Can You Make A Living Selling Digital Downloads

Can You Make A Living Selling Digital Downloads

by Micah James — 10 months ago in Review 4 min. read

With the digital revolution, doing business online keeps taking new shapes every day. Before you know it, many people are now making money selling digital downloads. If you bumped across this article and just learned about this, do not get worried.

Selling digital downloads doesn’t have to be a sweaty business. Besides, it is easier to learn and make a kill in a short period. In this article, we will explore some of the commonly asked questions including the best platforms to sell digital products in 2023 or the best sites to sell digital products. We will also provide you with a general guide on the types of digital downloads to sell in 2023.

So, Why Sell Digital Downloads?

Digital downloads continue to gain popularity among entrepreneurs with the increasing appetite for digital businesses as opposed to physical ones. Some of the reasons why people opt to sell digital downloads are:

Low Overhead Costs

To sell digital goods online is cheap and easy. When you decide to deal in digital downloads, you are already one step ahead of physical inventory and shipping. This greatly reduces your overhead costs in starting the business and translates to higher profit margins in the end. Besides, the risks associated with maintaining the physical inventories are eliminated.

Global Audience

Digital downloads can be downloaded from anywhere and can be sold worldwide. This makes them accessible to a global audience. Further, this means you are in a position to reach many customers across many countries and time zones.

Unlimited Scalability

You can sell digital downloads an unlimited number of times. Besides, they can be downloaded an unlimited number of times. This means there are no additional structures required to grow your business especially to accommodate the increasing customer base.

Easy to Create and Distribute

With tools such as WordPress and Easy Digital Downloads at your disposal, digital products are much easier to create and distribute. Entrepreneurs can easily and quickly create and launch products to answer diverse customer needs and preferences at any time.

Passive Income

It can only take you some time to create a digital product. Once built for the market, you can continue selling it over time without much effort. This makes digital downloads the only product today with the highest chances of generating passive income streams for entrepreneurs.

If you are looking for reasons to back up your decision to begin selling digital downloads, these among many other good reasons should get you started immediately. But you must decide on what type of downloads to sell, especially after proper research. Below, we describe some products you can explore.

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What are The Types of Digital Downloads I Can Sell?

Digital downloads are of varied types and nature. The types you choose to sell online will depend on your passion, skills, and target audience among other factors.

The bottom line, you will enjoy selling digital downloads if you choose an area you are more passionate about and offer some value to the audience you target. Otherwise, you should consider some little market research on demand and competition for the products you decide on. Below are some of the products you can consider.


You could be having some expertise in a particular topic such as how to repair disk partitions with Disk Drill or how to recover lost data on Windows computers. Begin by preparing an e-book that will help you share this knowledge with others online. There are a very wide variety of topics you can choose based on your interests.

Online Courses

Aside from e-books, online courses are quickly gaining popularity. This is a great way people currently share their skills and knowledge. From cooking to more complex topics such as programming, you have the opportunity to create courses covering a wide range of topics and share them with people online at a favorable cost.

Stock Photos and Videos

This might be a good way to start for photographers and videographers. It gives you the opportunity to sell your work in the form of videos or stock photos which can be used by marketers, content creators, and even bloggers among others.

Music and Audio Files

Musicians and audio producers can now sell their products as digital downloads globally. With individual tracks or even entire albums, there are many ways and platforms offering opportunities for such content creators to sell their digital downloads and make a living.

Software and Plugins

These are the other forms of digital downloads that developers can create and market. They target to solve particular software issues and can even be in the form of games.

Printable Templates

This can be a good way to start if you have some design skills. The world now needs printable templates that make work easier for things such as calendars, worksheets, planners, resumes, social media graphics, etc.

So, Can I Make A Living Selling Digital Downloads?

Simply put, digital downloads are the new way to make a jackpot out of your passion without incurring the huge costs of putting up a physical shop. As such, many people are now making a living selling digital products.

For instance, many content creators and musicians now sell their products online and are living large at it. You can try it and you will be amazed at how you can stream in income once you have learned the game.

We however recommend that you find your passion in whatever product you intend to sell. This is because it is the passion that will drive you to do more and be able to tap more customers before you can sell in volumes. We wish you good luck with your new adventure.

Where Can I Sell Digital Downloads?

Wondering where to sell? Below are some crazy ideas.

Your own website

Do you own a website already? This will be the best place to begin. If you do not have one, you can easily create one with WordPress. Third-party websites also offer opportunities for entrepreneurs to sell their products online. For instance, you can now easily sell your products on the official Disk Drill by CleverFiles website!

Online marketplaces

There are so many marketplaces online today including Amazon, AppSumo, etc. Plus, it’s very easy to set up your account on them and they offer an opportunity for your products to get a large audience.

Pay-As-You-Go Service providers (SaaS)

SaaS is a web-based application “software as a service.” You run it in your browser and get much done without much effort. Some of the digital product platforms that operate as SaaS include Shopify, Sellfy, Ecwid, and Sendowl.


It is now clear that digital downloads are a clever way to earn income. Besides, you can exclusively make a living from this modern-day entrepreneurship. Find your passion and make a kill from it with this free guide.

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