that decide and complement its success. And in this run, UI, UX, content, animation, functionalities, performance, and many other factors must be taken into consideration.

Also, you need to keep a strong check on the software, competition, and other hardware advances that are being taken into consideration. So coding does not offer a solo act to bring out together a good app, but other factors also have an equal share in the success journey.
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Final thought

App development is a journey, not an event, that needs to be taken care of by different aspects and factors while building it. The above mentioned are not part of an exhaustive list of myths, but there are many others. Although, I believe giving a thought to the above points would also help you build a successful app solution. 

With this hope that you would be able to build an incredible app solution with the help of iOS App Developers, and bring an advanced technology solution for your business.

Akshit Chaku

Akshit is a marketing strategist with Techugo. His specialties include digital marketing, content optimization, and brand recognition. When he’s not working, he relishes travel adventures, watching sports, and reading literary masterpieces.

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