Livebeam Is A Platform For Authentic People

Livebeam Is A Platform For Authentic People

by Evelyn Addison — 10 months ago in Review 5 min. read

5 other personal qualities you can improve online

Apart from using the online space to communicate with loved ones and colleagues, have you ever thought of how it is also possible to use the online space for your own personal development? Social media and its various platforms have made it possible for millions of people across the world to communicate without a hitch, see each other from miles away through video calls, and even have meetings through video conferences. But, it doesn’t have to end there.

Livebeam has discovered that there are ways your personal qualities can take a better turn if you not only focus on the social aspect but also on the character and quality building.

Here are 5 important qualities Livebeam has put together for the purpose of this article:

1. Responsiveness

How do you feel when you’re having an important conversation with a friend or colleague and all you get are slow responses and unresponsiveness? Presumably, that kind of attitude doesn’t get a thumbs-up. It is generally unacceptable to be unresponsive online when there is an important discussion ongoing. For a casual conversation, it kills the vibe and might eventually end terribly. It wouldn’t leave the best impression in a much more serious conversation like a professional one with a colleague. So you see how important it is to be responsive especially when the conversation is between two parties?

While using Livebeam, keep in mind that you’ll meet various people who want to have online conversations. However, how well your personal conversations will go with these people will depend on your responsiveness and attitude.

This quality online is applicable offline as well. Human beings don’t like to be ignored. They want their voices to be heard and want to get an equal amount of reaction. Nothing screams disrespect more than slow replies or constantly getting distracted while being spoken to. If you’ve learned how important it is to be responsive online, you will find it easy to respond to people when you meet them physically.

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2. Integrity

Thieves and liars don’t do well in society. One thing they have in common is that they lack integrity. Lacking integrity boils down to low self-esteem and placing little value on who you are and what you stand for. Integrity projects the best version of yourself to strangers and leaves a very good impression. Without integrity, society would have taken a worse turn and that’s why we uphold our world with integrity. The real world is built on integrity and so the online world shouldn’t be left out perhaps because the people in the physical world still make up the online audience.

It is of utmost importance that your integrity is never tampered with online. On Livebeam, there is zero tolerance for liars or fake people who pose to be someone else but end up scamming others on the platform with fake personalities, profile pictures, bios, etc. A lot of work goes into Livebeam’s support and safety features being available. And that is why it is important that you work on yourself and don’t pretend to be who you’re not online thinking you won’t be caught.

Let people know the real you and decide if they want to be your online buddies or not. With time, you’ll realize that your true self has a lot to offer people off or online and that’s why it should be based on integrity.

3. Confidence

Confident people command their presence wherever they are. Confidence is being comfortable with who you are and placing appropriate value on your person. Notice that this is quite different from being egoistic. Your confidence determines the kind of people you’ll attract to yourself.

Have you ever thought about your circle of online friends and the kind of people they are? Do you know that how you projected yourself in terms of confidence took a large percentage of how you met with those people? Due to the fact that you’ve placed appropriate value on yourself, you won’t have to deal with people who don’t appreciate you for who you are.

Livebeam can bring together friends with similar preferences, and interests because that fosters friendships between people with somewhat common ground. If your bio projects self-confidence and the posts you engage with also give off that trait, you’ll have more encounters with people of your kind, and this trait is applicable to everybody. Notice how confident people can get things done easily and have no problem smashing their goals. It is a very important trait that can be built online and then used offline as well.

4. Politeness

Charity begins at home and so most people have the notion that this means that people who weren’t shown enough love while growing up or have had a very traumatic experience would end up the way they are forever. Let it be known that there is always room for improvement and self-development at every point in life. It takes self-discipline not to dwell on the negative factors that might negatively influence your attitude but rather on the positive. Be intentional about how you build yourself into a gentleman or courteous lady. It takes effort if you had it rough growing up but it is far from impossible.

Being polite can open doors of opportunities that you never thought you could accomplish. It is very important that you’re conversant with the use of “Sir, Thank You, Kindly” and other words that denote respect and politeness while having an online conversation. One wrong turn with your use of words can make you lose that big deal. Don’t be that person.

5. Empathy

Being empathetic suggests that you’re not blind to people’s emotions and you’re able to say the right thing at the right time. This also shows how emotionally intelligent you are. It gives people the idea of how you can relate with different people on different levels without necessarily stepping on anyone’s toes to do it. You’ve chosen to be intentional about observing tones, mode of message delivery, and so on. You can come to a reasonable conclusion that you’re either talking to someone who isn’t their normal self or someone who is acting normal, without even asking.

While chatting on Livebeam, you notice a bubbly friend who is a frequent user of emojis during your online conversations is suddenly using just one or no emojis at all. This is where observant and kind natures should come in, where you ask questions and inquire to know what went wrong. If from chatting, the person opens up about whatever might be bothering them, you can’t just brush off the conversation and move on as if nothing happened.

Your empathetic side to your friend should be evident with the timing of your messages and how invested you are in making sure that they get better. This is a necessary skill for professionals, especially hospital workers who deal with a lot of patients offline. If you’ve developed that trait of empathy, it won’t be difficult to portray it offline to people you meet in your everyday life.

In summary, how often do you find yourself showing any of these qualities while having a conversation? Have you been struggling with your chat buddies on Livebeam because you’re not showing some of these traits that help foster better friendships? We hope that this article has shed more light on some quality traits that you can improve online to have a better standing with people. Don’t forget to show these qualities while chatting with your Livebeam friend this week, he/she will love it!

Evelyn Addison

Evelyn is an assistant editor for The Next Tech and Just finished her master’s in modern East Asian Studies and plans to continue with her old hobby that is computer science.

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