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How To Obtain W2 Form from Walmart? A Complete Guide

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Updated on: 08 March 2023

How to get w2 form from Walmart? Go to the OneWalmart application/portal and log in using your credentials and raise a request to download the form w2 copy.

Key Takeaways

  • Form W-2, also known as Wage and Tax Statement.
  • It is a critical document an employer provides to each Walmart employee.
  • An employer sends W2 form on or before Jan 31 each year.

Working at Walmart is a superfun and a gentle step toward a new career path.

It is a good source of income for youngsters by working part-time or full-time and bridging their expenses.

If you are working at Walmart you must have a W2 form to settle tax constraints.

In any case, if you don’t have a W2 form or didn’t get W-2 from Walmart, you can get the complete guide on how to obtain W2 form whether you were a former employee or currently providing your service there.

Let’s dive deeper to understand everything about W2 form from Walmart.

What Is W-2 Form?

What Is W2 Form from walmart

In simple words, W2 form from Walmart is a document that is given to each employee by an employer between Jan, 31st to Feb, 28th consisting annual wage and tax statement information of an employee withheld from their paychecks.

This form is further shared with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) at the end of the year.

Underneath are the summary of things on the W2 forms:

Box Name Narration
Box A Social security number
Box B Employer identification number
Box C Employer name and address
Box D Control number, if any
Box E Your name
Box F Your address
Box 1 Wages and tips
Box 2 Federal income tax withheld
Box 3 Social security wages
Box 4 Social security tax withheld
Box 5 Medical wages and tips
Box 6 Medical taxes withheld
Box 7 Social security tips
Box 8 Allocated tips
Box 9 Any employer benefits enjoyed that no longer exist
Box 10 Dependent care benefits
Box 11 Non qualified plans
Box 12 Compensations or reductions to your taxable income
Box 13 Statutory employee, retirement plan, third-party sick pay
Box 14 Other tax information
Box 15 Employer’s state ID number
Box 16 State wages, tips, etc.
Box 17 State income tax
Box 18 Local wages, tips, etc.
Box 19 Local income tax
Box 20 Locality name
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Does Walmart Mail Out W2 Forms?

Typically, every company including Walmart provides the copies of your W-2 each year either by the end of January or early February following the tax year.

You may get your W2 form copy on your mail as hard copy or alternatively it is made available online in electronic form, either by your employer or via Walmart’s payroll services department.

When Does Walmart Send Out W2 Wage and Tax Statement Form?

W2 form from Walmart is a Wage and Tax statement document consisting of an employee’s annual wage and tax information that is filled by an employer every year. Walmart provides W-2s form to each employee between January 31st and February 28th which is set by the IRS.

Where Can I Get My Walmart W2 Form?

First, check your mail inbox from Walmart payroll service department for W2 form.

[Note: W2s will get sent out during tax season]

In case you haven’t received W2 form from Walmart, you can contact Walmart’s payroll service department to obtain a copy of the statement. A verification process is followed by the department to ensure employee authenticity.

Additionally, a former or current employee can take help of a colleague to assist recovering misplaced or lost W2 form.

Alternatively, employees can sign-in to OneWalmart portal to raise a request to obtain a copy of a W-2.

Is There Any Other Way To Obtain W2 Form?

After giving hours of consideration on research, I found that some former employees are accessing current year W-2 forms using the “My Tax Form” portal.

The portal asks for Employer Name or Employer code 10108 and verifies your identification in order to view Walmart’s W-2 forms.

But you need to pay a nominal fee to access your current or previous W-2 Forms.

How To Sure That W2 Form Is From The Walmart Inc.?

It is important to check that your W2 form from Walmart is sent authentically by Walmart Inc. To do so, eye for EIN number on the copy of your W2 form should match with the number 71-0415188.

Where I Can Find EIN On My Walmart W-2?

W2 form structure

To locate a 9-digit EIN number on your Walmart W-2, the best location to search is in “Box B” narrated with Employer Identification Number.

What I Do If an Employer Cannot Give My W2?

Generally, it does not happen.

But in case it happens, you have three options. Those are:

Inquire of your HR department for the W2 form. They might help you obtain the Walmart W2 Form.

Ask for an extension of time to file your tax return by submitting Form 4852 to the IRS.

Provide a formal request in writing about the W2 form to Walmart’s payroll service department.

What To Do If I Find Mistakes On My W2 Form From Walmart?

To give you a general suggestion, always review your W2 form from Walmart for accuracy and missing details.

In case, the employer failed to withhold the proper amount of federal tax, talk to them to ensure proper sums and details are withheld in future.

Additionally, an employer can file Form W-2c with a separate Form W-3c for needing correction to see changes in W2 form.

Does Walmart Provide W2 and Income Tax Information During Tax Season?

Yes, Walmart does distribute W2 and Income Tax statements during tax season to each employee for that fiscal year. Please check your mail for a W2 form copy.

However, you can raise a request on your Walmart online portal to get a W2 form copy.

What Information Needed To Log In To The Online Access Portal?

To use Walmart online access portal, you will need information like Walmart Identification Number (WIN), your Social Security Number (SSN), and the website address of the Walmart employee portal.

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Summing Up

W2 Form is a Wage and Tax Management Statement of an employee which is provided by the employer of the company.

This article illustrates W2 form from Walmart queries and other general questions for help.

Note: If the W2 form is not available with Walmart, request the IRS for a time extension so that the employer can do the needful.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get your Walmart W-2 forms online?

You can download your Walmart W2 Form online using Walmart’s employee online access portal or using OneWalmart application.

How do I get my Walmart W2 if I am no longer employed there?

If you are a former employee and your walmart login details are still active you can download W2 form using Walmart portal for employees. Also you can take help of any current working colleague at Walmart to help you out to get W2 form. If nothing works, you can contact the Payroll Department management team. They will help you in this.

How can I get my W-2 forms if I can't access my online employee account?

Luckily you can still get W2 form if you aren’t able to access through online employee account details. The sources you can try are, the first is contacting the payroll department and second contacting the IRS for a copy as they store the original.

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