How Patient Care Has Got A New Meaning With MHealth Apps?

How Patient Care has Got a New Meaning with mHealth Apps?

by Ankit Singh — 3 years ago in Mobile Apps 4 min. read

As per a study conducted, more than 50 M people across the world use mobile apps to determine if they actually need a doctor to consult about a medical issue. On the other hand, 26% of US doctors recommend mHealth to patients. 

This is the rough estimation suggesting the technology intervention in the healthcare environment. To help you gain the real-time scenario of mHealth apps and their advantages, this post will serve as your guide. Let’s scroll further to know what lies within this app that is benefiting Billions of patients across the world.

What is mHealth?

In simpler words, mHealth is all about using mobile devices and wireless technologies to ensure a healthy lifestyle, and it includes chronic medical conditions as well.

With the help of these apps, it becomes easy for the patients and doctors to connect with each other, and evade the possible challenges of the communication gap.

Although, to be précised the mHealth apps are divided into two categories:

Fitness- As the name suggests these mHealth apps majorly focus on fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

Med- This type of app works along with the wearable device, and further requires doctors’ or physician’s feedback, to help it work efficiently.

When we are discussing the mHealth apps, then another question comes up: how far mHealth apps are useful in evaluating the significant healthcare hurdles and help in improving the health of patients.

No doubt, there is growing interest in the use of mobile health (mHealth) apps and people across the world are trying their best to use the mHealth app’s functionalities. Down below, we have collected a few points to help you understand the effectiveness of these apps.

Useful in remote areas

The areas which fall into the geographies which are far from the medical services and are located in remote areas, mHealth apps are proven useful in those areas and help patients to access healthcare through the app portal.

Such apps also help healthcare providers to keep a constant check on the extreme health conditions and give a solution before it turns out of control. 

Triggers real-time communication channel

One of the biggest hurdles faced by doctors and patients is to communicate with each other. As doctors remain busy with their work, and it is hard for them to answer every call. But with the help of the mHealth app, patients and healthcare providers can remain in constant touch and discuss the health-related issue through a text message, chats, audio messages, and video calls. This paves a way for them to build a real-time communication channel and save time.

The accuracy rate is higher

Patients have different medical records that they need to carry with them while vising their doctor. But there are chances of mismanagement of the records or losing a track of the records. Here, mHealth apps make it easy to access all the medical details about the patients at one place only, and this data can be accessed through their smartphones at the touch of a button. 

Enhances diagnostic accuracy

The diagnostic efficiency has always been a question for the medical field, as not every doctor is present to give the diagnosis, at the same time, this can create a vacuum to make the right decision. This is where mHealth apps step in and let the doctors connect remotely and share their views and opinions. Further, it helps doctors to understand the patient’s medical condition and offer treatment accordingly. Also, since the outbreak of the pandemic, mHealth apps provide a platform to monitor the symptoms remotely and help healthcare professionals to provide the best possible diagnosis, leaving no space for any error to occur.

Improves patient care

The work efficiency of doctors and healthcare providers need not be indulged within the paperwork only, but they need to focus on patient care as well.

With the introduction of mHealth apps, it becomes easy for the doctors to improve their work efficiency, and transfer their paperwork to an automated system with mHealth apps. The ML and AI algorithms help them to automate their tasks and invest more focus on patient care.

Future of mHealth apps

Look around and you would see that the healthcare industry has grown rapidly in recent years, owing to the growing prevalence of various health conditions like diabetes, hypertension, and chronic illness like cancer.

The burden of these health issues has led patients to find more accessible and convenient ways to access treatment for their health problems.

On the other hand, globally, smartphones and other mobile devices have attained huge popularity, and here mHealth apps provide patient-centric care, driving massive adoption of mHealth apps by patients to track their health and vital signs.

Additionally, the emergence of wearable devices has increased the penetration of healthcare management through mobility, boosting the mHealth apps market in the future. 

The Bottom Line

Indeed, mHealth apps let remote patient monitoring, prevention and treatment services, consultation, patient record keeping, to name a few to be managed at the fingertips. And these advantages aim to popularize the mHealth apps market among the patients and medical professionals in the upcoming years.

The role of mHealth apps in patient care is beyond imagination and allows a smooth passage for the users and doctors to access information faster than ever before.

Although, there are constant improvements made in the technology, and the time will determine the level of success to be witnessed in this app category.

Ankit Singh

Ankit Singh is a seasoned entrepreneur, who has crafted a niche for himself at such a young age. He is a COO and Founder of Techugo. Apart from holding expertise in business operations, he has a keen interest in sharing knowledge about mobile app development through his writing skills. Apart from sailing his business to 4 different countries; India, USA, Canada & UAE, he has catered the app development services with his team to Fortune 200, Global 2000 companies, along with some of the most promising startups as well. Get hooked to his writings, and get a strong yet interesting dose of technology through his unique voice.

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