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How to Legally Repost on Instagram

With the growing rage of social media, Instagram has become one of the biggest channels for millions of users to share images, videos, etc. through posting on Instagram.

The craze of Instagram reaches to a level where people are not only sharing their happy moments with friends and family, but they have started creating their own content that includes reviews of products and services, or their posts contains tags of brands.

For brands and marketers, Instagram is an impeccable platform to collect quality content featuring their brand and repost it on their Instagram account.

And why not? Brands receive valuable and quality content from Instagram and promote their brand across the channel without even spending any resources.

But is legal to repost on Instagram?

Actually not, user-generated content is the copyrighted content of the users and utilizing it freely over social media is a clear infringement of user’s content rights.

Don’t worry, in this article, we will learn about legal or rightful ways to repost on Instagram without getting into legal troubles. Also, I’ll tell you a magic tool to collect and acquire UGC from Instagram using a UGC authorized platform.

But first thing, first!

Why Is It Important To Follow Legalities Before Reposting On Instagram

Many brands have fallen into the prey of reposting on Instagram as this is a grey area, and not many people are aware of it.

However, according to US laws and DMCA regulations, copying, distributing, republishing, or reusing other people’s social media posts is against the laws. As social media is private content of the user, it is an unlawful act to use their content without their permission.

Moreover, for a brand, willful infringement of user’s content copyright impose thousands of dollars fines for a single image.

So marketers need to utilize user-generated content carefully and rightfully republish copyrighted content into their marketing plans.

No brands want to do a single task that harms their brand’s prestige; hence, marketers have to take each step carefully.

Thus, reposting comes with legalities, and marketers have to comply with social media platforms’ rules and regulations.

Here’s how you can avoid such legal troubles by rightfully reposting on Instagram and maintaining content rights’ legal obligation.

4 Legit Ways To Repost On Instagram

Always Ask Permission From The User

Before you take a screenshot, download, or recapture the user’s Instagram post and plan to repost it on your account, make sure to ask permission from the user.

It is easy to get permission from the user, either by commenting on the post below or sending a direct message into the user’s inbox.

Moreover, Instagrammers love to share their consent if their images are displaying or reuse for marketing purposes by the brands. However, doing it without permission may offend the user because of their copyrights. So to avoid such troubles, it is important to first ask permission from the user.

Don’t Forget To Give Credits To The User

Giving credits to the user is as important as asking permission from the user. Appreciating creative work generates a healthy relationship between a brand and the user. Also giving credits on the user’s posts while reposting is considered to be an ethical practice.

No matter if you have acquired permission or tag the user in the repost, giving proper credits to the original content owner is always a lawful and ensures users that you are not the owner of their image.

You can give credits in the caption section while reposting on Instagram and use the user’s correct handle name; otherwise, it’s of no use, and you are still inviting legal troubles.

Frame Terms & Conditions For UGC

As a reputed brand or business, it is beneficial to design comprehensive Terms and Conditions separately for user-generated content. It is highly crucial for brands and businesses while running hashtag campaigns.

Many brands like Airbnb, NatGeo, GoPro, and other big brands have defined their Terms and Conditions for running a hashtag campaign.

Your Terms and Conditions may include if a user posts pictures using the branded or campaign hashtag they permit you to repost their image on the brand’s Instagram official account.

For brands, it has become easy to repost on Instagram, Terms and Conditions give users a better understanding and allow brands to use their post if they use their hashtag.

Harness UGC With Rights Management Tools

Sometimes asking permission, giving credits, and Terms and conditions won’t help brands and marketers, and they fall to heavy damages due to reposting other Instagram posts.

Users may not read Terms and Conditions or giving credits do not work, because the user may get offended if they find you are creating profit from their content. Hence, here comes the role of acquiring explicit permission from the users and gaining complete rights on the user’s content.

Rights Management tools are the best solution with users to obtain UGC rightfully from users and repost on their accounts.

You will get complete legal proof with the device, time zone, IP address, location, etc. that help you get cover from statutory damages.


Reposting on Instagram has many benefits, as millions of users post daily on Instagram, brands and businesses can find relevant content that matches their marketing goals.

Only they have to make the sure rightful acquisition and application of user-generated content.

Reposting on Instagram comes with many legalities and consequences, so you have to find ways to protect your brand from getting into legal troubles.

As discussed above, UGC Rights Management tools like Taggbox, etc. are best for brands, and they allow them to collect UGC from different users and acquire content rights at the same time.

Thus, make sure to follow the above-mentioned rules while reposting on Instagram and incorporate best practices to avoid any legal issues.

Reina Jones

Reina Jones is a freelance digital marketer, and has a keen interest in User-generated content and its related aspects. As UGC is the next market play, curating and using it in a right way is the key to success. Knowledge is important but execution defines how wisely you use the knowledge.

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