Boost PPC Leads With Call Tracking Strategies

Call Tracking – Helping Your Marketing Agency Increase PPC Leads

by Micah James — 3 months ago in Review 2 min. read

Optimizing pay-per-click (PPC) activity poses many challenges for marketers, which is why the right tools are necessary to handle the job.

Has your agency considered how call tracking UK software might be the missing ingredient for boosting your PPC strategies?

Read on to learn how call tracking can fill in the gaps needed to deliver the best PPC activity for your clients.

Track Every PPC Outcome

One of the main benefits of using call tracking to enhance your PPC activity is that you can monitor every outcome of your PPC ads.

Many agencies track only the number of website visits generated by paid ads, and whilst this is useful, many miss out on the value of phone calls.

You’ll be able to compare the number of calls compared to the number of website visits produced by an ad with the visitor-to-call ratio.

This can be used as a benchmark to show the true value of your activities – for instance, a high ratio can indicate a large number of calls being produced compared to website visits.

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Enhance Your Ad Content

Call tracking can also help you enhance the content used in your PPC ads, so you can more effectively engage and influence customers.

The software might show a large increase in calls generated from a particular ad that has a certain style of content – e.g., a compelling call to action, addressing a certain inquiry, or using a certain layout.

You can then mirror this well-performing content in your new ads to ensure they also achieve a high number of conversions.

This will help you keep content relevant and tailored to customer preferences and trends.

Increase Your Cost-Efficiency

Another important aspect of your PPC activity is how much you bid for each keyword and your overall investment in your PPC channel.

With call tracking, you can identify exactly how many calls are being generated from each ad as well as the specific paid keywords being searched by customers.

This can help you not only direct your budget towards the most effective ads but also consistently bid on the right keywords at all times to maximize cost efficiency.

Give Your Clients Full Visibility

As a marketing agency, your clients must have a solid relationship with you that’s built on trust and results.

You can use call tracking to reveal your marketing progress to your clients and the impact of your implemented strategies.

For instance, you can showcase an increase in leads and sales over time from certain campaigns you’re running for your client.

This can help them have more reassurance in your services and increase retention rates and loyalty across your clientele.

In a digital age where PPC continues to grow as a valuable business resource, it’s as important as ever to deliver the right strategies for your clients.

By maximizing your PPC conversions with call tracking, you can fast become a leading agency in your industry, and pave the way in this modern marketing era.

How will you be using this software to approach your PPC activity?

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