Mental Fitness Apps Can Improve Your Quality Of Life

Mental Fitness Apps can Improve Your Quality of Life

by Alex Noah — 2 years ago in Mobile Apps 3 min. read

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. It can be hard to find the right mental space when there is an unstable economy and a continuing pandemic that has no end in sight.

Mental Fitness Apps can Improve Your Quality of Life

There are many apps that can help you improve your mental health. These are five ways top mental fitness apps can help you live a better life in 2021.

1. Exercise more than your body

There are many apps that can help you track your workouts. However, very few of them go further. Exercise can be just as good for your mind as it is for your body. But, it’s not as effective if you get into common pitfalls like overexertion and letting it become a stressor.

Habit List, a tool that helps you to set goals beyond traditional exercise, can make it easier for you to maintain your work schedule and take breaks when necessary.

To keep your exercise schedule in check, you can use the 7 Minute Workout app and format. However, physical fitness is not the only way to achieve mental and overall well-being.
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2. These are much-needed escapes

Even those who can travel for vacations are often subject to social distancing or mandatory quarantines. This makes them more stressful than relaxing. The technology can allow you to “escape” to a virtual space, not to distant places.

Healium is a VR program that aims to increase the user’s relaxation and mood. Healium uses VR to transport users into a stress-relieving environment. It has been proven to reduce moderate anxiety by one third .

The ability to wear a headset and suppress anxiety will continue to be invaluable, even as traditional escapes become more feasible.
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3. Meditation made accessible

Regular meditation is another popular way to find calm in a chaotic world. It can make a huge difference in your mental health. Even if you can only squeeze in one session a week, it can make a big difference in stressful times.

There are many meditation apps on the market, but people who are just beginning to think about the importance of their mental health should choose a beginner-friendly app like Headspace. Although there are many other apps that can be used, Headspace’s basics course provides a great starting point for anyone who needs some guidance.

4. Mindfulness can be encouraged

Meditation is not the only component of “mindfulness”, and it’s not the end-all, be-all of mental fitness. Mindfulness can help you reach your goals of mental fitness by helping you to improve your self-improvement and focus.

It shouldn’t surprise that Calm, a mindfulness app, saw an unprecedented number of downloads in 2020. Calm is similar to Headspace in that it has meditation-focused features.

However, Calm takes a holistic approach to mental wellness. Apps like Calm will continue to gain popularity as more people seek to improve all aspects their lives.
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5. Improved sleep patterns

Everyone who has ever experienced a lack of sleep knows how vital it is for mental health. Although it may sound odd, sleep apps can help users relax before bed, track their sleeping patterns, and make it easier to identify areas that need improvement.

It’s not surprising that InsightTimer is the most popular app for helping people sleep peacefully. 63% time spent by American users on mindfulness apps was spent on InsightTimer.

InsightTimer’s pre-sleep recordings and calming courses can make a big difference to people who suffer from anxiety and prevent them from sleeping. This can help tremendously in the fight for mental health.

Mental wellness is essential for your mental well-being. Fitness and mental health are equally important. Apps may not be able get you to where you want to go by themselves but they can be invaluable tools to help you achieve your goals.

Alex Noah

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