4 Ways To Improve Relationships With Your Team

4 Ways To Improve Relationships With Your Team

by Micah James — 8 months ago in Review 3 min. read

Many people think that all IT professionals are closed-off and unsociable people who find it more difficult to communicate with colleagues at work than to sit alone and, for example, write code. In fact, these stereotypes have been broken a long time ago and relations in the teams of companies develop in the same way as with other specialists.

But what to do if a new employee fails to join the team or a person who has been working in the company for a long time can’t build harmonious relationships with colleagues? Read this article if you are looking for remote network engineer jobs or other types of job change.

Understand Yourself

You should always start with yourself, and only then look for the guilty around. If you have already changed your 5th place of work and you have not been able to sharpen the relationship in any team, then most likely the reason is in you, your perception, and your behavior.

Figuring out what you’re doing wrong can be very difficult. Therefore, you need to seek help. Most often, such issues are handled by the HR department of the company. The job of these employees is not just to hire people to work. Talk to the manager, find out what’s going on in the team, and why you can’t fit into it. If there is a psychologist in the company, which is quite common today, contact them. It will help you figure out where your problems are in communication, and where are collective ones. Do not be afraid or embarrassed if experts advise you on some exercises, or tell you to talk with colleagues. If there is a problem, it needs to be solved, unhealthy team relationships lead to a decrease in productivity, and burnout, and even become the reason for the outflow of valuable personnel from the company.

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Talk to Colleagues

Ideally, a psychologist will tell you what to discuss at this meeting. But if there is no such specialist in your company, we will prompt. The essence of this step is to invite people from the team who are important to you to a conversation, for example, in a cafe. There you just need to clarify the situation without clarifying the relationship.

For example, in one company, a group of employees at the same time was going to the kitchen to drink coffee. At the same time, they did not call one of their colleagues. The girl was very upset about this, became guarded, and gradually ruined relations with everyone on the team. When she invited these colleagues to a meeting and directly asked them why they did not invite her, it turned out that in the first days after joining the company, she refused to go to drink coffee with employees. Colleagues decided that she was not interested in them and was no longer invited. At the same time, the girl herself did not remember her refusals, as she answered in a hurry because of the excitement in the new place. From such an unspoken situation, the girl almost quit her job, which completely suited her.

Be Part of The Team

For these purposes, companies hold various corporate events. Team leads, parties, joint trips. Good leaders understand that very different people can work in their team for whom it is not easy to find a common language. If a company arranges such holidays or events for its employees, then you need to participate in them. If you do not attend such events, then the person falls out of the corporate culture. We do not say that it is mandatory to be at every meeting contrary to your interests and plans. But it is better to adjust your schedule so that you attend as many of these events as possible.

Respect Your Colleagues

Each of us has personal boundaries in which we are very reluctant to let people in, there are topics that we do not want to talk about. This must be respected. If you don’t get along with your colleagues, the reason may be that you see only professionals in them. In this case, you will not understand that another employee has their own problems, interests, and boundaries. But if you see a personality in each of your colleagues, everything will fall into place. You will understand that everyone has their own weaknesses and shortcomings, which in a certain situation can be forgiven. Being tolerant of people is the basic rule for building competent relationships, especially in a team.

Remember, if you want to build a career, then the ability to create healthy relationships with colleagues should be your main soft skill.

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