Polaroid Now+ Generation 2 Review

Polaroid Now+ Generation 2 Review

by Amelia Scott — 9 months ago in Review 2 min. read


  • Manual exposure control
  • Mobile app support
  • Good print quality


  • Overexposes easily
  • Expensive


Polaroid Now+ Generation 2 Specs

Dimensions 5.9in x 4.4 in x 3.8 in
Weight 1 lb (415.5 gram)
Type Polaroid camera

Polaroid Now+ Generation 2 is the latest interaction from the company for its Polaroid type camera. The camera is marvelous and has been upgraded with tons of features and functionalities, considering its predecessor Polaroid Now.

My friend told me about this piece of marvel, and then I purchased it and used it for some time.

I decided to share my thoughts and experience about the Polaroid now+ 2nd generation camera for people who are still looking to buy this.

In this review, I talked about the design, features, image quality, user experience, and overall performance of the Polaroid Now+ Generation 2.

Design and Build

The design isn’t much changed as compared with the polaroid now generation cameras. But I have noticed a change in lens size, flash design, and improved viewfinder.

Talking about build material, its microscopic crystals of iodoquinine sulfate gives immense strength, enabling users to carry outside in harsh weather.


Being bigger than its predecessor, the camera offers several intuitive features. It has mobile connectivity, AutoFocus 2-lens system, double exposure, five lens filter, and much more.

The polaroid now+ generation 2 specification is worth knowing. It is because it shoots unexpected pictures with great color accuracy and there is more to do when connected with its mobile app.

Some of my favorite features of this camera:

  • Autofocus
  • Flash system
  • Double exposure
  • Tripod mount


During the day and night, I got good results in daylight time. However, night photos were also good but distorted due to limited ISO.

I have experienced rough image quality at night when flash is triggered. However, the double exposure is good and perfectly worked for most of the shot.

Additionally, the self-timer function worked seamlessly, enabling hassle-free group shots and selfies.

Image Quality

The Polaroid Now+ (generation two) camera gives me a lovely and nostalgic photo style that brings back memories of the old days of instant photography.

The printed pictures are also great and look accurate with a white border, just like the classic Polaroid style, which makes them look genuine and special.

The colors in the photos are vibrant and cozy, and the overall picture quality has a vintage vibe, which is great for capturing memories with a nostalgic touch.

User Experience

Though it’s big, it’s hard sometimes for me to handle or carry it in my hand. Usually, I carry it using a strap on my shoulder.

Talking about the function, it’s straightforward and responsive. For instance, the flash system is quick and easy to use.

The marvel experience is watching the camera producing a live image from the slot in a couple of seconds. That’s a mesmerizing moment for me.

Final Thought

Overall, the experience with Polaroid Now+ generation two is good and worth recommending to my family or friends.

Spelling my verdict, it’s the best polaroid camera in the market with dwelling features and straightforward learning curve.

The only thing that annoys me is paying for the premium quality polaroid prints.

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