Meeting RedLore's Solution: Inventory Helper

Meeting RedLore’s Solution: An Inventory Helper That Takes Your Warehouse To the Next Level

by Micah James — 3 months ago in Review 4 min. read

Is it getting more difficult to keep track of the operations in your warehouse? Between receiving shipments, putting stock away, filling orders, and managing returns, a lot is going on. Trying to handle it all with spreadsheets and paperwork is slowing you down and reducing productivity. There’s got to be a better way, hasn’t there?

The good news is that there is! There are software solutions designed specifically for managing warehouse operations. My friends and I had to give the Redlore warehouse tracking management system a try.

Warehouse Management Systems, or WMS as they are referred to, are designed to handle all aspects of stock control and make your life easier. From streamlining receiving and putaway to optimizing pick and pack, a good WMS can increase productivity, reduce errors, and give you real-time inventory visibility.

About Redlore: Meet the Founder

Founded by Niek Van Dierdonck in 2018, Redlore had a goal to transform the way the manufacturing and logistics industries monitor material flow. Niek brought his 25 years of experience in supply chains and the Internet of Things (IoT) into Redlore.

Their proprietary technology is a mix of software and hardware solutions that reduce line stoppage, damage, inventory discrepancies, and shortages of goods. It uses IoT sensors to track the actual position and well-being of products in real-time. It also prevents staff from wandering into hazardous areas.

It further lessens the impact of human mistakes and labor spending. Headquartered in Canada, Redlore has offices in the US and Europe.

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Key Features of the Redlore Warehouse Management Tracking System

One key feature of Redlore WMS is that it doesn’t use barcodes or RFID scanning. Rather it uses tags, also known as beacons, which are attached to an item or a member of staff.

These tags track the exact location and condition of an item or person using sensors. Tags are available in a variety of sensor and positioning options as well as battery life lengths to choose from.

Then there are RTLS sensors which are tags but with more sensors. These tell the conditions of attached items such as temperature, motion, humidity, light level, etc.

Next are anchors which are positioned every 15 m on the grid throughout the building. They’re the RTLS reference point to correctly tell the location of the tags. Redlore anchors are wireless and can last for years on a single charge.

Then some gateways collect data from the tags and anchors and relay it to the cloud through a cellular network. If one gateway is out of service, the system reroutes all data traffic to the remaining gateways without service interruption.

A key feature of the RTLS system is a location engine. A location engine is a cloud software that, through an algorithm known as multi-alteration, estimates the location of a tag on a product within 30 cm (1′) of accuracy.

All the data is visualized in a web application, the Redboard, Redlore’s Control Tower. The Redboard gives business insights like when a product is out of stock or if a location has expired perishable goods.

In addition, is a mobile software app that tracks all tagged items. These individual features make up the Redlore warehouse tracking solution.

What We Liked About Redlore Warehouse Tracking Management System

Enough of its features, now let’s talk about what we liked about the Redlore WMS. The Redlore WMS is easy to set up. In just a few clicks, you’ll have a solution set up and ready to start transforming your warehouse.

Since I installed the Redlore WMS in my warehouse, I’ve not had any incidents of spoiled goods. I am alerted about the conditions of my goods in real time so I don’t have to suffer any wastage. This has increased our total revenue and reduced expenditures.

What drew us to Redlore WMS was how affordable it was. We got it at a rate significantly lower than its competitors without compromising quality.

Automation to Improve Warehouse Efficiency

Automation that comes with the Redlore WMS has improved efficiency in my warehouse, including order picking, packing, and shipping. This leads to increased efficiency, faster operations, and reduced errors.

We have had reduced incidences of errors in inventory management, order fulfillment, and shipping. This has led to improved accuracy in stock levels and order processing.

In like manner, Redlore WMS provides real-time visibility into inventory levels and movement. This helps in maintaining optimal stock levels, preventing overstocking or stockouts, and minimizing carrying costs.

We have recorded improved labor productivity among our staff. Automation in task assignment, picking routes, and order processing has optimized labor productivity, allowing employees to focus on more value-adding activities within the warehouse.

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Some Warehouse Management System Use Cases

The next time we met for drinks, Redlore was deservedly at the center of our conversations. Tim, who works in healthcare, commented on how locating medical supplies was easy, thereby making every minute of work productive.

It also helped manage patients as it was easy to keep tabs on elderly patients who were fond of wandering off. This has reduced the workload of the hospital staff.

This wasn’t new to me, as we’ve had accident-free days at the warehouse since the introduction of Redline WMS. Our staff are notified if anyone wanders into a hazardous zone.

We all noticed an unexpected benefit of Redlore WMS: it helped us make data-backed business decisions. The WMS has helped us prioritize orders based on customer priority, order value, or delivery deadlines. We knew what products were fast selling and which needed a bit more exposure.

Thanks to the mobile software app, I was able to monitor inventory levels, order statuses, and overall warehouse performance even when I was away for business. It kept me in the loop of things. It didn’t feel like I was hours away.

Similarly, we found that the Redlore WMS was useful anywhere people or equipment are to be accounted for, such as on a naval ship. Being out in the open sea could be quite dangerous for the crew, and having a system that keeps track of everyone on board is an invaluable tool.

Mike couldn’t stop talking about how the Redlore WMS made automatic check-in and check-out easy. A man-down situation was quickly alerted and crew location and counts were available when there was a fire.

Fire outbreaks and equipment breakdowns were almost avoided as the Redlore WMS tracked the condition of all tagged pieces of equipment. This also reduced fire incidences as a change in temperature was quickly detected.


Implementing a Warehouse Management System from has had a profound impact on overall supply chain efficiency, customer satisfaction, and operational costs for my business. It has made warehousing and distribution more efficient.

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