All You Need To Know About Adidas Proxies

All You Need To Know About Adidas Proxies

by Micah James — 1 year ago in Review 4 min. read

Most sneakerheads use automation tools to grab those limited-edition sneakers before anyone else. Such practice is impossible without proxies, so with the rising demand for sneakers, the need for proxies grows as well.

But it’s a bit more complicated than just using ordinary proxies because they have to be adjusted for your specific needs. If you are wondering whether you need Adidas proxies, look no more as we will cover everything you need to know here.

What are Adidas Proxies?

Adidas proxies are simply ordinary proxies that guarantee efficient working in sites selling Adidas sneakers. They are a subtype of sneaker proxies that aim to work flawlessly on all sneaker-selling sites in general. That is the basic idea behind these purpose-specific Adidas proxies.

To get a better idea of what they are, we need to step back and define proxies first. Ordinarily, connecting to a website means sending a request from your device to its server so it would return the data.

The process is different when you use a proxy. With a proxy, you can connect to an in-between server first, and it will send the data request on your behalf. This process ensures that your original IP address is not visible.

IP addresses identify every device connecting to the web and are crucial for the functioning of the internet. With IPs, the devices not only communicate with one another, but they also allow tracking of your location, internet service provider (ISP), and activity on the web.

You don’t want to provide so much information if you are automating sneaker purchases online, so you have to hide your IP address and replace it with that of a proxy. Not all IPs are equal for every specific use of sneaker copping. One particular type is Adidas proxies.

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Residential Proxies are The Best Adidas Proxies

Residential proxies can be distinguished from other types by their affiliation with ISPs and with physical devices. Websites check this information when monitoring their users for suspicious or automated activity and residential proxies look the most legitimate.

Every residential proxy is based not in some data center but in an ordinary household. When a homeowner needs to establish an internet connection, an ISP assigns the IP specifically for that home. So every location has a unique residential IP to connect to the internet with.

The uniqueness of the IPs cannot be faked or replicated and makes residential proxies work best with sneaker sites. Other types of proxies can sometimes be unmasked simply from the number sequence in their IP address.

As they are tied to physical locations and devices, residential proxies are the best at location targeting also. They can get accuracy on even a city level which is essential for sneaker sites as they expect locals to join sneaker drops. While the location choice is diverse, it can vary with the provider.

Residential proxies are not perfect, though, and have a drawback of speed. Compared to specialized data centers, ordinary households do not get an exceptional internet connection. But sneaker copping does not demand incredible speeds, making legitimacy more important. Besides, a trusted provider will give you a decent speed anyways.

Benefits of Using Adidas Proxies

To cop high-demand sneakers in a large number manually is impossible, and even the best proxy alone will not save you here. The speed of humans is just no match for bots who can grab all the newest kicks in mere seconds.

To match the speed of other sneakerheads, you will have to use a bot as well. The problem is that sneaker websites fight against people like you and me. They don’t want their supplies to be bought off only by a couple of shoe fanatics.

Adidas proxies come in here as a tool designed specifically to overcome their strategies against us. These proxies are fully tested by providers for two elements before being sold to the customers.

Ban-free IPs. A proxy can have all the best features, but if it’s banned on, it is useless. Of course, that is not to say that the provider shouldn’t ensure good performance. But no prior IP ban is the primary priority, second only to the diversity of relevant locations.

Relevant location choice. By relevant locations, we mean areas that will be useful while copping Adidas sneakers. Sellers do not support every location, so double-check their websites for this information. Otherwise, you might get ban-free and residential IPs in countries that will still not allow you to purchase wanted sneakers.

Additionally, keep in mind that the most profitable drops are happening in western Europe and the United States. You should look for IPs from those locations but expect other sneakerheads to do the same.

Another benefit of Adidas proxies is in helping you to overcome account limitations. To make a purchase, you will need to register an account. For ordinary users, registration brings a lot of benefits, but for sneaker copping, it becomes an obstacle.

One account can buy only one or two pairs of sneakers. Our aim, of course, is to get way more than that, and an obvious solution is to create multiple accounts for your purchases. But if the Adidas site finds you are using more than one account per IP address, you might be banned.

Adidas proxies serve here as a source of multiple IP addresses, allowing you to bypass account purchasing limitations. Other measures, such as different emails and billing addresses for every account, will be required. But having an Adidas proxy is the most essential step.


Adidas proxies are residential proxies made with one specific purpose – to ease your Adidas copping. Legitimacy, no IP bans, relevant locations, and the ability to bypass account restrictions will ensure this. But knowledge is only useful when put into action, so go out and test them.

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