Top 8 Mobile App Monetization Trends

Top 8 Mobile App Monetization Trends

by Amelia Scott — 2 years ago in Mobile Apps 4 min. read

Mobile app development is rapidly growing at an alarming rate, providing many opportunities for users to have fun, enjoy entertainment, and much more.

Today’s mobile app industry is focused on creating and publishing apps that are unique and make users’ lives easier and more enjoyable. On average, a smartphone user uses it for over 5.4 hours per day.

The mobile apps and games that are available on mobile devices are evolving and becoming better and more useful.

These trends indicate that service-based apps will dominate the digital space. 3D mobile gaming is also expected to be the next big thing. The 3D mobile gaming industry will grow by 736% between 2012 and 2021.

Developers are now looking for ways to make more money from their apps. This is due to the increasing dependence on mobile apps and smartphones. Publishers and game developers are particularly interested in ways to increase revenue through monetization with strategies that engage their users.

They then look for the best strategies to monetize their apps. Mobile app monetization has evolved over the years, bringing new strategies to life. Let’s first discuss app monetization and how it works.
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What’s Mobile App Monetization?

Monetizing mobile apps is a process or group of techniques that allow you to make money from your app. This involves turning a mobile application into a revenue-generating business model. Monetizing mobile apps can be done using multiple strategies and different techniques.

App publishers must engage their users to enable app monetization. By 2021, mobile app revenues will reach $693 billion. This is broken down further: the expected mobile app consumer spending will be $92billion and $50billion for App Store and Google Play Store, respectively.

We are now in 2022 and it is time to assess the mobile app demand and monetization structure. This article will show you the 2022 mobile app monetization trends.
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Mobile App Monetization Trends for 2022

In 2022, mobile app monetization will be all about the user experience. Mobile app publishers won’t compromise user experience when monetizing apps. In-app advertising is now less viable as a monetization strategy. Non-intrusive advertising formats still have the potential to be successful in the market.

1. In-App Advertising

App publishers must run ads within their apps to earn revenue based upon the number of impressions. After generating ad calls, ads sent by the advertiser are successfully served.

Many innovative ad formats can be used to do this. However, there will be less space in 2022 for intrusive formats. What ad formats should game and app publishers use? Let’s find out…

2. Native Ads

Native ads blend seamlessly into the mobile app’s interface using the same sizes and themes. These ads are identical to the app and can be monetized easily. Native ads increase revenue and user engagement, increasing user lifetime value.
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3. Immersive Advertising

ConsoliAds also offers Immersive Ads TM, which is a non-intrusive ad that is specifically designed to monetize mobile 2D and 3-D games. The Immersive ads TM are blended in-game ads that adapt to the mobile gaming environment.

These ads are easily scalable and controllable. They can also be placed on any object in the game without any code. These ads don’t stop players from playing their games, but instead, enhance interactivity.

4. Rewarded Ads

Rewarded ads are the next big thing. The ads should be placed at the right moment and place. Rewarded ads have the goal of adding value to the user’s gaming experience.

This means that if an app user runs out of redeemable points or a player loses their life, the ad may be able to turn the tide. This ad can not only increase the time spent on an app, but it can also increase the views of a video. How?

Rewarded ads are based on the give and take principle. To receive the reward shown on an ad, the user must either watch the video or take action.
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5. In-App Purchase

In-app purchases were the most popular monetization model in 2021 and will continue to be a successful one in 2022. It is expected that 50% and 79% respectively of non-gaming apps will use in-app payments for monetization.

App publishers may promote in-app items or offer them for sale to make mobile apps more profitable. Game publishers also promote in-app items and offer for sale, which could include power boosters, weapons, or lifesavers. Publishers can also sell merchandise to their fans. The possibilities are endless.

6. In-App Feature

Another strategy that is expected to be successful in 2022 is the in-app feature. App, game, and app publishers can now make money by advertising in-app features that are worth some amount. Users will pay for upgrades within their mobile app or game. This allows for seamless monetization and app usage.

7. Hybrid Monetization Strategies

You can look forward to combining several creative monetization strategies in one the year 2022. This is called the hybrid monetization strategy. Simply combine two models that match your app, and you’re done!

In-app advertising can be combined with an in-app purchase to promote products to sell. They can increase their revenue by doing this. Publishers can also mix subscription models with in-app purchasing to make it more profitable.
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8. Meta-Layer Monetization

Meta layers are extra content that is added to the game’s core gameplay. They do not make up the majority of the gameplay. Meta layers are small levels that support the main gameplay. In this instance, users are directed to quick and easy levels to enable them to return to the main game.

gardenscapes, a game that uses Meta layers, is very popular in this age. In 2022, it is worth all the hype to make money at such low levels known as Meta layers.


As it continues to grow year after year, the mobile app industry will continue to expand. However, the monetization trends for 2022 will tell a lot about what publishers might do. These mobile app monetization trends will help you get the most from your games and apps.

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