Google Can Now Work With Huawei And Continue To Sell Its Android License To The Smartphone Maker

Google can now Work with Huawei and Continue to Sell its Android License to the Smartphone Maker

by Amelia Scott — 5 years ago in Mobile Apps 2 min. read

Google wants to give android license to Huawei, but now Huawei has to decide whether company will be use his own EMUI OS or Google-made Android nod will work on. Older users will be benefited because they will get all the updates they got to meet.

Huawei now a days sells 500,000 to 600,000 smartphones, “Huawei is the second largest company in phone making, if a fight continues then that lose will be Huawei. But Huawei is highest use to android so problem will be to google.

Huawei had earlier said that Google would lose millions of users if it turns away from Google’s Android OS.

With US President Donald Trump giving relief to Huawei, after not exactly a month in the wake up of banned the Chinese telecom, American tech titan Google would now be able to work with it and keep on selling its Android permit to the cell phone producer.

Google made one step further and it will be considered a brand honor for Google.

“While it’s not decide whether that stretches out to the 5G arrange innovation that Huawei is creating, it assuredly applies to Google and Android.”

A few days ago, after the order of Donald Trump, Huawai was banned. Google had fully banned the Android license and refused to give any assistance, meaning its phones could use the base open-source code, but would not have access to the all-important Play Store and Google apps,” the PC World reported on Saturday.

The past imprisonments inferred Google was banned from selling an Android grant to Huawei, which means its phones could use the base open-source code, anyway would not approach the particularly critical Play Store and Google applications.

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An ephemeral license will issued soon which enabled Google to help and revive the Android OS starting at now running on existing Huawei.

We are very excited to tell you that the user who is working with the item is now able to see all the updates and can update the phone all the time.

Amelia Scott

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